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125th Street Bike Lane Protests

125th Street

125th Street

Speak of the devil.

“Neighbors in Lake City are fighting back against the mayor’s plan to add bike lanes to a big North Seattle hill, eliminating two lanes for cars.

This week, yellow-and-black signs questioning the change to Northeast 125th Street appeared on the hill with the main number for Mayor Mike McGinn’s office.

The Seattle Department of Transportation has recommended the North Seattle road be reduced from two auto lanes in each direction to one between Roosevelt Way Northeast and 28th Avenue Northeast. The lanes would be separated by a two-way left turn lane and both sides of the street would have a bicycle lane.”

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Wow, this is disappointing.

I’ve spent the majority of my life paying for roads I’ve never used, or have used on a bicycle while cars have done their best to annihilate me. I would have killed to have had bike lanes on a semi-suburban road like 125th. It would have been the fair thing to do, and it probably would have encouraged more people to bike. You’d be surprised what people will do if they think they’ll live through an experience.

Now, you have SDOT and the Mayor’s office proposing just such lanes, and the community is up in arms because it might take up a few feet of precious automobile space?


I think I’ll call the number on the little signs myself … and express support for the bike lanes.

3 comments to 125th Street Bike Lane Protests

  • Seattle Rex Seattle Rex

    10 MPH?

    I assure you that most bikers go a good bit faster than 10 MPH on the flats or down a grade.

    Combine this with dog walkers, kids, and curb cutouts, and this idea is disastrous.

    Screw the pedestrians and bikers lest the automobile drivers be expected to *gasp* pay attention and yield as is required by law?

    You are advocating this position for the wrong side of Lake Washington.

    This is a suggestion more appropriate for Bellevue.

  • keith

    a better thing to do would be to put in some sidewalks and make the bikers use those.

    there is a 4 lane road near me where the speed limit is 45, so everyone goes 50. there is no shoulder in the right lanes, and a nice sidewalk, but lots of “share the road” signs with a pic of a bicycle.

    hmm, let’s evaluate this:
    lets mix traffic travelling at 50 mph with traffic travelling at 10mph, where cars have to either brake hard or swerve to miss bikers
    lets mix traffic at 10 mph with people walking at 2 mph, both of which could easily step/ride onto the grass to miss the other.

  • petenice

    We need bike lanes on 125th. It’s the right thing to do!

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