Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Kuniaki’s Revenge

As one who takes great pride in hating all people and cultures equally, I always felt a bit guilty about my lack of hatred for the Japanese.

Oh sure, their pathological inability to pronounce L’s is kind of annoying, as is the bizarre infantilization of every Japanese female born after 1980 … but aside from those two things, I had nothing against them. Because of this, I felt downright, well, racist. After all, I can spend three weeks outlining in glorious detail why Mexicans annoy the shit out of me.

That was then, this is now.

I would officially and

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They Do

Westlake Park Wedding - Bride and Groom

Last year, I posted a Glee Flash Mob video in which the action was stopped while one dancer proposed to another dancer. Now, I’ve always viewed such public proposals as the antics of attention-cravers, but having witnessed it first hand, I rather enjoyed it.

Last Sunday, I stopped by Westlake Park on my way back from the market, when what did my wandering eyes see? It was a wedding. A big wedding. Bridesmaids, groomshomies, chairs all over the place, people were getting hitched, but who … I did not know.

Westlake Park Wedding

As we made our way through

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Welcome to Seattle

Lost Dog in Seattle

Where even the dogs are misandrists.


Note also the passive-aggressive, anonymous-cowardly grammar correction. Lest you think this sign was posted anywhere other than Seattle.

Someone help this girl find her dog.

Misandrists are people too, although in a strange twist of nature, they apparently give birth to canines.

The Sub Pop Silver Jubilee

Sub Pop Silver Jubilee

Sub Pop Silver Jubilee – Mudhoney

“Had Sub Pop never darkened Seattle’s doorstep, how much would a 3-bedroom house on Queen Anne cost right now?”

This was the query I posed to a friend of mine yesterday.

“Twenty, maybe thirty percent less than what they cost right now”, she replied.

I thought her estimate was in the right ballpark. While Microsoft, Amazon, etc. would have fueled a housing bubble with or without the music scene, Sub Pop certainly didn’t help matters by putting Seattle on the mainstream media’s map.

This being the case, you can argue all day whether

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Coming Clean

Seattle Rex, in his younger days.

Alright, it’s time to come clean. You see, I haven’t been completely honest.

While I have been categorically stating that catcalling women is not a major problem on the streets of Seattle, and while I’ve been denying my own sexism, I have not been completely forthcoming. The fact of the matter is that I too, am an offender.

That’s right, dear readers, as painful as it is for me to admit … yours truly has, at least on one occasion, victimized the fairer sex.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Wow, what a

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Oh, and Welcome to My Stand!!

Pike Place Market Sign

Shitty New Houses

Sign on First Hill

Well, technically, it’s for a medical center expansion, but I appreciate the sentiment.