Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

The Wenatchee

The Wenatchee

The Wenatchee

Every day, twice a day.

1/10th of my waking life.

That’s how often, and how much time, respectively, I spend on this aging thing.

Well, either this, or its brother The Tacoma.

Coming Up Short

For the last month, I’ve been putting off buying a new zoom lens. My inner-conflict sounded a little bit like this:

“A thousand dollar zoom lens, or a ho of solid Seattle 9 (LA 6) quality?”

“A thousand dollar zoom lens, or ten minutes of face-time with a Seattle politician?”

“A thousand dollar zoom lens, or an ounce of the pinkest biker crank that money can buy?”

While I would really value a new zoom lens, as you can see, there is a lot of competition for the roughly $1,200 it will cost. That said, I may have to switch

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Deep Thoughts by Seattle Rex

Long weeks seem a little less stressful when this is how they end. With a double rainbow just before sunset while arriving home. It’s almost as if God is saying, “Yo Rex, I know I’ve been a little hard on you lately, what with the crappy week and the whole hipster thing and all … so here’s a little sump’n sump’n from the heavenly art department because I know you’re all into visuals and shit. You still my nigga, dawg.”

Well, God, thank you. You still my nigga too.

As are the rest of you.

That’s right, all of

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New Photos: Reflections

Warped Seattle Skyline

New Photo: A Hipster and His Mother

Space Needle and Helicopter

New Photo: Pine Street

Pine Street, Seattle

Pine Street, Seattle

Ban Bossy

Yes, folks, between elementary and high school, girls’ self-esteem drops 3.5 times more than boys … yet somehow, some inexplicable way, some un-specified way … young males commit suicide 8 times more often than females.

You know what this means don’t you?

The people behind this campaign are a bunch of evil misogynist assholes who are trying to increase the female suicide rate!

How, exactly, does one measure self-esteem anyway?

And, if we call “assertive” boys leaders, why are one in five … ONE IN FIVE … little boys on medication, often at the demands of their female teachers,

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Condolences to KOMO News

This morning, a KOMO/King 5 helicopter crashed next to the Space Needle, and two lives were lost. Both casualties were employees of KOMO News.

A third man, struck in his car by the helicopter, is in critical condition at Harborview.


New Photo: The Financial District

Seattle Financial District Before Sunset

Seattle Financial District Before Sunset

The Fourth Estate

Earlier this year, a Federal Court ruled that bloggers have the same First Amendment rights that journalists have. Believe it or not, the issue was actually up for debate.

Unfortunately, some states still only afford full protection, such as shield laws, to journalists working for mainstream news outlets.

This is frightening, and today’s front page of the Seattle PI remind us why.

Folks, I am not joking, that is the true and present homepage of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Remember that the next time you hear the phrase “reputable media outlet”. Remember that the next time politicians argue for special

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