October 2015
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How to Seduce a Common Housecat

Surprised Cat

I’ve had my “new” cat for about 6 months now, and we’ve kind of hit a stagnation point. I mean, I still like the cat and all, I just notice that I spend more time looking at other cats on the Internet lately, and less time petting him.

This being the case, I realized that it was time to take my relationship with my cat to the next level.

Enter the Love Cloud Cat Kiss. Yes, the Love Cloud Cat Kiss.

I found this little gem when I was searching for some cat related thing online, and when I

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The Red Supermoon


Monday night was a red moon/super moon/soleil moon frye.

What happened to that chick anyway?

I mean, one minute she’s Punky Fucking Brewster, the next minute she’s … well, I dunno.  Actually, come to think of it, the only thing I really remember about that show is the old dude bellowing “oh Punk-eh!”

I do remember seeing photos of her when she grew up, and she had enormous cans.  Made me want to grab a rope and a pair of water skies it did.

You know, I just thought of this, but it’s kind of weird.  Hollywood really had a

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A Picture

Ferry and the Seattle Great Wheel

Ever Wonder What it Would Look Like?

Cranes Over South Lake Union

If the children of the 1% piled into your city, called themselves “progressives”, then proceeded to elect 1%er after 1%er to public office while railing against the evils of the 1%?

Did you ever wonder what it would look like if, after being elected, said officials proceeded to stand on a street corner with your city, spread its ass cheeks wide open, and offer it up for bareback rough fucking to every John with the requisite funds?

Did you ever wonder what it would look like if, in addition to all of the above, said “servants” sweetened the deal by

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The Holocaust Was a Bad Thing

Black Student Lives Matter

No, really, it was.

It was totally a bad thing.  Hitler should not have rounded up the Jews and put them in concentration camps.  I’m sorry, I just don’t think it was right.  In fact, I’m going to make a sign calling the Holocaust a bad thing, and I’m going to carry it around so people know just how I feel about the Holocaust.  Which is that it was a bad thing.

I don’t care if you disagree, I just don’t agree with it, okay?!  I just do not agree with the Holocaust, and I think it shouldn’t have happened.

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Sign for Chinese President's Visit

Allow us Americans to show the Chinese how this freedom thing is done.

Take that you oppressive Chinese people!

This sign was put up today at 6th & Stewart, on a public sidewalk, next to a public street.

Yes, there are few lengths America won’t go to obsessively protect the safety of the ruling-class, including, say, suspending what meager rights the floating turds a/k/a “citizens” have left.  That’s just who we are as a country.

Hey, Chinese people …. JEALOUS?

At least you have a goal to aim for.

Wait …

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About the Amazon Lawsuit


New Amazon Tower on Westlake Avenue (taken 9/4/2015)

So, I’ve had a lot of people ask about my Amazon lawsuit, and I’ve been meaning to get around to posting an update, but things have just been to hectic.

First, I offered to settle for nothing.  Nothing for me, at least. Amazon declined my offer to help the homeless, though.

Then, about a week before trial, over two months after the initial order, I was contacted by Amazon with an offer to settle.

I was very much against settling up until that point, the problem was (according to legal advice

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Picture of the Night

Airplane passing in front of the moon.

Convergence Zone

Downtown Seattle With Rain in Distance


If you look out to the horizon, behind the Queen Anne antennas, there it is. A band of rain about 15 miles north of Seattle, caused by the slipstream effect of the Olympic Mountains.

Another Wet Weekend

International Fountain

Potential residents of Seattle, take note … I took the above picture this weekend.

I could take it just about any weekend, though.

I’m not making this up. What you see above has been played out every, single, solitary day in this very city since roughly May.

Looks miserable, doesn’t it?

I mean, look at those people, they’re drenched from head to toe.

Look at that picture.  No, really, look at it.  Study it hard.  Every time you think of Seattle, I want you to think of that picture, and I want you to remember that it happens nearly every, single,

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