Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

False Advertising

Full Service Checkout Sign

Full Service my ass.

I’ve gone through this checkout stand at the Pike St. QFC at least a dozen times, and I can assure you that the most I have ever gotten was a hand job.

Future Pike/Pine Cycle Parking

Future Scooter/Motorcycle Parking at Bellevue and Pike

Future Scooter/Motorcycle Parking at Bellevue and Pike

It’s paid parking at full automobile rates, but at least drivers won’t knock your bike over simply because you had the audacity to park legally.

“Hey, move that thing! My car goes there!”

It hasn’t been painted yet, but it looks like a cycle space is coming to Pike & Bellevue in the very near future. These are the only things in which I will pay to park legally. I feel that it’s only right to support the spaces financially so that they may proliferate. The spaces also give me a greater

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The Great Finger Wag of June 2011

finger wagging

In the past few days, I’ve received maybe a dozen emails and as many text messages about this story:

Basically, a Seattle Police Officer left a huge assault rifle on the back of his car, and he apparently drove all over downtown without noticing the thing sitting on his trunk.

Of course, once this was posted on The Stranger, every media station in town picked it up and each station invited their readers to comment and comment often. The news loves it when stories like this break, because of the Jerry Springer effect. When given the ability to

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Photo of the Day: King Kong

Space Needle Model

Space Needle Model

People of Seattle: Asleep

Sleeping at the Park

Sleeping at the Park

The Bainbridge Island Ferry

View of Seattle from the Ferry

After chasing gay men around on Sunday, and chasing gay men around yesterday, today I decided to do something completely and unambiguously heterosexual.

I rode two ferries.

Just try to misconstrue that.

I rode one ferry for half an hour until my face was dripping wet with moisture, and just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, I jumped back on and did it again until I was fully spent.

Oh yeah, and I also rode a boat to Bainbridge Island.

Check out the pictures I took. From the boat, not the other thing.

Seattle Ferry Station

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A Three Hour Tour

What’s the worst that could happen?

This is a live shot.

About a Bridge. (and some other stuff too)

Young Street Bridge

I love Aberdeen, Washington, or as I call it, Far West Virginia. I always have. At one point, I almost moved there.

Grays Harbor certainly has its problems, economic depression being the primary one, but it has one of the lowest costs of living in the USA, and the best climate in North America (83 inches of rain to Seattle’s 37). Most of all, the place is real.

People in Aberdeen don’t buy $50 flannel shirts from Capitol Hill thrift shops because it’s fashionable. They buy $8 flannel shirts from Aberdeen thrift shops because it’s cheap and durable. If

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New Sculpture at 7th and Union

The Flower Pot Sculpture in Downtown

A new flower pot sculpture has been erected at 7th & Union, near the Sheraton.

The Flower Pot Sculpture in Downtown

The Flower Pot Sculpture in Downtown

The Flower Pot Sculpture in Downtown

Why? By whom?

I do not know.

It’s an interesting piece, though.

Heh, I said “erected”.

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Happy My Birthday

My Chocolate, Bacon, Blueberry Cake

On Father’s Day, I watched a Slut Walk.

On my birthday, I watched gay guys in nut huggers march up 4th Avenue.

God, I hope there are no more holidays coming up.

Since I spent my birthday chasing gay guys around Seattle, I’m going to celebrate on Monday by taking a little bit of me time. Ironically, this will also be spent chasing gay guys around Seattle.

A man has needs.

Anyway, I hope you all have a happy My Birthday.

Check out my birthday cake, which happens to be chocolate with bacon and blueberries:

My Chocolate, Bacon, Blueberry

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