Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

It’s Always Sunny in Seattle

Seattle Weather Forecast

Lamest … La Nina … ever.

Clemency for a Tree

Downtown Seattle Bookstore

Downtown Seattle Bookstore

On Tuesday, for the first time in five, maybe ten years, I went to a book store with the intent to purchase a book.

You see, when it comes to books, I am the most poorly read person on the planet. I have never read an entire fiction book written by anyone, and I sincerely doubt that I ever will. They just don’t interest me.

Back when I was a Vegas Blogger, people used to frequently ask me if I was influenced by Hunter S. Thompson, and they seemed genuinely surprised that I had never read

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5th Ave. Live.

Downtown Seattle

Monday Night Live

Downtown Seattle Lights

Photo of the Day: Pike Place Market Christmas Eve

Seattle Pike Place Market on Christmas Eve

Seattle Pike Place Market on Christmas Eve

Happy 2010th Birthday, Jesus!

Downtown Seattle Christmas Carousel

Santa in Seattle

You don’t look a day over 1,625 you nutty fictitious Jew.

So, how’s Mary? Still a virgin? Anyone hit that fly punani yet? Give her my number and I’ll have her screaming your name before New Year’s Day.

And people have the nerve to imply that I’m not in the holiday spirit.

Anyway …

I spent this Christmas in my own neighborhood. I didn’t want to drive anywhere, didn’t want to have my pecker tugged by the TSA, didn’t really want to do much of anything but hang out and relax.

I can see the top

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Live from the Macy’s Star

Seattle Macy's Star

Downtown Seattle.

Broadway. Live.

Seattle – Broadway Rite Aid

Photo of the Day: The Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle


Seattle Bus – Israel Advertisement

There is a controversy brewing here locally in Seattle. A group called “Stop 30 Billion” has purchased advertising space on twelve King County Metro Buses. These ads call for the USA not to give $30 Billion in aid to Israel.

To me, foreign aid seems to be a subject on which reasonable people can disagree. Not to King County Councilman Peter von Reichbauer, however.

According to Pete (from:

Von Reichbauer says the ads could incite violence. “I know hate when I see it,” he said. “A number of people in King County see

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