Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

The SPD vs. Seattle

“Look out, suburban white woman coming through, if you get hit it’s your own fault. I’m not going to say it again … white woman right of way people! Stoplights are for negroes and poor white trash!”


It’s no great secret that Seattle is a city with a law enforcement problem. I’ve never seen a city whose residents hold such a universally negative opinion of their police force, and I’m including both New York City and Los Angeles in this statement.

I can’t speak to the opinions of citizens in the less-dense areas of Seattle (Crown Hill, Sand

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The Reason You Celebrate Martin Luther King

Do you ever wonder why we have holidays celebrating white voilence … Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day … while we only have holidays celebrating black passiveness?

Why is it noble for white people to take up arms against the king, to take up arms against leaders that we don’t like … while black uprisings are supposed to be non-violent?

Why, when you ask every suburban white person, who their hero is, does Martin Luther King come rolling off of their tongue before any other name?

Well, in case you don’t know, you certainly should know. Especially on the

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I’m Going to the Super Bowl! Again!

Well, it was a hard-fought game, and at times, I didn’t think I was going to pull it off, but guess what?

I did!

I totally beat the (fudge) Packers!

Me and the team, we totally kicked ass today, and low-and-behold, we’re going to the Super Bowl! Again!


As I sit here now, people are yelling in the streets below. One man in particularly is repeatedly shouting “D” to the top of his lungs.

Apparently, my defense was spectacular today. It’s a great source of pride for myself and my family.

You know, while all of

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He’s Up There … What’s That? Hawaiian Noises?

I sit here, indoors, while outside, Seattle is being pounded by a Pineapple Express.

In January, Pineapple Expresses are fairly typical in these parts, but outside of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, few people have heard the term (with the exception of the movie, of course).

This being the case, allow me to illustrate just what a Pineapple Express is, which I’ve taken the liberty of drawing on top of this morning’s weather map.

Stay dry fellow citizens of New California.

Now You Do What They Told Ya

It’s okay, it’s okay. The store owners voted for Obama.

While I’m not a huge football fan these days, when I was a kid in Washington DC, I used to like the Redskins, or as we called them (especially when they lost), the Foreskins.

So, it was with some sadness that I periodically read about the team’s name being made an issue of by the six-digit-education-having haters of working-class entertainment.

Today, I happened to be doing some work in the shell, and after I typed a short command, something occurred to me:

bash:~# echo $OSTYPE darwin14

Ah, yes, Darwin

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The World’s Greatest Website

I don’t surf the web much anymore. After a promising start, Gen X passed the digital torch to Gen Y, who then proceeded to remove their pants, touch their toes, and walk briskly backward into every corporate dick they could find.

Now, all websites start with the same question in mind: “How can we monetize this?”

In every case, the answer is the same: “Place corporate phallus in anus.”

And so they do.

You can’t make money being sincere or telling the truth. It’s simply not possible. So nobody does. Instead, you have to cater to the deluded mainstream.

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Random Solar Art

The Cowardly Comet

Comet Management: Banned from Their Own Bar

“Oh no!”, I said as I stood across Pike Street from The Comet, “please tell me I don’t see what I think I see. Please tell me they didn’t get one of those cornball ‘we won’t tolerate intolerance’ signs.”

Oh, Comet …. Et tu?

You couldn’t resist?

You had to succumb to hatred and intolerance, simply because it was the path of least resistance?

We live in a time where people are being ostracized, where people are losing their livelihoods, where people are being actively oppressed for expressing sentiment contrary to

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Almost a Decent Shot

I mostly shoot on what I call “Aperture and Shutter Priority Mode”, which is basically Manual Mode with Auto-ISO turned on. Occasionally, however, I sometimes go into full Manual Mode, and forget to turn Auto-ISO back on when I’m finished.

Such a thing happened on New Year’s Day, when I tried to get the Space Needle and the moon, plus an airplane, into the same shot. I reeled off 7 shots, and when I went to review them, I realized that I’d shot them all in full-on darkness at ISO 100.


I tried to correct my settings, but

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