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Biting the Hand

I’m going to let you all in on a little something: People cannot change their gender.  No, it’s true, they can’t.  At least not without killing themselves.

I know, I know, this news will really piss some of you off, but don’t shoot the messenger for I didn’t make it so.

See, gender is determined by chromosomes.  If you have Y chromosomes, you’re a male, otherwise, you’re a female.  You can pump yourself full of hormones, change the tone of your voice, grow your hair long, get the best fake knockers that money can buy, and chop off your wang until the cows come home, but nobody can give you Y chromosomes, nor take them away.  This being the case, you cannot change your gender.

Oh sure, you can act like the opposite gender.  You can adopt its mannerisms, and change your appearance to look like the other gender.  You can also, if the political winds are at your back, demand that other people recognize you, outwardly at least, as the gender that you prefer to be.  Most people will glady comply.  Depending on the situation, I might as well, although not with the same enthusiasm of yore.

Not long ago, I was an ardent supporter of the LGBT community, but that support has waned, and in some cases, disappeared, as I was forced to make the difficult realization that the bullied were merely waiting for a chance to become the bullies.  Here was a population uniquely positioned to be the most empathetic and understanding of any other group, but have instead used any and all political power as a tool to punish and intimidate all who may disagree, or who may agree, yet not have a technically perfect command of the latest ruling-class linguistic mandates.

The past couple of years have mandated harsh realizations culminating in the point-blank execution of some staunch and long-held beliefs. Bitterness and deepening cynicism usually follow such epiphanies, but I’m the rare exception.  Despite having to make some hard concessions, I’ve nonetheless managed to retain my sunny disposition, belief in the goodness of mankind, and recognition of the altruism of our national institutions.

Alas, my break with the religious faithful has earned me a fair amount of scorn from the new status-quo, which is why I can’t help but get a chuckle when someone other than myself gets the wakeup call from reality, oh and wouldn’t you know, it called collect.

Man Who Wants to be a Woman

Man that wants to be a woman who was hostilely attacked and violated by Peoples Bank savages via the telephone. No really.

A transgender woman has filed a civil lawsuit against her bank, saying they denied her service over the phone because she sounds like a man.

Lizzi Duff said Tuesday she felt violated and attacked, and still does now.

Duff said she called Peoples Bank three times trying to access her balance. She answered all the security questions, but they still wouldn’t release her information. Lizzi said a teller said her voice didn’t match the bank’s files, which says she is female.

She first filed a complaint with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights, but she said the bank refused to make accommodations so she felt like this was a battle she had to pick.

“Sometimes people will call me Sir,” Duff said. “And I’ll say, no, I’m not Sir and usually people will apologize and get it. I’ll say I’m a transgender woman and they are fine with it and very friendly but when it goes beyond that it becomes hostile, and I can say it, adversarial.”

A spokesperson for Peoples Bank said that the bank was working with the Seattle Office of Civil Rights to resolve Duff’s claim when Duff suddenly filed a lawsuit. The bank said, “We are disappointed by this turn of events. We are confident this issue would have been resolved favorably.”

Duff and her attorney disagree.

“We worked with the Offices of Civil Rights a little bit and found that the bank was not acting in good faith negotiations,” said Duff’s attorney, Morgan Mentzer. “Lizzie felt as though she had no other choice but to pursue a complaint in the King County Superior Court.”

Mentzer said that the Peoples Bank has responded to their complaint that they filed with the county. Mentzer is hopeful about the case.


“Violated and attacked”.

From being called sir, when you are a sir, but would rather be a ma’am?  Because you look and sound like a man, while having a woman’s name?

Alright then.

A few months ago, I called my bank.  There was some problem or another, and several minutes after I got off the phone with them, I realized that I needed to call back, and so I did.  Except there was one problem.  I didn’t get the name of the person I had spoken to on the first call.

“Do you know who you spoke with?”, asked the second woman.

“Shoot, I didn’t get her name”, I replied, “it was a black woman, fairly young-sounding, I’m guessing in her 30’s.”

I was met with silence.

After 10, maybe 15 seconds, and thinking the call had dropped, I said, “Hello, are you still there?”

After yet another pause, a voice bearing thinly-vieled hostility shot back, “What made you think she was black? How can you tell that through a telephone?”

“Excuse me?”, I responded.

“What does a black person sound like?”, she pressed.

“Are you trying to insult me?”, I replied, this time more angrily.

“No I’m not trying to insult you, I’m trying to ask why you think you can tell when someone’s black just because you spoke to them on the phone”, she said, growing a bit more defensive.

“I don’t know!”, I replied, this time half-yelling, “I guess us black people know our own!”

“W-W-Well-W-W-W-W-W-W-Well-W-W …”, good god I think I broke her.

Have you ever seen those old “tech” shows from the 60’s.  You know, the ones where there’s the inevitable robot which starts shouting “Does not compute! Does not compute!” seconds before smoke starts shooting out of its ears, followed by its head exploding?

That was basically what was happening to this woman.  See, the entire time, she was doing the exact same thing she was attempting to accuse me of doing, which is using the sum total of her observations and life experiences (the combination of which is called “wisdom”) to guide her judgements, assumptions, and suppositions.  We all do.  It’s that which governs every rational person’s behavior.

Since the day we were born, most of us learned to identify voices with faces, and as the years ticked by, our brains began connecting these voices and faces with groups, and well, look, I don’t need to explain it to you because you already know.  You may pretend not to for whatever reason, but most of us understand the distinct differences between the pee cee world and reality.  In times of trouble, it’s what we always revert back to.  Nobody was complaining about the lack of women rescue workers on 9/11, and when the big earthquake strikes Seattle, every injured feminist in this town will be scanning the horizon for the nearest masculine thing they can find to help them, and the more macho, the better.

These are good times, though, at least for some of us, and during such times, we create problems to solve. Problems like “They called me sir when I wanted to be called ma’am”.  If Lizzi Duff was out of food and money, and living under a bridge, he would consider such things an inconvenience.  With a full belly and a roof over his head, however, he’s being “violated and attacked”.

It’s not that I don’t empathize or understand.  I do.  Have you any idea the shit I have to go through at the bank because of my name?  Some banks outright refuse to open an account for me because I don’t have a traditional American first name/last name combination.  One of the largest banks in Seattle just told me in December that they wouldn’t open an account for me unless I changed my name.  It sucks, and had I not been violated and attacked before, I might have felt violated and attacked then.  Not being fashionable myself, though, nobody would have cared if I had.  If only the bank would have called me “ma’am”.

All-in-all a very predictable outcome of recent gender politics.  When everyone sees the Emperor’s new clothes, it’s only a matter of time until the Emperor’s tailor comes calling, demanding payment for his handiwork.

And so he has.

Pay up, Peoples Bank, and good luck Lizzi Duff.  A word of warning, though.  Gender politics are intended to be a thumb in the eye of the poor and working class, not a weapon by which to bludgeon rich bankers.  Just between you and me, if you want to remain the darlings of the establishment, and hold onto the bully pulpit, you may want to stick to suing pizza joints and opstay uingsay anksbay.

Don’t bite the … eh, you already saw the title.


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  • Deadwood Ted

    Answer me this. Why is it okay for a gay person to be different but a trans person should just accept their gender?

    • Awww, well, it’s an awfully tempting offer but I just don’t think I will. I may be slow, but even I know the meaning of the word ‘futility’. You know, futility, that thing that becomes apparent when you’re trying to teach your dog calculus. There is no point. There is no answer that I could give you that wouldn’t be met with:

      “Oh my God, you think the Pope should be covered in cow feces and fed to an angry alligator! That’s so sick you poop-faced re-pooplican! Oh my GOD fox news bush mansplaining Ann Coulter! Homophobic racist anti-ist-obe fish need a bicycle like a woman needs air-freshener in their womb black people gays and transphobic normative sex gender! Right-wing gun nut wingnut nutjob mixed nuts ooh I kinda like pistachios mind if I have one hey thanks brogrammer bro’splainer brocephus my suburbanite white-flighting negro-hating gentrifying members of the party of slavery millionarie jesuses who pat my head and approve my words say your butt stinks too!”

      Been there, done that, I’m just gonna have to pass.

      Try not to take this the wrong way, but this is going to have to be your final say on the matter. I’m going to have to cut you off. I’m starting to suspect that this might be a long-running troll job, and if that’s the case, credit due. You got me.

      If that is the case, it’s my own fault. I’ve been told time and again “Never debate someone with nothing to lose”, and I know that it’s good advice. Without skin in the game, there is no honesty. There is no regulator. You can declare the square root of 9 to be 47 and nobody in your social circle will be the wiser. Anonymity places one in a position of power, and all positions of power are abused, by everyone, always. There are no exceptions. Ever. None. If you could pass the police physical, you’d be out there delivering extra kicks to people you didn’t like too.

      It is with some relief the realization that people with your particular inclinations are cowards. You love to tweet-shame and shoot silly-string, and perhaps you’ll shout a few slogans when you’re in a large crowd of those who agree, but the fauxgressive crowd will tolerate no inconvenience in service of their views. They will incur no risk whatsoever. Their views are only their views when they are sure those around them agree. This is why their views tend to be transient, and somewhat of a moving target. They aren’t sure what they believe until they’re told what they believe, and they don’t want to be pinned down even then since it’s likely to change again tomorrow. Anonymity is key to never being called out on the inconsistency. This is why they will expend no effort in service of their views.

      Remember the woman who was beaten in Westlake Park as hundreds of “progressives” looked on? Then, the following weekend, when they were in a comfortable crowd, the marched in that same park for women’s rights.

      Well, um, gee guys … not one of you stepped up when a woman was on the line?


      Screen names are safe, while real life is scary.

      Progressives march in Seattle because it’s risk-free. It’s 80% Democrat for crying out loud. They never march in hostile territory, though. Some redneck berg where they are outnumbered 10-1. They never march where it would actually meet opposition.

      And here you are. Holding a popular opinion, with the full approval of the powers-that-be, and you’re hopping from Tor node to Tor node, desperately trying to conceal your identity.

      Your opinion doesn’t matter. You’re not even real. As soon as your opinion meets any real-life opposition, you’ll change it. Let’s face it, you’re not standing up for anyone. You’re just playing “Life, the Video Game”.

      The knowledge that you’ll never stand up for your beliefs, never expose yourself to any risk whatsoever, takes some of the sting off of the craziness of your positions. You know, the ones where rich white millionaires issue chromosomes by decree, and change gender on demand (not to mention, turn water into wine with a single snarky comment). If it even is your position, which I somewhat doubt.

      Anyone can say any crazy ole thing when they don’t have to look their friends and co-workers in the eye the next day, and so most people do say any ole thing. Don’t they? I don’t know what you do for a living, but would you go to your employer and tell them that gender has absolutely no basis in biology? Nah, that’s for the “Deadwood Ted” character.

      There is also another very real possibility. You know how it’s been discovered that many vocal “homophobes” are actually fighting internal conflict over their own gay feelings? Well, so too does the same phenomenon happen amongst those railing against racists, “homophobes”, rethuglicans, etc. The way you’re ignoring what I’m saying, typing your own internal dialog, then shouting “you should like a rethuglican wing nut”?

      “So you think that all women should be decapitated, and have their heads sold as doorstops in Southern Madagascar? Oh my GOD, that’s so insane! That’s so insane! MY GOOOOD that’s bonkers!!! You sound like a rabid capuchin monkey!”

      You do realize that the things you’re reacting to, are things that YOU’RE saying, right? I mean, you do know that, right? Because everyone else does. I never typed, said, or even thought them. That’s all 100% you. Thoughts, dialog, words that came out of you. You. And you’re outraged by them, and rightfully so. You have offensive views, and offensive internal dialogs.

      Personally, I think the most likely explanation is mental illness, but I can’t rule out that you’re just playing me to get a reaction.

      See, you have to know that what you’re saying is silly, because you truly do go to significant lengths to remain anonymous. People confident in their views, especially when they enjoy popular support, don’t seek out anonymity. Not if they actually believe those views, at least. Let’s face it, you’re not the person that you’re portraying with your fictitious character.

      Either way, I’ve let you have your say, and you got what you wanted said out there. If you want more time, feel free to expend the time, effort, and money to start your own website, and get your views out there. Regardless of whether I agree with people or not, that is always my advice to them. If you want to have a say, you have to make an effort, and if you don’t want to make an effort, what you have to say isn’t all that important. At least that is my opinion.

      Be warned, though, it’s awfully hard to do so while retaining your anonymity. If you let slip your internal dialog about making black people shut up when they get shot by cops, you’re going to get funny looks the next day. Oh yes you will. People will respond to you in person, and question you, and debate you, and well, you’re going to have to back your positions up, not just online but in real life too.

      It’s not always an easy thing. Even though your opinion is extremely popular, you might still encounter a person here or there who doesn’t agree. Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

      Think you can hack it?

      On second thought, do yourself a favor and remain anonymous. You would not be able to handle the alternative. At all. Seriously, your entire ruse would fall apart within a matter of days. You can dream about being one of those people who can confidently articulate their views, without excessive fear, regardless of the approval it garners, but that life is not for everyone. It’s certainly not for you. Oh no. No no. No, better keep that real ID on on the down low. That way, nobody in real life will ever know your views. You can pass through the world undetected, never being called upon to defend your values. It’ll be like you never even existed. For all intents and purposes, you never truly did.

      Anyway, it’s been real. We had good times, we had bad times, but we had times, man.

      You can chase Tor nodes all over the ether if you wish, but you’ll be wasting your time. I won’t even see what you type. Do what you want, though.

      Good luck and goodbye.

  • I wonder what the corporate political machine thinks when it reads exchanges like this one? When they see what they’ve done to people. Are they proud of themselves, or are they ashamed? We have people who, I assume, mean well, spouting and spewing talking points at random, almost as if they have Tourettes. People’s whose ability to reason or even debate, have been destroyed. Do they think that society will escape from this without repercussions?

    The utter destruction of minds on a scale such will not come without a cost. I truly believe that history will look back years from now, and reflect on this era as nothing short of an intellectual holocaust. A time when both sides of the political stopped at nothing to rob their impressionable followers of their ability to reason, to formulate independent thoughts, and to determine right from wrong.

    Tens of thousands of young adults graduating each year, whose full intellectual repertoire is randomly shouting corporate party talking points like well trained parrots.

    It could not be more tragic.

  • Deadwood Ted

    Oh my god. So they should just “accept” this terrible condition where they literally feel like they are in the wrong body? Should gay men just “accept” that they want to fuck the “wrong” gender and behave differently than they are “supposed” to? Should black people just “accept” being slaughtered by the police? You sound like a rethuglican wingnut. Modern innovations mean that we don’t have to accept things that we would have taken for granted before. Before you know it people will be able to modify their genetic codes to be one gender or the other.

    • I’m sorry for you, brother. I truly am. There’s nothing I could possibly tell you that you might understand. Yes, I’m a rethuglican wingnut. Probably all kinds of other things too. I am whatever they tell you that I am. I can’t deny it anymore. It takes someone of great conviction to out a thought criminal from the safety of an anonymous proxy. To put themselves out there for causes they care about. It’s that kind of integrity, that kind of standing up for one’s beliefs, that I think will convince the intolerant, non-diverse people of this nation, that they are wrong, oh so wrong. I guess I’m outed. You did a good job. Good luck to you, and thanks for your time.

  • Deadwood Ted

    What do you say to people who were born one gender but sincerely feel more at home in the body of the other gender? Do you just label them “sick” and move on? There is the gender you are born with and the gender you express. In some people they are not the same.

    • What do you say to people who were born one gender but sincerely feel more at home in the body of the other gender?

      What do I say to them? I would imagine it depends wholly on the circumstances, but in general I say “Hello”.

      I know a Japanese girl who desperately, and I mean desperately wants to be caucasion. She’s had surgery to give herself eyelids, has blue contacts, dyed her hair blonde, but she still doesn’t look caucasion and she knows it.

      I also know people who want to be taller. People who want to be younger. People who want to be geniuses. People who don’t want to have whatever ailment or condition they have. A cornerstone of human development is accepting that which you cannot change, and learning to live a meaningful life despite the challenges you face. I’m still working on that one myself.

      Under the right circumstances, I might empathize. Under others, I might tell them that they are in the top 1% of affluence in the entire world. I might tell them that half the world lives on less than $1 day. I might tell them that, fortunately, they are not worried about how to feed themselves, clothe themselves, or shelter themselves. I might tell them to remember that they live free of civil war, famine, and plague. I might remind them that, while their feelings may feel like insurmountable problems, that they are historically signs of extreme affluence and privilege. Instead of focusing on what they can’t change, I might tell them to take inventory of all the extraordinary privilege that they DO have, and I might tell them that that living a life of unprecedented comfort should be at least some consolation to that which is imperfect in their lives. That what they are facing is not life or death, and that their freedom from such concerns are something they should celebrate. I would tell them that there are people in the world who are truly oppressed, starving, and wasting away in mud huts, and that they are not one of those people.

      Wanting to be someone or something other than what you are not uncommon. At all. In fact, most people probably have something they wish they could change. Some of them are huge identifying things. A great many of these things are unchangeable.

      What do you say to these people?

      Well, if you’re a decent person, I imagine you say “nice to meet you”.

      I’m surprised that’s even a question.

      Do you just label them “sick” and move on?

      I sincerely do not understand the question in this context. Do you really label everyone you encounter? Why? Because I have to tell you, I do not think that much about every person I meet. By the time I verbally greet them, I’m usually already thinking of my next task. But if they’re coughing, gagging, and snot is pouring out of their nose … I just might do what you’ve suggested above.

      There is the gender you are born with and the gender you express. In some people they are not the same.

      Um, yes. And photosynthesis makes flowers grow. As long as we’re stating random facts.

      What any of it has to do with chromosomes, however, I am not certain.

      Is this your rebuttal to the “gender has zero basis in biology” thing? Because it’s still wrong. I mean, really, really, really wrong.

      And deep down, you know it is.

      At least I sure do hope so.

  • Deadwood Ted

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed but social attitudes have changed. We now realized that a trans person is unlikely to suddently revert back to their original gender and rape your daughter. What you refer to as “bullying” is really just enforcement of more enlightened attitudes. We have the right to shame those who hold outdated beliefs and refuse to recognize that gender is entirely a social construct. It has no basis in biology.

    • We have the right to shame those who hold outdated beliefs and refuse to recognize that gender is entirely a social construct. It has no basis in biology.

      I regret what is happening to you. It saddens me to no end. How these wealthy elitists can take the mind of a well-meaning individual, and contort it into what we see here, I will never understand. They have to be psychopaths, I mean they must be psychopaths. It’s the only explanation. These same wealthy, elitist people who have caused so much misery over the course of history have now convinced our most educated people that they are actually our saviors. They have taken our most precious resource … the intellect of our people … and have contorted it beyond recognition. It makes me want to cry. It’s so very, very cruel, and none of you deserve it. Just like the little boy living in a trailer, being schooled in racism by his mother and father, you deserve so much better than what you’ve been given. It’s not fair, and it’s not your fault. I don’t hate you, and I desire no shame for you.

      I know that you can’t understand, I know, but gender is entirely determined by the presence or absence of a Y chromosome. Society has absolutely no say in the chromosomal makeup of humans. Females can give birth, while males cannot. Again, were society to declare the opposite to be true, it still would not be.

      Gender is a 100% biological construct, and it’s basis relies wholly in biology.

      Furthermore, the pathological fear of rape which you allude to in your comment, is actually a fear tactic used by your abusers (“rape culture”), but this is how they contort thought. With vague edict after vague edict being issued almost daily, the whos, whats, whens, and whys become a blur, and before long, their victims don’t know which position is theirs, or which position is their evil enemy’s. Between the War on Terror, and Social Justice War, both sides of the political spectrum are now bathed in fear and thus fully malleable by the political elite which cynically share power, and care not about either issue.

      I suppose, we could debate the fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west …. but what would be the point? If someone comes up to you and swears with all sincerity that it rises in the west, what can you say to them?

      There’s really nothing that you can say.

      Mental illness, either organic or foisted upon someone over time (gaslighting), is not a choice, and I don’t think it’s something that anyone requests to have. I don’t begrudge that you do the best that you can given the hand that you’ve been dealt. Rather, I think it’s admirable that, at times, you’ve had downright tenable points.

      This is not one of your better days, however, so when I suggest that you may want to take the day off from Internet commenting, I say it with all of the empathy in the world. I have no desire to shame you, or anyone, for their sincerely-held beliefs. Just as those who are raised in “racists” households are amenable to their oft-told “facts”, so to are the more affluent. This issue crosses class divides. No one wants to be born a social pariah, it usually happens through a series of disadvantageous circumstances. Likewise, nobody asks to be born with whatever mental frailties the Salem witch-hunters clearly had.

      While the likelihood of your being able to accept what I’m telling you is very low, I think it’s important that you be told, no matter how infrequently:

      You are wrong. Completely wrong. You could not possibly be more wrong.

      I have zero interest in misleading you. I belong to no political parties, and derive zero money, power, or influence by having you agree with me.

      You have, however, been mentally manipulated to believe some truly fantastical things that are not true, and you are being used as a political tool (a/k/a “useful idiot”), in a strange mass Manchurian Candidate experiment perpetrated upon our supposedly most educated section of society.

      Please, to whatever extent that you can, withdraw for a period of time, look around you, and re-examine that which you’ve been told, and that which you hold to be self-evident. It is my sincere hope that when you do so, you will find it within yourself to reclaim that which has been taken from you so cruelly. Your very ability to make sense of the world around you with reason, logic, and a self-confidence in your own judgement which allows you to determine the truth even while standing in a crowd which is overwhelmingly against you.

      I don’t think you’re a bad person, you’ve just been cruelly used by very powerful, monied interests, and they have taken from you the very things which makes you human. A rational mind and independent thought.

      One plus one is not three, and chromosomes are not handed out by politicians and elitist educators. They are determined by complex biological processes, and while they can be altered to some extent by medical science, we are still unable to do so by a consensus of affluent suburban white people.

      At least not yet, and hopefully not ever.

      I know they want you to believe that they, and you if you follow them, can subvert biology and control the outcome. They play on a particularly vulnerable type of narcissism that results from privileged upbringings where the hunt for food and shelter are never a concern. In the absence of these instinctual pursuits, an entitled, almost God-like mentality takes over, the result of which leads the sufferer to believe that he/she controls everything, and the mere suggestion that they don’t invokes anger, hatred, and provokes a shaming syndrome that we first caught a glimpse of in this country during the Salem Witch hunts.

      Your owners do not control gender, though. It’s out of their hands. They hate it that it’s out of their hands, because nothing has ever been before. Money has always bought them everything, including identity. That they are powerless over their own gender is not something that they will readily accept, for they have never been powerless over anything before. They seek to control every and all aspects of their lives, your lives, and everyone elses. Nobody is a male or female until the deciders decide that they are a male or a female.

      Don’t fall for it, because it’s all a lie. Do not let the deciders decide, for their appetite for decisions is insatiable, and they won’t stop until they decide it all.

      I understand your desire to shame the evil boogeymen you’ve been told are hiding in your closet and under your bed, opposing your political theories, opposing the omnipotent, benevolent deciders … and I understand that you think that they should be shamed. I imagine you would also support them being rounded up and imprisoned and/or executed.

      These views are not healthy, however, and while I don’t know if yours is a biological or sociological manifestation, if it is the latter, I want for you, as a fellow human being, to take back your ability to tell right from wrong, and fact from fiction.

      I am not being sarcastic. I mean all of this very sincerely. Please, in your more lucid moments, sit and think about what you are saying, and what you are being told. You are not being told these things for your own benefit. I want very badly for you to be able to rise above, and take back that which has been taken from you.

      I wish you the best of luck.

      “They use force to make you do what the deciders have decided you must do.” ~ Zach De La Rocha

      “s/do/think/g” ~ Rex De La Seattle

  • Grady

    At a local high school here in Florida, the principal went against a State directive by allowing transgender students to use bathrooms of the opposite sex.

    What’s interesting is that I’ve heard no protests from parents. No online comments when the story appeared in the paper.

    I guarantee that plenty of parents, especially those with daughters, are not pleased about males using the girl’s restroom.

    You are correct, people are intimidated to speak out.

    • Growing up, I’d always assumed that the mass-psychological events of yesteryear were long-gone, but recently, I’ve begun to witness firsthand some of the same phenomenon. Just looking at those around me, I can truly see how people like Hitler came to power, and I can see how things like the Witch burnings happened. Everyone, without exception, thinks that their brand of hatred is righteous. We, as humans, are programmed to think this. Us = good, right, caring … Others = bad, wrong, evil.

      What surprises me is that, even with 130 IQs, $200,000 degrees and 4 years of higher education, humans are no less prone to this behavior and in fact, may actually be more prone to it. I think it’s the narcissism component coming into play.

      Being able to decide one’s gender, or the gender of another, is a very powerful thing, and power is very addicting. Eliminating random selection, and taking control of nature, is a very exciting notion. We are genetically programmed to believe those which give us power, and we’re hostile toward those which take it away.

      Convincing affluent folks that they have the power to arbitrate gender is not all that hard to do, because they are pre-disposed to believe it. They’ve been watching a movie through their own eyes since the day they were born, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re the star. Of course they can choose their own gender. Of course they can. Of course they can decree gender upon others. Of course.

      When you’re told that you can do anything you want to do, if only you put your mind to it, and your told this since birth, you believe it. Most of us believed in Santa Clause too.

      While most of us were, eventually, told that Santa wasn’t really real, we were not, however, told that the other stuff was fantasy as well. Therefore, we believe it to this day, and woe be to anyone who tells us otherwise.

      You’re insane if you don’t believe the science on climate, but you’re insane if you do believe the science on gender.

      The ability to pick and choose one’s own reality is the cornerstone of affluent privilege in this country, and there’s a long line of politicians just waiting to indulge your notion of omnipotence for 4 years and a nice paycheck.

      If all I had to do to get elected, is tell you that you had the power to, say, redefine colors at will. Call blue, orange, and red, green … and the rest of us would recognize it … and ostracize those who didn’t … who knows, maybe I would. And the affluent would be eating out of my hands.

      Furthermore, it’s become a dog whistle for classism. Poor whites call blue, blue … affluent whites call it something else, and while they’re at it, call poor people “colorist”, which is code for “ewwwww, poors, look at the poor poors, I bet they live in trailers and eat meat. I’m not a poor, you know this because I don’t call blue, blue.”

      There’s nothing even slightly confusing about all of this. You will see the exact same thing in virtually ever decade dating back to the earliest of times.

      I wish I’d figured it all out sooner, because instead of always trying to be a good guy, I would have recognized the futility of it all, and exploited this behavior for my own benefit. Sometimes, it’s hard to begrudge the manipulators because of they didn’t do it, someone else would.

      Fear, greed, and the never-ending need for approval and to belong. Learn to manipulate these things, and large swaths of the populations are yours to control like a marionette.

      Gender-by-consensus is here to stay, until times get hard. Fantasy tends to diminish during times of famine and plague, and thrive during times of plenty. When the shit hits the fan, most things revert back to the instinctual order of things, and then fantasy and self-indulgence slowly creep back up as times get better.

      The current paradigm shows a great wealth divide, where the rich get richer and thus more narcissistic. It’s like they’re frothing at the mouth and they can’t restrain themselves. In the meantime, the poor get poorer and more resentful of the claims the rich are laying claim to things like … well, things like gender, which was previous left up to chance. Now, if it looks like a woman, walks like a woman, talks like a woman, and has a woman’s name … only a poor would think it was a woman.

      There are still more poors than affluents, however, and they tend to grow the food, drive the trucks, and carry the weapons (they are the soliders after all).

      We’ll see how things work out when the rich folks start to need something from the poors, and eventually, they will.

      Hold muh beer.

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