Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

New Ride Deja Vu

Seattle Great Wheel - People Waiting in Line

Yesterday, the “Seattle Great Wheel” (shouldn’t it be “Great Seattle Wheel”?) opened, and today, I planned on giving it a go myself. Not just for my own amusement, but to satisfy my civic blogging duty by promoting the neighborhood’s newest attraction. Without support from locals, new endeavors face a precarious future. Especially in towns with short tourist seasons, such as Seattle.

According to their Facebook page (their website is almost completely void of usable information), the wheel opens at 10am, and since nothing in Seattle ever happens on time, a friend and I departed my place shortly before noon.

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Picture of the Day: Seattle’s New Ferris Wheel

Seattle's Ferris Wheel from Union Street

Seattle's Ferris Wheel from Union Street

It’s only been up for a month, but I’ve already gotten used to our new ferris wheel. It’s become a fixture of my daily routine, and in my opinion, the aesthetics work quite well. The visual interplay of the cityscape and the amusement ride have somewhat of a synergistic appeal … not unlike Coney Island or the Chicago waterfront.

It looks like it just belongs; Like it’s been there forever. At this point, I would miss it if it weren’t there.

The wheel may begin operation as soon as this Friday.

I’ll take

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Seattle “Pride” Photos, Part II

The 2012 Seattle Gay Pride Parade

I just got the opportunity to offload the remaining photos from this past Sunday.

As someone mentioned, sometimes it feels as though Gay Pride is actually “Fetish Pride”, although honestly, only about a quarter of the parade entrants are focused on sex or nudity.

All things considered, it is one of the more entertaining parades, although like Christmas, Martin Luther King Day, and just about every other holiday … I think “Pride Weekend” is just a marketing gimmick designed to extract money from the high-disposable-income-earners that make up the gay community.

Anyway, here are some more photographs from this

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The 2012 Seattle Gay Pride Parade

Electrical Tape Pasties

I just got back from the Gay Pride Parade.

While there, I took these photographs.

I’ll be adding more over the next couple of days.


I got your Irish curse right here!

“I’m not going to look so smug when it’s time to take these off.”

For Sale: Bicycle Saddle, Only Used Once …

Didn’t I tell you what would happen if you left the toilet seat up again?!

“Don’t laugh at it! Stop laughing at it!!!”

“Do these pants make my ass look big?’

Does this ass make our ethics look

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Of Pride and Penises

Prolonged Adolescence

I woke up late this morning. Probably the latest I’ve awakened in the last 5 years.

When I finally got out of bed and glanced at the clock, I realized that I needed to get going … and quick.

I threw some clothes on, grabbed my jacket and camera, then went into the living room where the rest of the family was already immersed in the latest Nintendo Wii title.

“I’m walking down to the Gay Pride parade, if anyone wants to come with me, you have 3 minutes to get ready!”, I said.

My youngest daughter, who was by

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On Target

Seattle City Target

The inside is nearly finished, and employees have arrived.

It looks as if the Target on 2nd & Pike is just about ready.

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

Seattle City Target

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It Just Works

Screenshot - OS X Mountain Lion

So, this is what it’s come to.

This is what the beginning of the end looks like for American technological supremacy.

Here we have the “world’s most advanced operating system”, a full decade into development, and backed by the nation’s wealthiest corporation; An operating system with a devoted, almost religious fanbase.

What is the world’s most advanced operating system doing in the image above?

Well, as you can see, it’s crashing.

Is it being crashed by a malicious program written by a KGB agent, backed by the ample resources of the entire Russian government?


Is it being crashed

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Good Enough For Government Work

Waiting to Board Bainbridge Island Ferry

Evening rush hour.

9 minutes before ferry departure.

Quarter-mile backup.

One booth open.

People seem surprised when I tell them that I am against collective bargaining rights for public employees.

To those people, I have only this to say:

The next ferry leaves in an hour. If you’re lucky. Enjoy the wait.

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Cal Anderson Caption

Cal Anderson Dudes

“Well, you didn’t get it from me!”

“Does this hat make me look gay?”

“No, I don’t even like girls!”

“All of my shorts are in the wash.”

“The molecular weight of Tungsten is 183.84, duh!”

So many titles, so little space in the header.

Happy Father’s Day, Suckers

Man Paying Bill

“Father’s Day”.

The cruelest of all fake holidays.

The day on which men across the nation are reminded that they are, indeed, motherfuckers.


It’s a day on which we are treated as exactly that.

Father’s Day is a day on which men are plied with meals, gifts, and token attention … before being presented with the bill for those meals & gifts, and before being summarily ignored and vilified for the next 364 days.

On this day, more collect calls are made than on any other day of the year. That’s not insulting enough, though.

Yesterday, I hung

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