Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

New Picture: Fabulous Seattleites

Seattleites on Capitol Hill

New Pictures: May Day

Victor Steinbrueck Park

Law Unenforcement

Unhelpful Seattle Police Officers

I’ve been having a running argument in my forums with a guy over gun rights. He thinks all guns should be taken away from people, and I think that everyone needs to be their own police officers.

Today, courtesy of the SPD, my own stance was hardened.

As I was filming a “War on Women Rally” (more on that later), I heard a commotion coming from the far northwestern corner of Westlake Park, so I headed in that direction to investigate.

When I got to a spot about 20 feet away from the corner, I noticed a younger guy

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Update: Apple Satisfies

It appears that my small claims action against Apple has reached its logical conclusion.

I went down to check the mail last night, and when I did, low-and-behold, Apple had mailed me a check for the full judgement amount.

I’ve read a lot of horror stories in the past couple of weeks about people winning judgments and then being stiffed, and I was worried that the same would happen to me, but Apple made good, and I do at least respect that.

Now, I’ve been asked about a hundred times if I am going to buy another Mac with

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Whippet Good

Amyl Nitrate

It sure looks like someone had a good time last night.

I walked up to Broadway about an hour ago, and on my way back, at the corner of Pike & Harvard, I passed about 30 Amyl Nitrate cartridges laying on the sidewalk.

It looks like Mayor McGinn’s Nightlife Initiative is finally starting to pay dividends.

Born to be Mild

You Look Amazing

“Well, I’d rather be in a Barstow motel room snorting oxycodone off an Asian hooker’s ass, but this is fun too.”

Don’t you hate that moment?

You know the one … the “I would liquidate all of my assets and give it all to charity if I could just turn the clock back three seconds” moment. The moment you realize that you’ve completely misjudged your audience. The moment you become aware that you just blurted out something completely inappropriate, but can’t take it back.

It wasn’t completely my fault, though. In my own defense, he led me on.

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Mother Nature Has a Sense of Humor

Today, while walking along Minor Avenue on First Hill, I looked to my right, spotted a bush, and immediately started giggling like a child.

I’m so immature.

The First Hill Streetcar Breaks Ground

Seattle Streetcar First Hill Line

I love the SLUT. I love the SLUT so much that I ride it at least once a week, and usually more often. The SLUT is so fun and satisfying, that I have a huge smile on my face each time I get off.

I also ride the South Lake Union Trolley on a frequent basis. South Lake Union Park, The Guitar Center, Scoot About, Whole Foods … it goes to a lot of places that I need to go, and at $0.00 for Orca cardholders, the price is more than right.

As a huge mass transit buff (perhaps “fanatic”

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Summer in the City

Enjoying the Day at Cal Anderson Park

Enjoying the Day at Cal Anderson Park

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … hot, sunny days aren’t my thing. If I travelled everywhere in an air-conditioned car, my opinion might be different, but I’m a big guy, Seattle is hilly, and I get around mostly on foot.

This being the case, sunshine equals three things, and only three things to yours truly: sunburn, sweat, and glare.

Give me 50 degrees, a thick layer of clouds, and maybe a bit of rain to keep the air clean & the Californians indoors, and I’m golden.

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The 2012 Seattle “Glee” Flash Mob

2012 Seattle Glee Flash Mob - Marriage Proposal

2012 Seattle Glee Flash Mob – Marriage Proposal

Remember when life didn’t suck?

Yeah, me either.

I try, though, oh how I try, and lately, I’ve found that there’s something contagious about the boundless optimism that is exhibited within the context of a flash mob. Especially the flash mob I witnessed today.

Last year, I recorded the 2011 Glee Flash Mob as it made its way form Capitol Hill, to Seattle Center, to Westlake Park, and back to Capitol Hill. It was fun, and it was cool to see how the machine ran from start to finish.

This year,

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