Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Give Til it Hurts Everyone

Last year, a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a single mother who is now in medical debt up to her eyeballs.

How could this happen, though? How could a young woman with breast cancer be so in debt? I mean, with so many people across this country walking, running, shitting in a bucket, and buying pink ribbons for breast cancer … how on earth could she be buried this deeply in medical bills?

As it turns out, this happens because breast cancer charities don’t really help anyone. Instead, the “charities” are marketing and advertising firms

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The United States economy is in the midst of fascinating, yet troubling times.

In the span of roughly one and a half to two decades, United States companies have gone from a “The Customer is King” philosophy, to one of abject contempt for the customer. It’s occurred slowly enough so that most Americans have not been aware of the change, but every now and then, something reminds me of just how far we’ve slid, and how quickly it’s happened.

A couple of weeks ago, while eating at Italian Family Pizza on First Avenue, I noticed that my daughter had a

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R.I.P. Greenwood Market

Greenwood Market

Greenwood Market

I’m sitting here in the parking lot of the Greenwood Market, and I’m truly sad.

Mere moments ago, I stopped in during one of my thrice weekly visits, and the place was being picked clean by shoppers.

“What’s going on?”, I asked the nearest cashier.

“We’re closing on February 5th”, he said, “the owner of the property decided not to renew our lease. Instead, they’re giving the property to Fred Meyer.”

“Noooo!”, I shouted.

“Yeah, my sentiments exactly”, he replied.

“I’m heartbroken. Just heartbroken”, a woman shopper joined in.

You know, it figures that this would happen.

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Pain at the Pump

Current Gas Prices on Capitol Hill

Current Gas Prices on Capitol Hill

I sure I am glad that I don’t drive, because things are getting kind of ugly around here with regards to gasoline prices. It’s currently $4.17 to $4.57 at the Forbidden Shell in Pike/Pine. A talking head on the news this morning said that gas prices should come down 50 cents by mid-June, but I suppose I’ll believe it when I see it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going soft on suburban commuters, but it’s much bigger than them. Gasoline prices are inflating transportation fees for materials and products, and this is

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National “Don’t Buy Gas” Day

Scooter and Electric Bus in Seattle

Gas Prices on Capitol Hill this Week

Today is “National Don’t Buy Gas Day”.

The premise of the day is obvious. In order to show your outrage over high gasoline prices, the organizers of the event urge you not to buy gasoline today.

While I vaguely support this endeavor, the problem with such a “protest” is obvious. Since most fuel companies account monthly or quarterly, it is of no consequence to them whether you fill up today or tomorrow.

Fortunately, gas prices do not affect me directly. I use roughly 4 gallons of gasoline per month, and even

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Seattle Central Community College Protests

"Seattle Central Community College - Protesting Cuts to Higher Education Funding

Seattle Central Community College – Protesting Cuts to Higher Education Funding

Today at 10am, students gathered on the lawn of the Seattle Central Community College to protest the proposed 11% budget cuts in higher education funding.

According to a release by organizers:

“Our educated workforce is the engine that drives our economic survival, allowing us to attract and retain powerhouse multinational industrial and technological corporations along with local startups and mom-and-pop operations.

Washington State Community Colleges— as we know them— cannot survive these cuts, and neither can our economy. Eliminate access to affordable education, and you eliminate the

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The Death of M Street Grocery

First Hill, Seattle - M Street Grocery Closed

First Hill, Seattle – M Street Grocery Closed

I just got back from the final day of M Street Grocery.

When I arrived, I found a crowd of people and TV cameras. When I walked up to find out what was happening, I was told the following:

– The M Street Grocery would not be open today. – The reason they would not open is because the lawyers for the landlord would not allow them to open. – The reason the M is closing is because the landlord doubled the rent for the store from $22,000 to $44,000. –

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Sign of the Times

First Hill, Seattle – M Street Grocery

The M Street Grocery, a place that appeared to be quite popular with locals on First Hill, has unceremoniously shut its doors. It will re-open today for a liquidation sale, and then shall never again exist.

I’ve only been a patron for a month or so, but this kind of sucks. It was quite convenient, and for an inner-city supermarket, the prices were not that bad.

Oh well, the consolidation of the Walmart States of America continues unimpeded.

Remember, if you see something, say something.

First Hill, Seattle – M Street

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The “Cure” Accepts Currency

Charity Panhandling

Charity Panhandling

How convenient.

If every dollar brings us closer to a cure, then logic dictates that we know the amount required to reach that cure.

I would personally like to know that number.

How many dollars, precisely, must this foundation receive in order for leukemia to be cured?

For some reason, just like breast cancer and other cash diseases, this magical number is never revealed.

You can run for the cure, donate to the cure, and buy shit for the cure … but we’re never told just how much we need to run, give, or buy for that

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