September 2014
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Crane City

Construction Cranes from SLU Park

I’ve been around the block a few times, but I can say without exaggeration, that I have never in my life seen as much construction as I have seen in Seattle, Washington in 2014.

Look left, there are cranes.  Look right, there are cranes.  Look at the Space Needle, cranes.  The mountains, cranes.  Cranes, cranes, cranes, cranes, cranes.  When one disappears, two more take its place.  It’s overwhelming. It’s absolutely incredible.

What does it mean for Seattleites, though?

Is this crane business good?  Is it bad?

It depends on who you are.  I’m less than thrilled

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Seattle Drivers: Still Bad After All These Years

Driver Nearly Running Over Pedestrians

“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kirkland anymore … there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home …”

“Bicyclists should be licensed and required to carry insurance!”, squawked the friend of a friend.

It’s an argument I’ve had an unbelievable number of times, always with a suburban resident, always with a sports fan. Not that I have anything against sports fans, I’ve just come to realize over time that they tend to be loyal to things and ideas which may or may not be supportable with a logical argument.

“Actually, motorcyclists aren’t even required to carry insurance in

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Unfortunate Sons

Police Abuse Protest on Pike Street

Just before 5pm yesterday, I spotted a small protest march making its way up Pike Street.

As they got closer, I could see that they were protesting the state of law enforcement in the USA. They were a diverse mix of protestors, black, white, hipster, suburbanite, middle-eastern, and I was very heartened to see that … even in the absence of a media circus … a small group of people still took time out of their day to stand behind their positions.

I stopped, held out an outstretched thumb pointing upward, and nodded approvingly to each passing protestor. It

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So, Let Me Get This Straight …

KOMO Dog Abuse Headline

The guy who is responsible for serving dead animals to millions of people … abused a dog.

The guy whose company buys products from slaughterhouses, cooks the carcasses of animals which are kept in inhumane conditions, then serves them to you, which you then eat … was mean.  To an animal.

And … if I’m reading the headlines correctly … you’re outraged.

Basically what you’re all saying, is that non-video-recorded abuse is not only okay, it’s something that you will gladly pay for so that you can personally enjoy it, and also so that the practice may continue.  If it’s caught on

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Feel Safer?

Ferry Dock Security

During yesterday evening’s commute, I noticed a commotion at the ferry dock. When I looked over to see what was going on, it appeared that a half-dozen or so uniformed “agents” had two or three people surrounded. The agents appeared to be Homeland Security, possibly part of the VIPR team, and I believe a State Patrolman was in the mix as well.

“Must be serious”, I thought.

One of the evildoers appeared to be a older woman in a tie-dyed t-shirt, another, a man in only his socks, the third, a middle-aged man.

When I queried one of the dock

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The MEattle Syndrome

Wrong Way Walker

“You know, I like Seattle”, I overheard someone telling a companion, “but I’ve never seen such pedestrian-hostile drivers in my life!”

A friend of mine moved here about two years ago, and shortly after arriving, he made a similar observation. “I’ve never seen anything like this”, he said while motioning to the crosswalk in front of us, “I’ve never seen so many drivers stop in the crosswalk.”

On the way home yesterday, I stopped on Pike Street next to a car which was blatantly parked in the crosswalk.

“What are these white line thingies?”

“Perhaps the car behind them

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You Might Be From The Suburbs …

Please Dont Ticket Car


Seattle.  A city comprised of 600,000 transplanted suburbanites. More passive-aggressive notes per square mile than all other cities in the USA combined.

I encountered the above notes today while walking on the same block.  The same block!


It looks like it’s time for another installment of “Seattle Rex’s Suburbanite Education Series”.  This one will be brief.

Dear Neighbors from Outer Culdesacia, I have a few tips to make your staycation more enjoyable, not just for yourself, but for everyone.

One note is passive-aggressive.  Two notes is obsessive-compulsive.  That was a comment, not a tip.  Here we

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Most Science-less Conversation Ever

Falun Gong vs. Christianity


Dear Women of Seattle, No Really!

Le Parisienne Storefront w Paranoid Woman

Not long ago I wrote about my experiences with the pathologically narcissistic women of the Pacific Northwest.  I took a little heat, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I’d rather be right than popular.  And I am.

Case in point …

Yesterday, I stopped at La Parisienne in Belltown to get some things to take home, and while waiting, I decided to get a storefront shot for a later review.  Here it is:

Alright, it’s nothing special, but it’s my picture and I’m happy with it.

As I’m setting up, not even in shooting

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The Least Shocking News Ever Reported

Climate Change Proponents Use More Electricity

Remember, you heard it here first.

And second.

And third.

And a bunch of other times too.

As a lifelong student of human psychology, I’ve always been fascinated with the way that people justify hypocrisy to themselves.  The conclusion I’ve reached is that people know they’re full of shit, they just generally don’t care.

Everybody wrings their hands about Global Warming, but they do so purely for their own self-interest, not because they give a damn about the planet or anyone on it. They would just as vocally ridicule Global Warming if they thought for a microsecond that it was the

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SPD Releases SoDo Light Rail Shooting Video

SoDo Shooting Video Screenshot

On June 30th, unarmed light rail fare enforcement officers got into an argument with two men who allegedly did not have proof of fare payment.

The passengers, Oscar Perez Giron and Mario Parra Cetina, were removed from the train at the SoDo Station, and a King’s County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived soon thereafter.

A few minutes later, an altercation ensued, at which point Giron was shot by the deputy.  Supposedly, Giron pulled a gun during the altercation, which he appears to do in the video, although it’s sort of hard to see.

What I don’t understand, is why if Giron

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Seattle Gay Pride 2014

The 2012 Seattle Gay Pride Parade

Stereotypes? What Stereotypes? I don’t see any stereotypes?

Did you know that cherry trees only produce fruit after a long cold-spell?

It’s true.  This is why cherries grow in British Columbia, but don’t grow in the tropics.

You see, the cherry tree is extremely averse to procreating in autumn, because it “knows” that its offspring will not survive the winter.  In order to improve the odds of its species’ survival, the cherry tree waits until after cold weather passes before procreating.

Survival of the species.  It’s one of the strongest instincts on earth.  It’s so strong that it’s even

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Dear Women of Seattle, We’re Not All Looking At You. Regards, Rex

Radio-Controlled Helicopter

Whenever Seattle makes the national news, it’s never for something good, and this week was no exception.

Apparently, a woman who lives in a building about a block from my own, looked out the window this week, and when she did so, she spotted a radio controlled helicopter.  As it turns out, this radio-controlled helicopter had cameras attached to it, as many do these days … even the $199 RC helicopters from Toys R Us.

Upon spotting this RC device, or “drone” as she called it, the woman naturally assumed that it had been launched with the sole intent

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City Council Says “Oink”

Seattle City Council on a Pig's Ass

The phony liberals on the Seattle City Council are once again showing the voters what gullible, idiotic, pretentious fuckbags they are.  “We are”, I should say, although nobody I vote for ever gets elected.

On Wednesday, the City Council, spurred by fraud-in-charge Mayor Ed Murray voted to raise the salary of Seattle City Light’s general manager, Jorge (pronounced “Whore, Hey!”) Carrasco, from $250,000/year to $364,000/year.

In other news, thousands of mentally ill people still call Seattle’s streets “home”.  In yet another unanimous vote, the Seattle City Council voted to “give the stupid retards nothing”, while publicly pretending to care

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The Answer

Bald Eagle in the Puget Sound

WARNING! Before I go any further, it is very important that readers from California use this link to view the current article.  There is a known virus going around which, for some reason, only targets computers with a geolocated California IP address.  Because of this, I’ve created a section of the website which has neutralized this threat.  Failure to use this link from California may result in rapid virus propagation, inflicting all nearby computers with malware and all kinds of other badness.  Again, Californians, please use this link:

California version of this blog post


“Why do you

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Still Shameless After All These Years

iOS 8 Multiple Windows

“I can’t believe that people aren’t rallying in the streets over how cool this is!”

I said these exact words yesterday while showing a friend my new 12.2″ Galaxy Note Pro.

While the Android platform has its issues, myself being one of its harshest critics, the multiple-window multitasking I found in the new tablet was beyond cool.  It was, quite frankly, the most awesome feature I’ve discovered since I began using Android about 5 years ago.  The ability to literally draw a square, and have a new application pop into that square, all without disrupting the current application, is just badass.

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Sued by the SPD

SPD Dashcam Abuse

“Why is the SPD always involved in controversy?”

I was asked this question about a month ago by someone visiting the city. They were both concerned and intrigued by the amount of national notoriety our police force has received, especially given the fact that Seattle is not a particularly large city.

I explained to them that less than 20% of SPD officers live in the city. I explained that the overwhelming majority of them are suburbanites and ruralites, tasked to police an environment and a people with which they have little off-duty familiarity. When you throw in the fact that

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Evolution Aborted

Hula Hooping Wedding Dress Guy in Cal Anderson Park

Chronological Adults in Cal Anderson Park

My kid just came back from a birthday party, and I am perplexed.

The party was cool enough, and everyone seemed to have fun, however, when my daughter began recounting her experiences during the ‘games’ portion of the party, I thought she was putting me on.

“We played games for about two hours.”, she said.

“Cool, how did you do?”, I asked.

“Well, everyone did the same.”, she replied as she rolled her eyes.

She told me about the egg and spoon race, where each child had to race around a course while

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The City Council Votes to Annihilate the Working-Class. Again.

Raise Minimum Wage to $15 Rally in Westlake Park

Raise Minimum Wage to $15 Rally in Westlake Park

If you think it’s expensive to live in Seattle now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

In perhaps the single largest repayment of bribes Seattle has ever seen, today, the City Council KY-ed the sphincter of every middle-and-lower-class Seattleite, bent them over, and spread their cheeks wider than the town’s ever-growing income gap.

Oh yes, my fellow middle-class urbanites, we’re about to get loved from the backside by every hipster hotel builder from here to Timbuktu, and it’s only going to be about half as fun as it sounds.

In a unanimous

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Subjugation on the Sound

Coast Guard Gun Boat

“Oh my God”, said the teenaged tourist girl, “what’s going on? What’s happening?”

I looked up from my computer, and noticed that she was looking out of the window with concern. Curious, I looked out of the window as well, and that’s when I spotted the object of her fear.

Coast Guard Gun Boat on the Puget Sound

It was small inflatable boat with a comically-large gun mounted on the front. Behind the gun was a person standing with his finger on the trigger, ready to annihilate … a fish? an orca? a kayaker? a drunken tourist on an

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Samsung’s Security Theater

Samsung's Security Theater

You want to know why so many websites are getting hacked these days, leaking your personal information to anyone and everyone?

Allow me to illustrate …

Yesterday, I tried to change the password to my Samsung account.  I’d changed it previously to a shorter password, and I had second-thoughts about doing so, so I decided to change it back.

I logged into my Samsung account and proceeded to change my password back to my moderately-secure, 11+ character password which has never been written down anywhere.

I couldn’t, though, because apparently, I’d used it before.

Fair enough, I went to a variation

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Fool Me Twice, Adorama Camera!

Battery via Snail Mail

I guess it really is my fault.

Last month, I had an online “disagreement” with an Adorama Camera representative. When I explained to her that Adorama’s shipping choices were deceptive, because I was charged more for 3-Day “Expedited” shipping than for the faster “Two Day” option, it took her awhile to understand what I was talking about. Frankly, I’m not sure that she ever truly understood my issue, but I appreciate that she tried.

Since that time, however, I have shied away from ordering merchandise online, opting instead for brick-and-mortar purchases, in the case of camera equipment, at Glazer’s

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An Axe to Grind

Seattle Rex's Silvertone SSH3/CS

Seattle Rex’s Silvertone SSH3/CS

One of my neighbors was looking to unload one of his too-many-for-a-small-unit guitars, so he gave this one gratis while apologizing the whole time.

“Eh, this thing is an inexpensive Les Paul copy”, he told me, “it’s pretty low-end, but maybe you can let one of the kids play around with it.”

I thought it was beautiful.

When I got it back to my unit and looked it over, I realized that it is a Silvertone SSH3/CS, and that while it sold for around $150 during its last production run, it’s actually a very well-regarded instrument.  With a whopping

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Guarding the Egg

Seagull Parents Guarding Nest

Seagull Parents Guarding Nest

As it turns out, not all beings in Seattle are ©”Too Selfish to Have Kids”.

Perhaps the majority of humans are, but as this seagull couple show, some of us are still okay with putting the mackdown smackdown on a fly hoo-haa and watching as the expulsion of our gonadonal love lava furthers the survival of our species.

That being said, while I used to somewhat worry about the large decrease in offspring by the supposed intellectually elite, no longer is this the case.

Last month, we threw a birthday part for my daughter, and

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Climate Change Proponents: “Do as We Say, Not as We Do”

Jeff Renners Twitter Feed

At least once each year, the president flies to Seattle, drives all over the region in a gas-guzzling motorcade, then flies back out.  Sometimes he’s here overnight, sometimes for just a few hours, but the amount of pollution left in his wake is substantial.

A local meteorologist I respect a great deal, Cliff Mass, often writes about global warming on his blog, yet, he doesn’t seem shy about traveling to weather conferences, and his book (which is excellent, BTW) is published in tree-killing, CO2-causing, paper-only form.

Al Gore, the man who brought global warming to the forefront of American consciousness,

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Mayor Ed Murray’s Proposal for a $15 Minimum Wage

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Last week, Mayor Ed Murray revealed his plan for a $15/hour minimum wage.  The wage increase would be phased in over 3-7 years, depending on business size, and health benefits and tips could be taken into account before that time.  Local real estate developers are already licking their chops over this proposal.

Fellow Seattleites, it’s time to cut the shit.  For once in our lives, it’s time to drop the charade and just be honest …

Nobody in this town cares about poor people.

Have you any idea the immense wealth that lives and works within 1 mile of Westlake

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Letter to The Seattle Office of Cable Communications

Seattle Office of Cable Communications Logo

City of Seattle Office of Cable Communications 700 Fifth Ave, Suite 2700 Seattle, WA 98104

It’s Saturday, May 3, 2014, just after noon, and for the second time today, fourth time in the last month, roughly 40th time in the last couple of years, my Comcast Internet connection is down.

When this happens, I no longer even bother to call the company.


Because for the last couple of years, they’ve used these outages as a means to scam their customers.

You see, during the 30 outages for which I have called, Comcast Technical Support has informed me that

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May Day 2014: Feel the Rage

May Day in Westlake Park

By the sounds of the helicopters circling overhead en-masse, I can tell what the date is without even looking at a calendar.

That’s right, boys and girls, it’s our annual revolution. Our yearly “look at me” Middle-Child Fest. The day when affluent white kids from the suburbs descend on the city, pretend to revolt, shoot off a little silly string, then go back home before someone gets hurt.

So as not to have their 5 straight hours of “news” coverage lull us to sleep, each year, all of the news stations, but especially King 5, try to create some

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The Seattle Aquarium

Goldfish Swimming with Sea Anemone

The Seattle Aquarium

As a season pass-holder to the Seattle Aquarium, I spend quite a bit of time at this attraction.

For a city of “only” 600,000 people, ours is an aquarium befitting a significantly larger city. For the most part, we have it all.

We’ve got touch tanks, seals, sea otters, an octopus, and all kinds of weird things I wouldn’t even try to pronounce.

I took a few photos on my last visit, the results of which are on this page. (photos from a previous visit are here)

The Seattle Aquarium is open from 9:30am – 6pm

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Sakura-Con 2014

Sakura-Con 2014: Madonna

Sakura-Con 2014: Main Hall

I don’t understand white people. Seriously. I am to white people what Tiger Woods is to black people.

For instance, I’ve never been camping. I’ve been invited, but I never wanted anything to do with it. Trust me, if you’ve ever spent a night sleeping on the New York City Subway because you didn’t have a place to go home to, you thank your lucky stars each and every day you have a king-sized bed, five computers, a quiet place to shit, and a door that locks. You sure as hell don’t leave it all

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