Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Why Should It Matter That the Mayor’s Gay?

It’s a good question, and up until this year, I would have scoffed at anyone who made an issue out of it.

After all, who cares if the mayor’s gay? Why would that make any difference?

Well, I dunno.

Except that, in 2015, the LGBTABCXYZ (or whatever extra letters they’ve picked up lately) Community has revealed themselves to be, quite possibly, the most bigoted group currently inhabiting America.

This, combined with their significantly greater-than-average wealth, means that the suffering of traditionally-unfashionable-yet-less-wealthy groups will increase as members of the LGBTABCXYZ group gains power.

For instance, and this is purely hypothetical ….

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Ruling Class: Nobody Leaves the Cage ‘Til We Say So

A proposed new ordinance in King County aims to slam the door on the so-called “catch and release” plan for non-violent felony offenders booked into the county jail.

County Council member Jane Hague introduced a measure this week that would bar county administrators from setting a cap on the number of inmates booked into King County’s two jails.

The measure says that only judges have the authority to release felons “…to make sure we place that authority where the constitution says it belongs – with the court,” said fellow council member Rod Dembowski in a Law and Justice Committee

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A Quick Thought for Memorial Day

The SlutWalk

Seattle SlutWalk

Today, somewhere, an affluent white woman was told that she could increase her personal safety on the streets by dressing subtly and not drawing attention to herself.

Today, somewhere, a college campus erupted in protest at the mere thought of affluent white women not being able to wear short skirts, on a ghetto street, at 2am, without repercussion.

Today, somewhere, 22 military veterans will take their own lives.

Just as they did yesterday.

Just as they will do tomorrow.

Just as they do everyday.

Today, in Seattle, no one really cared. About the suicides, that is, we

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Pussy Pictures

So, I already know that this will be the most visited post of 2015. The internet is just that predictable.

It won’t be disappointed either. Not when it sees that I delivered the goods once again.

See, a member of my family desperately wanted a cat, a kitten to be more specific, and after much searching, I found one, and I rescued it.

That’s right, after ascertaining the address of the cat I wished to procure, I arrived at the kitten’s former home, and what I saw was horrifying.

Flames. The house was engulfed in them, and smoke was

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A Picture of a Ferry, and One Man’s Fascination With Her

So Anyway … Gross

ShellNo Shame

For the love of God, will somebody please give the bourgeoise something to do. They’re bored out of their skulls, and you know what that means.

That’s right, they’re going to fuck some shit up, while pretending to do the exact opposite, and later on when it comes time to pay for the damages, they’re going to throw the proletariat under the bus.

As usual.

What are the posers doing this time?

Well … dear God, I almost can’t bring myself to type this. I mean, there’s selfish, and then there’s “I’ll kill the planet and everyone on it

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“Oh, Everyone Thinks New Music Sucks”

Actual, verbatim lyrics to “Rude Boy” by Rihanna:

I wa-wa-want What you wa-wa-want Give it to me baby Like boom, boom, boom What I wa-wa-want Is what you wa-wa-want Na, na-ah

MEattle. It Is What It Is.

A couple of years ago, I published a cartoon titled “Caleb Calls Home” that not everyone understood. If after this post you still don’t understand, then I have only one thing to say to you:

Hi, Caleb.

The first two photos on this page are of a man I encountered while walking Downtown on Pike Street. At first I thought he was homeless, but when I got closer, I realized he was just a member of our new transplant demographic. Those whose interactions with others have only occurred within the context of a “playdate”, and those who have

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My Sentiments Exactly

We all know how hard it can be to suppress a reaction when confronted with the unintended consequences of the spandex fad.

As far as I’m concerned, whoever started said fad is on the hook for replacement corneas for every man, woman, and child that lives within the Seattle city limits.

In this woman’s case, that person is on the hook for a completely new set of eyeballs. It appears that hers completely disintegrated.

Sorry, ma’am, you should have been warned.

As for the rest of you, consider this your warning.

The spandex fad is still alive in Seattle.

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