Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Worst. Vacation. Ever.

Big Bone Lick State Park

The Dahlia Lounge & $1 Donut Holes

Salmon & Filet Mignon

Dahlia Lounge Exterior

I’m probably not what you would call a “foodie”. In fact, back when I was but a wee lad, I would get punished for not eating. Even today, I generally only eat when my blood sugar gets low enough to be a hinderance. I eat to live instead of the other way around.

That said, I definitely like some foods more than others, and as I grow older, I’ve made an effort to appreciate some of the finer foods in life. I’ve also endeavored to eat in every, single, solitary inner-Seattle restaurant.


There are a

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Reality Check

Color Me Tongue

As a fairly prototypical member of “Generation X”, I have a certain amount of nostalgia for the 90’s.

Humans are interesting creatures in that they tend to romanticize things they survived, even if those things sucked. Witness the numerous groups of war veterans who are stuck in whatever decade in which people were actively trying to kill them, or the high school re-union phenomenon where people actually want to re-meet the self-absorbed assholes they had to share a classroom with 20 years prior.

When we emerge alive and semi-sane from a trying period, we tend to look back on

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Slide Over Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames

Man that only took like, 5 years to figure out.

I have a weird periodically-photographic memory for musical things. For instance, I may have heard a song once when I was six years old, then all of a sudden, decades later, I’ll start singing it, yet have no idea what it is or where I’ve heard it. I’ve heard a song on the radio one time, then years later, it will pop into my head, and I’ll sing three complete verses word-for-word while I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing. I don’t even have to like the song

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Seattle Tolerance

Rplace Sign



Remember, in order to foster diversity, tolerant people always make exhaustive lists of which groups they will not tolerate.

Have you made your list today?




(Is it me, or does lumping “minors” in with “drug dealers”, “racists”, and “assholes” seem a little weird? I mean, trying to get into a bar under-age is just a rite-of-passage, no? 20 year-olds are that offensive? Seems a little extreme.)



Samsung’s Security Theater

Samsung's Security Theater

You want to know why so many websites are getting hacked these days, leaking your personal information to anyone and everyone?

Allow me to illustrate …

Yesterday, I tried to change the password to my Samsung account. I’d changed it previously to a shorter password, and I had second-thoughts about doing so, so I decided to change it back.

I logged into my Samsung account and proceeded to change my password back to my moderately-secure, 11+ character password which has never been written down anywhere.

I couldn’t, though, because apparently, I’d used it before.

Fair enough, I went to a

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Flight to Mars 2014

Last night was Mike McCready’s annual benefit concert at the Showbox. This was the 12th Annual benefit show for the CCFA (Crohns & Colitis Foundation of America) and my 2nd in a row.

So far, these shows have been fairly consistent, and always excellent. After an opening act, followed by an always-excellent jam session with local musicians, Flight to Mars takes the stage for a 90-ish minute set.

For those who may not know, Flight to Mars is a local band which mostly plays covers from classic English metal band “UFO”. While this may not sound terribly compelling on

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An Axe to Grind

Seattle Rex's Silvertone SSH3/CS

Seattle Rex’s Silvertone SSH3/CS

One of my neighbors was looking to unload one of his too-many-for-a-small-unit guitars, so he gave this one gratis while apologizing the whole time.

“Eh, this thing is an inexpensive Les Paul copy”, he told me, “it’s pretty low-end, but maybe you can let one of the kids play around with it.”

I thought it was beautiful.

When I got it back to my unit and looked it over, I realized that it is a Silvertone SSH3/CS, and that while it sold for around $150 during its last production run, it’s actually a very well-regarded

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Guarding the Egg

Seagull Parents Guarding Nest

Seagull Parents Guarding Nest

As it turns out, not all beings in Seattle are ©”Too Selfish to Have Kids”.

Perhaps the majority of humans are, but as this seagull couple show, some of us are still okay with putting the mackdown smackdown on a fly hoo-haa and watching as the expulsion of our gonadonal love lava furthers the survival of our species.

That being said, while I used to somewhat worry about the large decrease in offspring by the supposed intellectually elite, no longer is this the case.

Last month, we threw a birthday part for my daughter, and

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Pike Street

Pike Street

Pike Street