The Holocaust Was a Bad Thing

Black Student Lives Matter

No, really, it was.

It was totally a bad thing.  Hitler should not have rounded up the Jews and put them in concentration camps.  I’m sorry, I just don’t think it was right.  In fact, I’m going to make a sign calling the Holocaust a bad thing, and I’m going to carry it around so people know just how I feel about the Holocaust.  Which is that it was a bad thing.

I don’t care if you disagree, I just don’t agree with it, okay?!  I just do not agree with the Holocaust, and I think it shouldn’t have happened.

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About the Amazon Lawsuit


New Amazon Tower on Westlake Avenue (taken 9/4/2015)

So, I’ve had a lot of people ask about my Amazon lawsuit, and I’ve been meaning to get around to posting an update, but things have just been to hectic.

First, I offered to settle for nothing.  Nothing for me, at least. Amazon declined my offer to help the homeless, though.

Then, about a week before trial, over two months after the initial order, I was contacted by Amazon with an offer to settle.

I was very much against settling up until that point, the problem was (according to legal advice

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I’ll Get Right On That

Picket Support Request

You ever get the feeling that people don’t live in the same reality that you do?

So let me get this straight?

Our already-highest-paid teachers want a double-digit pay increase because they had to “endured the recession without one”?

Suffice to say, most people endured the recession without a raise … scratch that … a great many people endured the recession without a job. And without a home.

It’s the third year in a row my kids’ education is being held for ransom.

Third year in a row we find out within 12 hours of school starting, whether

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A Solution to the Seattle Teacher’s Strike


A few years ago, we were informed that a school bus could no longer be sent to pick up our 10 year-old daughter.  The school system had run out of money for buses we were told, which meant that my daughter had to walk in the dark to 3rd & Pine street every morning to catch a city bus.  For those who aren’t aware, this is a rather notorious drug-dealing corner that 35 year-old transplant girls mention walking through when they want to impress other ex-suburban transplants with their urban-cred.

Oh, I can hear suburban moms cringing at the very

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Goonies House Then & Now

Goonies House in 2015

“People aren’t getting more selfish, that’s just something everyone thinks about the people who come after them.”

This is what I’m told fairly often.

And if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the wisdom of the masses is pretty much infallible. Which is why it’s hard to figure out why one Astoria homeowner has suddenly become so hostile to outsiders.

The owners of the “Goonies House”, a formerly tourist-welcoming woman, has suddenly declared her property off-limits to out-of-town visitors. Over the last few years, tourists began leaving behind more and more beer bottles, cigarette butts, and other trash. Were this not

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Oracle’s New (but semi-hidden) Malware Opt-Out

Java Console

It’s not a good time to be a Java developer.  While the language itself is quite polished, and the speed and performance of the virtual machine has exceeded what I had at first thought probable, I increasingly have to come to terms with the fact that … in order to run the stuff I write, people have to risk infecting their computer with malware first.

Sure, the obsessively detailed can possibly avoid it (barring an errant tap of the ‘enter’ key), but the installers for most malware have been developed using psychological techniques designed to trick the user into “agreeing” to

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The SPD: Where Officer Safety Remains Job #1


When I saw the headline and the accompanying animated GIF yesterday, I knew.   I knew before I even checked, and I swear to you I would have bet anyone $10,000 that this incident had happened in Seattle before even taking the first peek at the article.

I knew it was Seattle, because we’re one of the few cities in the country that actively encourages the slaughter of two-wheelers through an almost complete lack of punishment for those that do.

Take a look:

This occurred roughly one block from where a man was killed by a hit-and-run driver three

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Collision at 6th & Stewart


Note that cars continue to run red lights even after the collision.

I will ask for your forgiveness in advance for this post.  I’m still very shaken up.  I’m still very angry.  I’m still very disturbed.

I just saw a person get seriously injured, and perhaps killed.

I was walking near 6th & Stewart street when I heard a CRUNCH.  I stopped in my tracks, hoping I hadn’t heard what I knew I had.  When I got to the intersection, all hope evaporated. There laid a man in the street, and under the front wheels of a nearby car

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The Beach, Some Dogs, and My Broken Ankle

Factually Accurate Sign

Factually Accurate Sign

When you get down to it, I’m a liberal guy.

I support abortion, gay rights, universal healthcare, true civil rights equality, rent control, increased rights for the poor and working-class, antitrust legislation, drug legalization, etc, etc. Sure, I think the third wave of feminism is a selfish crock of psychopathic ass, and identity politics are a smokescreen for rampant classism which is the source of most bigotry, but still, only the most pre-programmed of the programmed would even think to call me conservative.

This being the case, some people are truly surprised to see me taking on the

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Ruh Roh! Seattle Rex Was Right

Confederate Flag Distraction

Oh dear, this is not good, no not good at all.

First we have people openly dissenting at 4th & Pine, and now black folks are failing to hail the Corporate Elite Party as saviors for nixing the confederate flag.


Maybe they noticed Democrats trying to sell them out after all.

Pffft, and you elitists assumed they were all too busy doing whatever stereotypical things that black people do.  Such as not reading.

They have been, though.

That’s right, while you guys have been pandering to the gentrifiers, wringing your hands over how to make well-off whites feel

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