Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

R.I.P. Downtown Seattle Ride-Free Zone

Ride Free Area Ends Poster

Today is the end of an era.

The 40 year-old Downtown Seattle Ride-Free Zone is no moe.

I can hear it now: “Yay! It’s about time those free-loadin’ nigras, homeless people, and all around losers start payin’ ther fayer shayer! I ain’t no socialist! With the exception of public schools, public roads, public police, public fire protection, public jails, public libraries, public stadiums, public wars on some drugs, public military, public agencies that I agree with, medicare, and social security, I AIN’T NO DADGUM SOCIALIST!!!”

As astute as this position is, and trust me, it is — these folks

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Photos: Westlake Park

Westlake Park

Westlake Park

Westlake Park

The People Have Spoken

Melrose Building in Pike/Pine

Melrose Building in Pike/Pine

Melrose Building Sign

Parking for 180 vehicles?

180 vehicles??!!

Fuck you cocksucking surburban sons of assfucking bitches and your piece of shit poser future tenants.

If I didn’t have a small dick and a shy bladder, I’d piss on every last one of you.

The Seattle Drought

I’ve spent the morning reading through weather models, and forming my own hypothesis — and what I’ve found is disappointing. At least for people who like clean air, ample drinking water, and niceties like food.

At this point in time, I feel that our record-shattering, 3-month mini-drought is just the beginning. I think it’s the second of what will be many record, or near record-breaking dry streaks in the next 18 months.

Frankly, I saw this coming as early as last December. The stubborn high pressure system which gave us three rainless weeks in the peak late-fall rainy

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Why I’m Voting “No” on Gay Marriage

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a supporter of gay rights. I’ve voted, marched, donated, volunteered, and tried to reason with those who I felt were honestly misguided.

It is with a heavy heart that I sit here now and realize that I was wrong. Not just wrong, but in many ways, I feel that I was a tool. Used by the “LGBT Community”, and then cast aside once the outcasts became fashionable.

Although it may seem sudden, the awakening has really been a long time in the making. The Space Needle flag controversy, the death

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The Lisa Van Cise Drought Continues

Lisa Van Cise of King 5

Will it ever end?

Seattle is currently in the grips of its worst drought ever. We’re closing in on 70 days without any real, sustained rain. We haven’t broken one tenth of an inch since July.

Thanks Lisa Van Cise.

Now, people always say to me “Rex, why do you always blame that pale white girl for the weather? She doesn’t control the weather. You know that, right?”

Oh, you silly, naive people. You’re wrong. Oh so wrong.

You see, as everyone knows, or at least as 93% of Americans know, the weather is controlled by God. The

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Think Different

Waiting in Line for the Apple Store

Sunset Pollution

The wildfire smoke from Eastern Washington has settled over the Seattle metropolitan area, effing up the air quality and triggering a few thousand asthma attacks … but … at least it looks nice.

New Photo: Downtown, SLU, and Capitol Hill

Downtown Seattle + Capitol Hill


Broadway Streetcar Tracks

The First Hill Streetcar is coming right along.

Which begs the question, with all the buses that run along Broadway … why a streetcar?

Well, the other week, I flipped through a book called “Stuff White People Like”, and I finally found the answer.

147 Public Transportation That Is Not a Bus

147 Public Transportation That Is Not a Bus

“… White people all support the idea of public transportation and will be happy to tell you about how subways and streetcars/trams have helped to energize cities like Chicago and Portland. They will tell you all about

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