Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

And Stay Out!

Seattle Sonics

You rallied.

You begged.

Washington basketball fans have been shitting David Stern’s semen for the last 4 years, and when it came time to man up, extend a middle finger, and send that asshole packing, what did you all do?

You got down on your hands and knees like a bunch of little bitches and took a load right in the face. Pow! Right in the kisser!

So, I have to ask … are you done yet, or are you thirsty for more?

Have you any shame, or does the sight of 10 guys in shorts simply get you

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The Most Rational Man In Seattle?

Phoenix Jones

After watching the above video, you may come to the conclusion that the answer is “yes”.

This is where we are as a society folks. A point where the guy in a superhero costume officially makes more rational, logical sense than does the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and every bobble-headed human teleprompter on every “news” station in town.

Rightly or wrongly, Phoenix Jones takes a lot of criticism from the unwashed masses and the corporate media who bottle-feed said masses their daily dose of recycled shit.

Personally, I’ve always defended the guy. Yeah, I see how the suit

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They All Come Around … Eventually

Bad Religion - Crowd Surfing

I have a well-established track record of staking out wildly-unpopular-at-the-time positions, which, sometimes years later … become far more popular positions.

When I first started “blogging”, I took a lot of flak for using four-letter words. I was called classless, compared to trailer trash, and people rushed to distance themselves from me. Three years later, everyone was liberally using profanity … even my harshest critics. Now, you can’t pick up a so-called “alternative” rag in this town without a painfully-contrived “fuck” or “shit” thrown in.

This being the case, none of the following should come as a surprise …


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What a Waste

This Capitol Hill resident posted a sign notifying birds that they are not welcome in his unit, but it was a complete waste of ink and paper because as everyone knows, birds can’t rea … wait a minute …

hold on here …

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww … I see what this guy did here!

Touche’, random attention whore … touche’.

It’s Funny Cause It’s Racist

Fuck You & You’re Welcome

“Hey, with the check my dad sent me, let’s open up an eatery in one of Seattle’s main tourist attractions, then get all shitty about people with cameras.”

“Sure. My mom says I should be a model anyway, and that people should charge for pictures of me.”

“Cool, my mom says I’m special too.”

“Wanna get a cupcake before dodgeball practice?”

“Yes, I would like that. Just let me take my child, I mean my son, I mean my dog to his play date and I’ll be right there.”

Do you ever wonder what the conversations sound like when

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A Dream Come True For Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square 7-Eleven

Pioneer Square 7-Eleven

In what can only be described as a stunning victory for panhandlers city-wide, cheap food and alcohol will soon be made available at the corner of First and Cherry. While this will be convenient, the fact that said venue will be directly across the street from two tourist attractions is what makes this a true stroke of genius.

“Uh, excuse me, could you buy me a sandwich?” “Could you buy me a sandwich?” “Could you buy me a sandwich?” “Could you buy me a sandwich?” “Could you buy me a sandwich?” “Look, I asked nicely five

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Homoerotic Donkey Porn

Washington Ferry Wi-Fi - SSID

Ah, spring.

Clouds lift, flowers bloom, Rainier peeks out from behind the clouds, and almost as if on queue, Washington State Ferries begin to fill up with the seasonal bane of everyone’s existence … tourists.

“Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!”, shouted the toddler, mere inches from my face.

“She just learned how to say ‘hello’”, gushed the mom from Bumbletwat.

Fuck my life.

You see, when the crowd from Bumbletwat is on vacation, as far as they are concerned, everyone else is on vacation too.

Might I be exhausted and irritable, having been up since 6am, and working an entire

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