Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Seattle Rex and Mike McGinn Told You So!

Yesler Way

Just before a vote on the downtown tunnel was taken, I informed everyone that the tunnel was a terrible idea. I informed everyone that, instead of alleviating downtown traffic, the tunnel would result in far worse traffic.

Mere days after I laid out my arguments, however, the multi-billion dollar tunnel was approved by a voter margin of 60% to 40%.


I’ll tell you … the tunnel referendum was a prime example of my democratic theory. It was proof that democracy does not, and cannot work, because the very premise of democracy is fatally flawed.

Democracy gives equal weight

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Oversize Load

On its way to Los Angeles, Madonna’s new sex toy winds its way through the streets of SoDo.

New Photo: Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

I Told You … “So”

National Weather Service Screenshot

And I don’t hate to say it.

Remember this post?

Well, here is an excerpt of today’s forecast from the National Weather Service:

Did you catch that?

Did you notice anything odd?

In just two short paragraphs, there are four, count’em, four sentences beginning with the word “So”.

And you all thought I was exaggerating.

I’m not, though. Mark my words, within one year’s time, “so” is going to be just as ubiquitous as “amazing”. When the metrosexual bandwagon is in motion, it cannot be stopped.

I keep telling you folks, if you want to stay ahead of

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Life in the Olympic Rain Shadow

Downtown Seattle @ 1:30pm

For the past couple of weeks, Seattle has found itself in the bullseye of the Olympic Rain Shadow.

Check out the Pineapple Express last week that dumped 7″ of rain in the mountains … and a whopping .01″ on Downtown Seattle (a 700-fold difference):

(Image courtesy of the super-cool Kiro 7 Stormtracker @

Now, seeing the rain shadow represented as a graphic on a digital map is all well and good, but actually experiencing it is something else. Today, I did just that. Experience it, that is.

I left a partly sunny Downtown Seattle shortly after 1pm, and

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Coverage We Can Count On

King 5 News Screenshot

On Friday night, I fell asleep with the TV on.

Early Saturday morning, while still in twilight sleep, I heard a news story being repeated over and over from the talking picture box that I had left running. I must have heard the same piece three or four times in the course of an hour.

Figuring that I was missing out on something very, very important, I finally turned on the light, turned up the volume, and paid close attention to the story.

When it was over, I sat on the edge of the bed with my jaw agape,

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New Photo: Third Avenue

Downtown Seattle - Third Avenue

6th and Lenora

The Sixth and Lenora Apartments Project in Seattle

I got bitches in the living room getting it on, and they ain’t leavin’ til sixth and lenora, so whatchu gonna do, shit, I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too.

I can’t be the only one who thinks of this when I look at the new Sixth and Lenora project.

Anyway, here lies the current progress.

The Sixth and Lenora Apartments Project in Seattle

The Sixth and Lenora Apartments Project in Seattle

Previous updates on the project are here:

April 2011.

And here:

May 2011.

It’s made a great deal of progress in

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New Photo: People of Seattle

People of Seattle

Live Photo: Kurt Cobain Park

Viretta Park - Kurt's Bench

Viretta Park – Kurt's Bench