Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Oh, Won’t You Take a Ride on My Nutsack?

Fuck The NBA

Sometime in early 2012, Seattle Rex searches for “fuck nba seattle” so that he may link to the surely-existent article.

No such article exists.

No such sentiment exists.

February 2012: Seattle Rex says “Fuck the NBA”. January 2013: Seattle Rex says “Fuck the NBA”. April 2013: Seattle Rex says “Fuck the NBA and Fuck David Stern”. May 2013: The Stranger says “The NBA Can Go Fuck Itself!”, makes a logo, and sells merch. May 2013: Some guy paints “Fuck The NBA” on the side of a Capitol Hill Garage. May 2013: Google says, “Seattle Rex is a biter.”

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Seattle: Episode 4,115½

Caleb Calls Home

A Boat

Fuck California and Anyone From There

Man or Astro-Man at Neumos

Man or Astro-Man at Neumos

Are they man? Are they astro-man? The venerable group from Sector 7G (or Auburn, Alabama, depending on who you believe).

The sarcastic question never got old last night. Or rather, it did, and I just didn’t particularly care.

“Hey, is that beer, or astro-beer?

Even today, a full 24 hours later, I’ve somehow managed to keep it running.

“Hey … is this dinner …. or astro-dinner?” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I’m so clever it hurts.

Anywhat …

I headed up to Neumos last night to catch a gig by the space dudes (or astro-dudes), and wouldn’t you

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McCready & Friends

Mike McCready

Mike McCready once ruined a friendship of mine.

This was a shame, because the friend in question was an interesting guy. He wrote a book about his experiences teaching in inner-city LA high schools, worked as a writer/producer on several television shows, and he even won the game show Jeopardy several times in a row. On most Sundays, he and I would grab breakfast at a random eatery while arguing about the news of the day.

Convinced that he was a hardcore cynic, he enjoyed dining with me because as he put it, “you’re the only person I

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Seattle’s New Climate?

Welcome to California

December 2011, late-July 2012, August 2012, and September 2012 broke records for dry stretches. Downtown Seattle went roughly 100 days without seeing so much as a drop of rain. In many King County locales, records were broken.

January 2013 had a near-record stretch of dryness, followed by an overcast … yet notably dry February 2013.

March was significantly drier-than-average. In fact, no more than .05″ of rain fell on 8 days, and that was at the airport … a wetter location than Seattle proper.

April got 1.85″ more rainfall than normal, followed by …

May 2013.

This month has

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What Kind of Stupid Title is “Bankers”?

Goddamn weirdos.

Nobody wants to see a show called “Bankers”.

May Day 2013

May Day in Seattle

Last Monday, I was speaking with someone about the upcoming May Day festivities.

“Seattle doesn’t have riots”, I told him, “we have hissy fits.”

Shortly before the protests started, I explained to another person, “Seattle riots are different than most. Here, there’ll be 100 white guys with $5,000 cameras trying to make a name for themselves on Facebook, interspersed with perhaps 30 actual rioters. They aren’t so much rebellions, as loosely choreographed photo-ops.”

Thursday morning, I got a three-word email from the latter individual. “You called it.”, it read.

I’ve been in my share of protests over the years.

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