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Black Lives Matter. Affluent Lives Matter More.

Black Lives Matter

On my way home from work today, I stopped to observe a Black Lives Matter rally in Westlake Park.

I looked around at all of the people, at all of the signs, and I watched and waited for indication that someone, anyone, knew what was going on in this country.

That indication did not come. When all was said and done, I could do little more than mutter “poor fools”, hang my head and walk away.

So far this year, 136 black people (overwhelmingly male) have been killed by the police. In the same period of time, 279 white people (overwhelmingly male) have been killed by police. 88 have been Hispanic, and 63 belong to another racial group.

The statistical breakdown looks like this:

Black: 24%
White: 49%
Hispanic: 15%
Asian: 2%
Indian: 2%
Unknown: 7%

Now, I’m not going to pretend like some of these weren’t justified, or even that most of them possibly weren’t.  I don’t think most police officers run around looking for people to murder in cold blood.  Even when the shootings are clearly wrong, I think panic on the part of the officer is the most likely explanation. Cops are working-class men and women, many former military, and these people have far more in common with their working class brothers and sisters than they do the ruling-class people who give them their marching orders.  The police are far and away more “us” than “them”. That said, when it comes to being shot by law enforcement, justified or not, there is no racial group that gets a free pass. Especially in Washington State, where so far in 2016, only 1 of 12 police killings have had a black victim.

Ask yourself something, though. When was the last time you heard about a white man being shot and killed by the police? After all, an awful lot of them have been. Twice as often as any other group.  How many of them can you name, though?

For the purpose of this article, I just went out and asked two women, relative strangers in my building, what they thought the percentage of blacks were, in relation to all police killings in this country (I’m sure they think I’m weird now). One said 65%, the other said 80%. We live in the information age, yet public opinion is no less shaped by the media than it ever was.

Why is it being shaped like this, though?  What’s the motivation?

Is the dearth of corporate media outrage over these killings because blacks are killed in disproportionate numbers to whites?

Well, maybe.

Assuming the definition of “black” is anyone with one or two black parents, black people are killed by police at a rate of roughly 2.9 per million. Non-hispanic white people, on the other hand, are killed at a rate of about 1.4 per million. Blacks are killed by police at a rate more than double that of whites. That’s extraordinary. But it’s not as extraordinary as you’ve been led to believe. Were one to go solely on what they see and hear on the news, you’d no-doubt think that ratio was 100-to-1. At the very least, you’d be quite sure that black victims are in the majority. But in reality, that’s not even close to being true.

So why is this? Why are affluent, white, so-called “progressives” so up in arms about black lives mattering, while showing next to zero concern for anyone else? Why has the media, together owned by a handful of multi-millionaires/billionaires latched onto the black lives movement?

Is it because they care about black people?

Hmmmm, let’s think about that for a moment. Does the ruling-class, their affluent, educated offspring, and their tightly-controlled media care about the black people of the USA?

It’s something to consider, and surely, that’s the implication. Ask yourself something, though … what laws have they passed? What laws have the overwhelmingly-Democratic governments of large U.S. cities passed to hold police more accountable for killing black people? Can you think of one? No? How about bills, then? How many bills have the Democrats of this country authored so that they could be voted on? Laws that increase penalties on law enforcement for killing unarmed black men?

Can you think of one?


Hmmmmm, now that’s oddQUICK, LOOK, A RACIST TWEET! SOME PODUNK SQUIRREL-HUNTER MADE A RACIST TWEET! WE’LL SAVE YOU, BLACK FOLKS! WE’LL SAVE YOU FROM THE OFFENSIVE TWEET! … Hey, Racist! Yeah you, Squirrelfucker! You’re a horrible, offensive racist! Ooooh, I’m just so mad about your racist tweet! I’m going to use all of the snark I learned in my dorm room on you! That’s right, all of it! Every last bit of snark! Why, we’re outraged and we’re going to snark at you for at least half of the next 24 hour news cycle! See, black folks, we DO care, just like we told you!

Whew, that was close.

Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, 12th man, baby! 12th man! We’re taking this victory train to the Super Bowl next year so all-aboard, Choo-Choo!!! Come on, say it with me! You ready???!! Alright, here we go …






HEEEEEEYYYYYYYYWWWWHEYWAITAMINUTE!!!!! Wait just a damn minute. How did I … holy crap, I see how they do it now. Good grief, that IS easy! Guys, I’m sorry and, well, I’m a little embarrassed. I like to think I’m a little more intelligent than that, but, look, I have no excuse. I don’t know what to say, I just got caught up in the moment. My apologies.

Anyway, for the past several years, the good progressive lawmakers of this city and state have been hard at work passing laws for the benefit of the rich, and just last year in this state, they tried to sneak a law in that would help payday lenders fleece black lives (ostensibly cause they matter).

How about laws reducing the firepower of law enforcement? After all, they’ve been hard at work trying to disarm everyone else BUT the police. Isn’t it odd that, on one hand, they think the country is over-run with racist cops, then on the other hand, they think these racist cops should be the only ones allowed to carry firearms? Why, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think that progressives were trying to make black people even more powerless than they are now. Easier to control? Less scary, maybe? You know how nervous the affluent Caucasians get when they see a black man with a gun. Hell, most of them get nervous when they see a black man, period. I mean, why has the concentration been on disarming the people, with nary a peep about the armed-to-the-teeth police?

Could it be, and I’m just throwing this out there, but could it be because “law enforcement” enforces the laws that the ruling-class makes, thus enforcing their power over the people, especially the working-classes? Could it be that they’re actually just fine with what the police are doing, so long as they keep their guns pointed at the proletariat? Could it be that they encourage them to de-humanize the unwashed masses? Could it be that their worst fear, more than all other, is that the police might come to empathize with the common people, and take their side over the side of the elite?  Could it be that they don’t want the cops to hesitate when some high school dropout fails to obey the ruling-classes laws quickly and completely?

After all, who do the police ultimately serve? Do you think they actually give a rip about the police officers themselves? Who makes the “laws” that these officers “enforce”? Certainly not the gas station attendant. Certainly not the soldier, who’s allowed to be a “gun nut” when overseas protecting Corporate America’s interests, but he better lose that attraction to firearms as soon as he de-enlists because said interest is no longer beneficial to us.

See, there is a group of people for which the 100-to-1 shooting victim statistic is true. There is a group of people that represents greater than 99% percent of all police shootings nationwide. The group goes by many names: Working-class. The proletariat. The non-affluent. The working poor. The have-littles.

Take your pick.

See, what the deciders don’t want you to realize, what they don’t want the “Black Lives” folks to realize, is that statistically, wealth has a far, far, far greater correlation to police shootings than does race. Frankly, it’s not even close.

Think about it. How many wealthy black men have been killed by the police? How many wealthy white men have been killed by the police? How many wealthy, well, anyones have been killed by the police?

Not many.

So why, when the affluent white class feigns concern for police shooting victims, do they only highlight black lives?

It’s because it is the blood-curdling, cold-sweat-producing, unthinkable nightmare of the bourgeoisie and the ruling class that one day, the proletariat will use their superior numbers to consolidate their power, and use that power against the wishes of the ruling elite.  There are way more non-affluent than affluent people in this country, and more of the former are being made every day, while the wealth gap grows increasingly wider.

While this abundance of cheap labor does wonders for the elite’s profits, and thus their bottom lines, those profits can only be maintained through a steady diet of identity politics, designed to keep the white, black, and hispanic lower classes eyeballing each other with hatred and suspicion. “Don’t look at us”, say the millionaire “progressives”, we’re not keeping you down, it’s those trailer-dwelling rednecks! Yeah, they’re the ones responsible for your pathetic paychecks! We’d totally pay you more if only those redneck conservatives would let us, but they like, totally don’t.”

Think about it. When, in the midst of the controversy over another police shooting, someone dares to yell out “All Lives Matter”, who is it that reacts with the most hatred and vitriol?

If you pay close attention, you’ll find that it’s affluent whites who quickly become enraged with anger at the notion, the very notion, that working-class white men and working-class black men might share something in common. Oh they just become livid. They become upset because it scares them.  It scares them because they know.

They know that poor white men have much, much more in common with poor black men, than they do with rich white men. They know that lower-class whites and lower-class blacks face many of the same challenges … challenges which are foreign to affluent whites. Oh sure, they lump white janitors with white CEO’s under the same “white privilege” umbrella, but do you ever wonder why that is?

Do you think, even for a second, that the most privileged, most intelligent, most educated segment of our society is unaware of the immense chasm between the wealthy and the working-class, and the fallacy of putting Appalachian coal miners in the same “privilege” group as billionaires? Do you think it’s all an accident? Some great big misunderstanding? Do you think that they mean well, but gosh darn-it, just aren’t that bright?

Remember, these are highly-educated people, something they aren’t shy about letting others know. Is it possible that they’re actually that stupid?

Is it possible that they don’t know the laws of supply and demand, and they don’t know that an increase in unskilled labor through immigration results in lower standards of living across the entire working-class, thus resulting in higher corporate profits and an increase in the wage gap?

Is it possible that they don’t know that two working-class whites are killed for every working-class black, and that the real lives that “don’t matter” are the lives of the non-affluent from every race in this country?

Is it possible for affluent white college graduates to be genuine as they run around Seattle yelling “Black Lives Matter!”, after they have spent the last decade gentrifying black lives out of this city?

Or is it possible that they are indeed smarter than you are, and that you’ve been had?

Concern for human life cannot be both conditional and sincere. I could not even fathom reading a story of a police shooting, looking at the race of the victim, and saying “they’re not black enough for me to pretend to care”. I mean, think about that. Without exaggeration, that actually happens, in news rooms across the nation, numerous times each week. Do you think such a person even has the capacity to care about another human being? Or do you think that person values human life only to the degree that they can use it for their own purposes?

As a black person, would you actually want this person on your side? Furthermore, do you think this person ever truly would be on your side?

I hate to tell you black people, scratch that, all people. I hate to tell you this, but you’ve been had. You’ve been had, and you continue to be had. These people … these progressives, social justice warriors, or whatever they call themselves … they do not care about you. At all.

As they’ve done since the days of slavery (remember which side the Democratic Party was on), “progressive” elites continue to use the inferior education of the working-class against them, and they use something known as “identity politics” to get the poor to suspect the poor, rather than turn their attention toward the elite. They pretend to be the friend of the working-class, as they turn the various groups of the working-class against each other. Identity politics are the cornerstone of divide and conquer. They are instrumental to the ruling-class’s control of the proletariat. It’s been around for thousands of years, and it’ll be around for thousands more.

And that, my friend, is why Black Lives Matter, and nobody elses.

In 2016 America, it’s far better to be black and wealthy than white and poor, and the fear that you might realize this is causing the deciders a not-insignificant amount of anxiety. It’s the main reason we’ve had one moral panic after another for the last 10 years, all of them conveniently centered around identity, and never class.

Once again, the real bigotry in this country, the endless class struggle and greed of the elite, has been repackaged and sold to the proletariat as identity politics by the Cheshire Cat-grinning politicians who care only about themselves.

Black Lives?

Oh, they matter alright. They matter a great deal. Poor lives too. Same goes for the lives of the non-formally-educated. And the lives of veterans, 22 of whom commit suicide each and every day as we wring our hands and fret about the body image of affluent suburban white girls. It’s hard for them, you see, when they see photoshopped women on the cover of Cosmo. They have real problems.

Yes, Black lives matter. But if they don’t have the resources to back it up they, along with their poor white trash peers, better be on their best behavior, because whether you want to realize it or not, they don’t matter very much.

Man to the man, each one so it teach one
Born to terrorize, sisters and every brother
One love who said it, I know Whodini sang it
But the hater taught hate
That’s why we gang bang it
Beware of the hand
When it’s comin’ from the left
I ain’t trippin’ just watch ya step
Can’t truss it

D., Charles
October, 1991

2 comments to Black Lives Matter. Affluent Lives Matter More.

  • Phyllis L.

    Don’t know if it matters, but you are the reason I am no longer a fauxgressive as you call them. This after 25 years of being a staunch liberal.

    I had never thought of issues the way you explained them and I couldn’t justify the hypocrisy any longer. I held on for a couple of years but when I would ask my own friends for rebuttals to your posts, they always had the same response. “He’s a racist” or something along those lines. Never did they address their own contradictions. As long as they could call you names then didn’t have to think about anything that they/we were doing. Like you said, that’s not why I spent 6 years and a quarter of a million dollars on an education.

    I’m sure people like you don’t get positive feedback. After all, the truth frightens almost everyone. They want to believe that they are good and special and that everyone else is evil. They honestly do look for witches to hunt and now more than ever. You do make a difference, though. For what it’s worth.

  • AcesnFaces

    Post of the year.
    Keep tilting at windmills, Rex.
    I’m sure it’s frustrating but someone has to do it.
    Kudos, we’ll done.

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