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Capitol Hill Chase Bank Vandalized

Chase Bank on Capitol Hill

Chase Bank on Capitol Hill

Chase Bank on Capitol Hill

Chase Bank on Capitol Hill

Chase Bank on Capitol Hill

Chase Bank on Capitol Hill

Last night, shortly before 9pm, a group of vandals used hammers to demolish the windows at the Chase Bank at Broadway & Thomas on Capitol Hill.

The group also left paper flyers at the scene, although when I rode up to investigate this morning, the flyers were gone. This being the case, I cannot speak to the specific agenda of the group.

If you will remember, this is the same bank that was vandalized during the police brutality protests in February.

Now, I am conflicted over this story.

On one hand, I detest vandalism. It’s the lowest form of protest, and as a means of social change, it’s almost never productive. I was very critical of the person who scrawled “Destruction Keeps You Young” across a Pike Street wall last month, and I stand by my comments.

That being said, in the depths of my soul, I cannot find even the smallest ounce of sympathy for Chase Bank. The United States banking system is corrupt, dishonest, and it’s a primary source of suffering not only here, but around the globe.

I understand the anger, and on some level, I appreciate the anger. As millions toil away in their cubicles today, desperately hoping that Sports Team A will beat Sports Team B this weekend, it heartens me that some people are still pissed off and paying attention. I often get frustrated with my peers whose combination of gullibility and inexplicable optimism leaves me feeling alienated from the world around me.

Then again, is this a solution?

You see, this vandalism will change nothing. In order to repair the building, the bank will simply push through a few ill-gotten overdraft fees on their customers. Either that, or they’ll yank the money out of public coffers as they’ve done in the past. We, the average person will pay. The bank shareholders and executives will not lose a penny. Not … one … penny.

Also, I have to again wonder if the people who come in and crap in the neighborhood … actually live in the neighborhood. Let’s face it, most of the kids who do this have trust funds in these major banks, and they would be beside themselves if a check was so much as a day late. It’s very expensive to live in Seattle, and I don’t think the “anarchists” are homeless. They are getting money from somewhere, and I think we all know where that is.

Like I said, I’m conflicted over this incident. On many levels.


Well, now we know the reason:

Today at around 9PM we attacked the Chase Bank on Broadway in Capitol Hill. About a dozen windows were broken. It’s important to note that this was done at time when Broadway is very busy with pedestrian and car traffic.

One group of onlookers was heard saying “It’s not a big deal, they’re not hurting anyone” as people stood by watching, no one was seen calling the police and no one was chased. Fliers were thrown in front of the bank stating solidarity with the Chilean anarchists on their 60th day of hunger strike* as well as the non-cooperating Green Scare defendants serving time in prisons across the US. A short analysis of why one might attack a bank was inclued as well. No one was arrested.

This action was taken because banks are a clear symbol of the misery and slavery that we experience under capitalism. We chose to use solidarity as a weapon in our struggle against power because our passion for freedom knows no borders or prison walls.

Solidarity with the Chilean anarchists on hunger strike!
Strength and freedom to the non-cooperating Green Scare prisoners!
Prisoners to the streets!
for the proliferation of the attack,

-some anarchists

More information about the Green Scare Prisoners:
More information about the imprisoned Chilean anarchists:

*This day was chosen in accordance with the Week of Agitation and Propaganda in Solidarity with the Chilean Hunger Strikers April 14-21

5 comments to Capitol Hill Chase Bank Vandalized

  • Kirk Bigger

    I remember there was another Chase vandalized in the University District (43rd and Brooklyn) around the same time? Did you or anyone else report on it?

  • edzeplin

    The pugetsoundanarchists, in a single bold action of attacking a building in support of arsonists and murderers, have affectively lowered the average IQ of the entire PNW to below that of Las Vegas.

  • Seattle Rex Seattle Rex

    I may be uneducated, but I do at least have the sense not to post such a comment from the JP Morgan Chase subnet. (I mean, really?)

    If you have an intellectual rebuttal, I would of course welcome it. Alas, this does not appear to be the case.

    I wish this came as more of a surprise than it does.

    • John

      I think Chase Bank was attempting to get you fired Rex. A comment like this may have been enough to get an author on a mainstream news site fired, especially if they made multiple comments similar to the one above. I’m also surprised they commented directly from their office computer without going through an anonymous proxy. Their attempt to discredit your article was poorly executed.

  • Smith

    Very uneducated people are obviously writing your articles

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