Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

A Picture of my Wiener

Seattle Rex's Wiener ... No, Really


I went to the final Mariners game yesterday, and for much of the afternoon, I walked around the stadium with my weiner in my hand – pausing just long enough to periodically place my weiner in my mouth.

That’s right, I put my own weiner in my own mouth.

Did I mention that it was a footlong?

Why yes, I am 12, why do you ask?

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Beware Parallels Desktop 9

My occupation requires that I write, test & support software on a variety of different platforms, and for the past couple of years, I have been pulling this off using virtualization technology … primarily the open source VirtualBox.

A Linux user since the early 90’s, I’ve always preferred open source solutions when reasonably possible. I still use Linux on all of my servers, as well as Open Office, GIMP, Eclipse, etc on the desktop. Over the years, my bias against commercial software has only increased with Corporate America’s increasing level of hostility towards consumers, as well as a general decline

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The United States economy is in the midst of fascinating, yet troubling times.

In the span of roughly one and a half to two decades, United States companies have gone from a “The Customer is King” philosophy, to one of abject contempt for the customer. It’s occurred slowly enough so that most Americans have not been aware of the change, but every now and then, something reminds me of just how far we’ve slid, and how quickly it’s happened.

A couple of weeks ago, while eating at Italian Family Pizza on First Avenue, I noticed that my daughter had a

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Graffiti of the USA

New York City Graffiti

New York City

Los Angeles


Washington DC

Las Vegas





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The Newest Snowflake Sensation

35 year-olds in animal costumes, a premise that is childish, sarcastic, and absurd; plus a catchy hook?

Has Generation Amazing died and gone to heaven? This has got to be from Seattle, right?

No, but two hundred response videos, twelve flash mobs, and three naked bicycle rides in its honor will be.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Fog over Seattle

The hand of God is slowly erasing Seattle from the top down.

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Speaking of Attention Whoredom

Yesterday, a woman drove her car to the ferry parking lot, turned off the ignition, and dialed 911. Once connected, she informed the operator that she was going to kill herself.

As emergency personnel were arriving, the woman stripped off her clothes, jumped into Elliott Bay, and clung, shivering, to the side of the pier.

Now, I’m no expert on these matters, but I can’t help but wonder why … if one intends to commit suicide … one would call 911 first. It would seem to be completely counter-productive. Stripping off ones clothes before making an 8′ jump into

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White Girls

Oh, American white girls.

Marilyn Monroe, Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcet, Phoebe Cates, the world did spank its monkey to thee.


Eh, probably not as much.

Once American men learned that this was what “real women looked like”, we castrated ourselves, began speaking in kazoo-pitched voices, and adopted “amazing” as our sole adjective. Soon, the great USA was over-run with males who desperately wanted to be gay, and by all outward signs were … but who just couldn’t bring themselves to take it up the pooper. Eventually, this demographic became known as “Apple Customers”, and we’ve been figuratively

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Live from Somewhere

Clouds over Seattle

This is a live photo test. Nothing to see here.

Except for the fact that it finally rained in Seattle.

That almost never happens.

Anymore, that is.

As Opposed To …


Rural City Coffee?

Urban Country Coffee?

Alas, I think this place is closed now. Out of curiousity, I checked out their website, and it’s still around, although it seems they are now located in that bastion of urban city-ness known as Lynnwood.


I don’t really blame them. I can’t imagine that business was viable on Mercer for the past couple of years, what with the construction and all.

Still … Lynnwood?

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