Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

The West Seattle Water Taxi

King County Water Taxi

The SBX Radar

Due to some pressing business in West Seattle over the past week (I’ve been hired by the feds to help ascertain the effects of the SBX Radar on over-sized genitalia), I have discovered a new form of mass transit. Namely, the West Seattle Water Taxi.

Water Taxi at Pier 50

Passenger Waiting Area and Restrooms

King County Water Taxi

King County Water Taxi

The Taxi departs from Pier 50, just south of the ferries, and docks in West Seattle’s Seacrest Park (named after the effervescent American Idol host).

Arrival into West

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Bad Karma

Good Karma

This past weekend, while taking some shots downtown, I noticed a couple of kids sitting in front of Westlake Center.

Being a fan of random street life images, I snapped a quick photograph and moved on. As I was walking away, I heard someone scream “Pictures are a dollar!”.

I didn’t bother looking back. I just shrugged and walked on. I kept hearing the demand, though. “Pictures are a dollar!” The voice kept following me and it was getting closer.

“Hey, you took a picture of me, and pictures are a dollar. Give me a dollar!”

Finally, I turned around,

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40th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival 2011

Good Turnout at the Folklife Festival

Good Turnout at the Folklife Festival

Yesterday, I headed over to the Northwest Folklife Festival at Seattle Center.

To be honest, I didn’t head over for the festival as much as I did to catch a specific artist. You see, Olympia’s favorite son, Calvin Johnson was playing a set at the “Folklife Cafe” (which was inexplicably not a cafe at all). This is the same Calvin Johnson who is the primary namesake for the large park on Capitol Hill. How could I possibly miss it?

I walked down to Westlake Park, hopped on the Monorail, and 3 minutes later,

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Critical Mass

Critical Mass Bicyclists in Downtown Seattle

Before getting attacked by fare-paying zombies yesterday, I hung out in Westlake Park to observe May’s Critical Mass.

What is Critical Mass?

It is a monthly gathering of bicyclists who take to the streets of Seattle on the last Friday of every month.

Critical Mass Bicyclists at Westlake Park

Why do they do this?

No specific reason. Some riders are bike advocates, some like to socialize, and some just like the safety that riding in numbers brings. These rides also hold a special place in the heart of yours truly.

My Messenger Bag

You see, I was a

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Zombies Invade Westlake Park

Zombies in Downtown Seattle

This afternoon, I was walking through Westlake Park when all of a sudden I was attacked by a vicious pack of zombies.

Zombies in Downtown Seattle

Where did they come from?

I don’t know.

What did they want?

Got Brains?

I Want Your Brain!

Brains, I guess.

Not wanting to miss the next season of American Idol, I wasn’t going to go easily.

Downtown Seattle Zombies

Zombies are Patriots Too

Zombies Want Boy's Brains

Asian Zombie Invasion

Zombies in the Subway Station

Zombie Looking for Next Victim in Subway Station


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Close Encounters of the Pinniped Kind

Sea Lions in Elliott Bay

I just got back from wild, wonderful, West Seattle, or as John Denver calls it “almost heaven”.

On my way home, the water taxi driver alerted us to a group of sea lions barking on some kind of buoy in Elliott Bay. As the dozen or so of my fellow commuters gathered at the windows and rails, the driver even slowed down so that we could enjoy the view.

Sea Lions in Elliott Bay

Sea Lions in Elliott Bay

Does your commute afford you such close encounters with wild pinnipeds?

The answer is no. No it doesn’t.


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Pike Place Market Flying Fish

Pike Place Fish Market

I recorded this two days ago after narrowly avoiding two terrorist attacks at Pike Place Market.

After the Space Needle observation deck, the fish throwers are perhaps the largest single tourist attraction in all of Seattle.

I am fortunate to get to see them several times each week, and I often stop to watch for 10-15 minutes at a time. This practice is so bizarre that you cannot help but be fascinated.

I’ve yet to see them drop a fish, although I’ve heard that it happens from time to time.

Pike Place Fish Market

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Photo of the Day: Post Alley

Checking out the Gum Wall

Checking out the Gum Wall

Seattle Souvenir Fail

My Neighborhood Tote Bag

Yesterday, I stopped at a downtown drugstore to pick up a few items for home.

While walking down the aisles, I noticed an item on sale. It was a Seattle “My Neighborhood Tote Bag”.

My Neighborhood Tote Bag

Intrigued, I picked up the bag to see what wonderful Seattle neighborhoods the designer had chosen to adorn the bag.

My Neighborhood Tote Bag

Let’s see, Capitol Hill, check.

Ballard, yep.

Queen Anne, nice choice.

West Seattle, of course.

Bellevue … uh …

My Neighborhood Tote Bag

When did that annexation take place?

Upset by the poor geography, I

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I Don’t Want to Say “I Told You So”

Sunny in Seattle

Sunny in Seattle

But …

Remember this post?

A couple of months ago, I mentioned my near annihilation by an automobile due to the glare of the sun. I also laid out in grave detail why sunshine is actually less healthy and less safe for the citizens of Seattle than are clouds.

When I presented my findings to a local meteorologist, he informed me simply that he “disagreed” with my conclusions, and then went on to chastise me for using the word “shit” in the post which ostensibly negated all of the other points in the article. I mean,

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