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Capitol Hilloween 2013

Hilloween 2013

Hilloween 2013

Hilloween 2013 was held this weekend, and as usual, we could not resist attending.

I like Hilloween for a number of reasons, but perhaps my favorite event pastime is watching wayward hipsters show up.

Every year, a handful of ex-suburban dillknockers show up at Cal Anderson Park dressed up in their “sexy” costumes, and every year, I watch as a look of confusion, and then rage comes over their faces.

See, when they read the flyers proclaiming Hilloween to be child-friendly, they naturally assumed that by “child”, the organizers mean people from 21-50 years old. This is

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A True Alternative Candidate

You claim to be alternative.

You got the nose ring.

You got the tongue ring.

You talk the talk.

Isn’t it time to walk the walk?

Last election cycle, I read with humor as The Stranger excoriated the few 3rd party candidates on the ticket for being too, well, alternative. According to The Stranger, said candidates did not … prepare for the horror show … HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO RUN FOR OFFICE!

Hey Pierced Tongue, feel like you’ve been had yet?

Cause you have been.

As the corporate ogre continues to dupe ex-suburban wannabe-alterna-kids, third party candidates continue

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The Great Seattle Grocery Store Strike

Westlake Park - Grocery Strike Countdown

Westlake Park – Grocery Strike Countdown

Well, it looks like the grocery strike is going to happen not going to happen because all involved read my piece and came to their senses.

I wish I could say that I will honor would have honored the strike, but it wouldn’t make any sense for me to do so.

The standard of living for the American working class is falling, and it will only get worse as time goes on. This is not the result of some clandestine plot by Corporate America, it’s the result of policies that the people, themselves,

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Climate Change Re-Considered

Seattle Worst Traffic

Well, what do you know …

No sooner had the ink dried on my last post, and I find the only real explanation I’ve seen for the persistent highs we’ve been seeing of late.

I refer you to this article:

According to the aforementioned blog, the persistent high-pressure systems we see now are the result of climate change … namely a weakening of the Jet Stream and its ability to break down large ridges of high pressure. These stubborn high pressure systems are known as, in the weather profession, Omega Blocks, or ironically, Rex Blocks. No,

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Werewolf Time

Seattle Night Skyline - Full Moon

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Coming Home

Seattle Night Skyline

Alright shot for a cellphone on a moving boat.

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Under Pressure … Again

You know, our meteorologists can be a little slow to get on the ball, but I’m surprised that they still haven’t picked up on this new weather paradigm.

Back on May 11th, I wrote a post about an interesting trend I saw developing in Seattle weather. Basically, the trend involves extended periods of dry weather, interspersed with record rainfall. The cause of all of this is a high pressure system of uncommon stubbornness.

It’s been awhile since Seattle has had anything approximating average weather. At least for any extended period of time, and wouldn’t you know it … last

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The REAL 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather

Seattle Weather - Real 4 Seasons

Remember this cartoon?

The 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather

It was drawn by a Seattle-based cartoonist named Mathew Inman, and when he first published it, I was a tiny bit critical of its message.

You know what they say, though. When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. And so, as is usual, I have done exactly that. As the sole arbiter of truth, honesty, and sincerity within the city limits of Seattle, Washington, I hereby bring to you the Real 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.


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Father of the Year

Last month, my daughter mentioned that her computer was having trouble playing some newer 3D game titles.

“See, this is why all the cool Seattle parents are having dogs …”, I said to my wife, “… but still, I’d rather buy my kids new stuff than follow them around, putting their shit in a sandwich bag.”

The next day, I surfed over to Newegg and plunked down a few hundred bucks for a new graphics card.

See, my daughter may get pregnant at 15; might go on the pole to support a black tar habit; might become some bulldyke’s old

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