Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

American Supremacy

110 Inch TV

This morning, South Korea unveiled its newest creation … the world’s largest consumer television.

While lamenting the fact that the USA no longer makes anything of consequence, I was quickly corrected when I ran across the following homegrown creation:

Yes, my friends, that is touted to be the world’s largest ass, and it’s a product of the good ole’ US of A. Perhaps the only thing we’ve made in the last decade, but at least it’s the biggest.

Take that, Korea!

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A One Horse Open Sleigh

Nothing says “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” quite like walking down to Westlake Park and hailing a horse. And so, on Christmas Eve, I did.

I still remember the previous time I rode in a carriage. I was about 10 years old, in Manhattan, and we had just finished watching the Pirates of Penzance on Broadway. After the show there were no cabs, so we hailed a carriage. Upon reaching our destination, an argument ensued when the “driver” tried to shake us down for the return fair to Times Square. It turned into a big thing, and it kind of ruined the

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A Very Special Holiday Message

Pike & Boren Dog Attack “Thank You” Poster

I would like to take this time, Christmas Eve 2013, to remind each and every one of you that, although it certainly seems that they are … not everyone is an asshole.

At least not all of the time.

Merry Christmas.

We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Kinda Intolerant

Witch Goose Hunt

I knew this was coming. For the past couple of years, I’ve been warning that this would happen.

See, I don’t have cable TV, and before yesterday, I had not even heard of the show “Duck Dynasty”.

Because of the following article, now I have:

Link to Article

The suspension of Phil Robertson from A&E’s Duck Dynasty nasty is outrageous in a nation that values freedom, according to social critic and openly gay, dissident feminist Camille Paglia.

“I speak with authority here, because I was openly gay before the ‘Stonewall rebellion,’ when it cost you something to

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Boondoggle Interruptus

Bertha Under Seattle

This has been a thing for about a week now, but it looks like it may be a bigger deal than I had at first assumed.

Bertha, the large machine digging the multi-billion dollar tunnel under Downtown Seattle, has hit an “obstacle”.

What kind of “obstacle”?

Well, nobody knows. At least not yet.

This is a pretty big deal, because Bertha cannot just back out of the hole. If the “obstacle” cannot be cleared, the machine just gets abandoned underground indefinitely, or it must be disassembled and brought out in pieces.

Now look, I’ve been a huge opponent

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Bald Cannibals

Bald Eagle

On the boat to work this morning, I spotted what looked like two birds playing.

When I walked to the railing and looked more intently, I realized that they were not playing at all. Instead, a bald eagle was chasing a pigeon, and the pigeon was doing everything it could to avoid being caught, including pulling off some pretty badass acrobatics.

I watched for about 45 seconds as the pigeon evaded its captor, and then a strange thing happened: A second bald eagle swooped in out of nowhere, and assisted the first eagle in the hunt. The two eagles,

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The Westlake Snow Globe

Westlake Snow Globe

Westlake Park has a new attraction this year.

In addition to the carousel, there’s now a snow globe … a large plastic sphere filled with artificial snow.

While it may be frowned upon, the snow globe has already been the scene of several impromptu snowball fights, instigated by one of the three kids in Seattle who’s not yet on Ritalin.

Consider yourself forewarned.

Night of the Living Grunge

Pearl Jam @ Key Arena

It’s that time of the 4-year.

Once every four years, we get a new mayor (or recycled old mayor as the case may be), and once every 4 years, Pearl Jam plays Seattle. Seeing as the world strives to achieve balance, I like to think that the latter compensates for the former.

Anyway, it seems like only yesterday that the Mother Love Bone-spinoff known as Mookie Blaylock was playing the Off-Ramp. Who could imagine that, 23 years later, the band would still be together, playing the Coliseum, only now, instead of a basketball player, they’d be named after a

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Random Thought: Holiday Edition

Hey everyone, guess what this is?  



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He Took the Ferry. Literally.

I have a very long bucket list to complete should I ever be given 6 months or less to live.

Back when I was kid, another kid in New York City stole a subway ‘A’ train, and drove it from Washington Heights to Far Rockaway, making all scheduled stops.

That’s on my list.

Walking from one end of Downtown Seattle to the other, enforcing pedestrian right-of-way laws with a baseball bat is too.

As is dropping urine-balloons from my window on the fresh-out-of-college toddlers who are infesting my building.

Today, a new addition was made …

You see, early this

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