Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

All Aboard!

This Paris thing really has legs, and if Generation Y has taught me anything, it’s that one can ill-afford to miss an opportunity to make things about themselves.

So, while I have your attention, I feel compelled to tell you that my thoughts are with the people of Paris, and this ostensibly should make the people of Paris feel better, because when I think about someone, it’s very flattering to them, and it gives them a sense of comfort that they wouldn’t have otherwise had, had I thought of, say, a gender-fluid UW student who only has two bathroom

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French Solidarity

At least I think that’s the reason the tops of so many buildings in Seattle are lit up with the colors red, white, and blue.

Then again, they’re, you know, the US colors too, so it could also represent an outburst of patriotism.

If I had to guess, though, it’s probably the French thing.

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Tragedy Solved, One Chewed Piece at a Time

Because holding up two fingers while far out of harm’s way, in a group of like-minded people, while being videoed, causes peace. I wish I was white. Life would be so simple.

Hey everyone, look what the children of Seattle did!

They formed a flash mob today, and then they re-gummed the Gumwall with a peace sign!

Oh, those peace-loving, vandalizing rapscallions!

Yeah, sure, it was a little silly, but children can’t do anything meaningful about tragic events, after all, they’re just children. We just can’t expect the kids of our city to understand the true impact of 150+

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First Glimpses of the First Hill Streetcar

I’m not sure when opening day will be, but the trains themselves are rolling.

Kind of exciting if I must say so.


For a “liberal” city, we sure have a lot of BMWs, Lexuses, and other vehicles the price of which could end homelessness in this city. Like climate change, someone else is always supposed to make the sacrifice.

I took the picture above just incidentally. I wasn’t going for the car in the foreground. If you look really close, you can see the new First Hill Trolley in the background.

It wasn’t until today that I noticed that, sure enough, the car in front of me was parked in the crosswalk while the pedestrian “walk” light was lit. As usual.

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Bricks are People Too

Seattle Gumwall – The Day Before

We are on one hell of a roll I must say.

Lest anyone doubt the veracity of my vision for Seattle, on Tuesday, we ameliorated one of the few true tourist attractions that Seattle has. Anymore at least. Especially with Ride-the-Ducks sidelined.

Seattle Gumwall – The Day Before

For those who may not be aware, the Seattle Gum Wall is no more. On Tuesday morning, it was blasted clean by a work crew, which is why Monday evening, I headed down for some final pictures, as well as to stick some more

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Cleaning House in Pike/Pine

In what is a semi-daily occurrence at this point, Value Village, thrift store made famous by Macklemore, and longtime haunt of yours truly, closed last week.

While I used to get annoyed by this type of thing, I’m so used to it now that I’m just numb to it all. I, like most in this area, have learned not to get attached to anything. Businesses, for their part, have also learned not to try too hard to ingratiate themselves to the community. After all, what’s the point? As soon as they become even remotely popular, their landlords will see

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The Strange Life of a Seattle Pedestrian

Daily Occurrence

What you see above is not an exception. It’s the rule.

On most days, when walking to or from work during rush hours, the majority of intersections are blocked by automobiles/trucks/buses. Quite openly and unapologetically, I should add. In fact, the few times I’ve said anything, or even looked annoyed, I’ve gotten honked at, flipped off, yelled at, etc.

Because it’s my fault they’re blocking the intersection, I have no right to complain. After all, they’re them. People who have not once in their lives been told “you’re wrong”. People who are, without any hyperbole whatsoever, convinced

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Who’s Responsible?

You are, that’s who!

For no other reason than my own amusement, as well as to educate anyone who may be sitting nearby, I’ve begun doing a new thing when deciding whether or not to purchase a new product or service.

I wander over to the “agreement”, “contract”, “terms”, or whatever they call the questionably-enforceable, always-unconscionable adhesion contract … and once there, I do a search for the word “responsible”.


Because I want to know if the company that I’m dealing with is responsible, of course.

What I’ve found, is that roughly 0% of them are, give or take

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