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Alice in Chains? Yeah, Right!

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When I got tickets to Alice in Chains a few weeks ago, I was excited, yet a little scared.  After all, I’ve never seen a bondage show before.  I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to that stuff, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Alice in Chains at the Paramount Theater

When the house lights dimmed moments before the show, I didn’t know what I was personally supposed to do either.  I mean, do we whip it out right away, do we watch for awhile and then do so, do we wait for the money shot?  Who knew?

You can imagine my surprise when the house lights came up, and all that stood onstage was a bunch of dudes.

“Wait … where’s Alice?”, I called out to nobody in particular.

Alice in Chains at the Paramount Theater

For the next hour and a half, 4 guys, basically a band, played music.  It was good, I mean, it was really good.  It would have been the perfect compliment to a bondage show.

There was to be no bondage, however.  Alice never came out, assuming there’s an Alice at all, and she certainly was not in chains.

To say I was confused would be an understatement.

Ever one to make lemonade out of lemons, however, I enjoyed the show the best I could, and even took video of an entire song.

Alice in Chains at the Paramount Theater

This one’s about poultry, apparently poultry that is quite difficult to kill.  I remember hearing stories from my grandparents about how they had to chase chickens around, trying their best to kill them for supper, and it seems that these gentlemen have had the same problem. Well, see for yourself:

Boy, those chickens are really something.

In any event, I had a good time at the “Alice in Chains Show”, although I do think they should change the name, because even though the show was good, the name is just flat-out false advertising.

Alice in Chains at the Paramount Theater

Alice in Chains at the Paramount Theater

I sure hope the producers of this “Temple of the Dog Show” I just bought tickets for are a little more honest.

A temple full of dogs.  It doesn’t sound that great, I’m just curious how they’re going to fit the thing inside of the Paramount Theater.

Stay tuned.

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