Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Thanksgiving in The Bubble

Being that we live in The Bubble (hey Brooklyn transplants, kneel before the true masters of conformity) and today is Thanksgiving, there are a few other things of which we can be reasonably certain:

1) It’s raining (how does it get through the dome?)

2) The streets of Pike/Pine are completely deserted since the climate-change-obsessed tourists have all flown back home on big, polluting jets … but you’re still an evil right-wing nazi if you don’t support climate change legislation. Do as we say, deplorables, not as we do. Climate change is the cause of our time, and if

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Told You So

The poor went to war so you could go to UW, and when they came back, you called them gun nuts. And racists. And homophobes. And, let’s face it, far worse.

Hillary Clinton was anti-gay marriage in 2012. As was Barack Obama. Yet, you voted for the latter, twice, despite his position. When a person of lessor means took the very same position, you boycotted, cajoled, bullied, and oppressed them. Your message was loud and clear: Only the moneyed elite are entitled to opinions, and dissent will cost you your friends, your reputation, and in some cases, your livelihood.

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