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I Apologize

Ashamed Statue

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Saturday announced his decision to prohibit the use of city funds for travel by all city employees on city business to the State of Indiana after the passage of S.B. 101.

The new law, which was signed by Governor Pence on Thursday, has the potential to legalize discrimination against LGBT people and others based on religious beliefs, a press release from Murray said.

“Seattleites know that discrimination has no place in our City – that’s just equality ‘101’,” said Ed Murray.

More than a dozen states this year are considering measures aimed at preventing

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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Escalates War on the Poor

Homeless Camp on I-5 Ramp

When a city has people living on its streets in poverty and squalor, one might surmise that correcting this would be the top priority of that city’s Democratic Party.

One would be right if that city had a Republican mayor, or any non-Democrat mayor for that matter. Using the poor to shame political opponents is the first pillar of the Democratic Party.

When that city is solidly Democratic, however, priorities quickly shift toward making the rich richer, and the poor … absent.

Just try and find a staunchly Democratic jurisdiction in this country that isn’t notorious for cronyism, nepotism, and

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Keeping it Real

Washington State Democratic Party


To all of you who claim to be surprised by the Democrat’s latest wealth transfer bill in Olympia, well, you shouldn’t be.   After all, the Democratic Party was the party which fought for slavery in the Civil War.  The Democratic Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan. From 1933 to 1960, the Democratic Party opposed 80% of all Civil Rights Bills.  40% of Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act (as opposed to 20% of Republicans who opposed).

That the Democratic Party would support a bill allowing wealthy white landowners to seize more of black people’s meager earnings

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Washington Initiative 594: A Rare Win for the Wealthy

You Won I-594

Well, you won.

It won.

Initiative 594, the one that requires mostly-proletariat gun owners to register with the ruling-class. With overwhelming support coming from our wealthiest, most highly-educated districts, passed in the State of Washington 60% to 40%.

Nearly all rich Washingtonians voted in favor, but why did so many out-of-state multi-millionaires support Washington Bill I-594, though?  Didn’t they spend an awful lot of money to influence legislation in a state they don’t even live in?  Why would they do such a thing?

Do they really just care that much about the safety of the common man?

The answer, is

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Unfortunate Sons

Police Abuse Protest on Pike Street

Just before 5pm yesterday, I spotted a small protest march making its way up Pike Street.

As they got closer, I could see that they were protesting the state of law enforcement in the USA. They were a diverse mix of protestors, black, white, hipster, suburbanite, middle-eastern, and I was very heartened to see that … even in the absence of a media circus … a small group of people still took time out of their day to stand behind their positions.

I stopped, held out an outstretched thumb pointing upward, and nodded approvingly to each passing protestor. It

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City Council Says “Oink”

Seattle City Council on a Pig's Ass

The phony liberals on the Seattle City Council are once again showing the voters what gullible, idiotic, pretentious fuckbags they are.  “We are”, I should say, although nobody I vote for ever gets elected.

On Wednesday, the City Council, spurred by fraud-in-charge Mayor Ed Murray voted to raise the salary of Seattle City Light’s general manager, Jorge (pronounced “Whore, Hey!”) Carrasco, from $250,000/year to $364,000/year.

In other news, thousands of mentally ill people still call Seattle’s streets “home”.  In yet another unanimous vote, the Seattle City Council voted to “give the stupid retards nothing”, while publicly pretending to care

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Mayor Ed Murray’s Proposal for a $15 Minimum Wage

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

Last week, Mayor Ed Murray revealed his plan for a $15/hour minimum wage.  The wage increase would be phased in over 3-7 years, depending on business size, and health benefits and tips could be taken into account before that time.  Local real estate developers are already licking their chops over this proposal.

Fellow Seattleites, it’s time to cut the shit.  For once in our lives, it’s time to drop the charade and just be honest …

Nobody in this town cares about poor people.

Have you any idea the immense wealth that lives and works within 1 mile of Westlake

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In Related News, The Seattle Times Finds Grass to be “Green”

WA Lawmaker Demographics


Remember, folks, they are also overwhelmingly Democrats.  Democrats who care about gays, women, blacks, immigrants, and the plight of the working poor.  Democrats who are tirelessly supported by affluent college professors, affluent college students, and the affluent media which caters to them … including such “alternative” outlets as The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, and every other Seattle-based blog and website on the Internet.

Yes, they care.  No, really, I’m serious, they care about all of those diverse groups of people more than their own demographic because they are completely selfless people.  That’s right, benevolent angels sent down from heaven

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Chicken Dinner

Kshama Sawant

Well what do you know. She won. She actually won.

Frankly, I take the credit.

Just days after I wrote an article about her, Kshama Sawant became the first socialist to be elected in Seattle in 100 years.

Read it and weep:

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Is it possible that I swayed just one, two, three votes, or enough to push her over the top?

Hell yes it’s possible.

In fact, I would say it’s probable.

Okay, it’s possible. Barely. But still, possible.

So, Ms. Sawant, you’re welcome. Just remember who got you here when

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Seattle Election 2013: All Over But the Sodomy

2013 Seattle Election Results

2013 Seattle Election Results

Oh Mike. Mike, Mike, Mike. I tried to warn you. Really I did. You didn’t listen, though. Nobody ever listens.

The votes have been counted, and by a solid 57-43 margin, Ed Murray won the 2013 Mayoral Election. I’ll have 4 ½ years to make my opinions of Ed known, but suffice to say, I’m fairly bummed out.

Ed Murray is a fairly typical politician, with the exception that he’s fashionably gay, and supports fashionably gay causes.

Given that gay folks in Seattle are an affluent demographic, with arguably more political power than any other

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A True Alternative Candidate

Vote Sawant

You claim to be alternative.

You got the nose ring.

You got the tongue ring.

You talk the talk.

Isn’t it time to walk the walk?

Last election cycle, I read with humor as The Stranger excoriated the few 3rd party candidates on the ticket for being too, well, alternative. According to The Stranger, said candidates did not … prepare for the horror show … HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO RUN FOR OFFICE!

Hey Pierced Tongue, feel like you’ve been had yet?

Cause you have been.

As the corporate ogre continues to dupe ex-suburban wannabe-alterna-kids, third party candidates continue

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The Great Seattle Grocery Store Strike

Westlake Park - Grocery Strike Countdown

Westlake Park – Grocery Strike Countdown

Well, it looks like the grocery strike is going to happen not going to happen because all involved read my piece and came to their senses.

I wish I could say that I will honor would have honored the strike, but it wouldn’t make any sense for me to do so.

The standard of living for the American working class is falling, and it will only get worse as time goes on. This is not the result of some clandestine plot by Corporate America, it’s the result of policies that the people, themselves,

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Do As We Say, Not As We Do


Earlier this year, Christine Gregoire, bowing to Hollywood interests, took a page out of the Ronald Reagan playbook, and instituted trickle-down economics for moneyed filmmakers in the State of Washington.

You know, the very same moneyed filmmakers who declared Republicans to be evil for advocating trickle-down economics.

See, according to Democrats, tax cuts are evil, except when the beneficiaries of the tax cuts donate to Democratic causes, in which case, tax breaks are just fucking great!

Of course, never ones to let hypocrisy slide, once the filmmaker tax-breaks were passed, Capitol Hill residents immediately took to the streets to

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Homeland Insecurity

SPD and Crowd at Westlake Center


When a colleague came into my office yesterday and told me to read the news, that was my reaction, along with disgust, disbelief, anger, sadness, and sympathy.

The intellectual side of my brain realized that I was being a hypocrite.  After all, I’d read about the deaths of innocent civilians, including children, at the hands of our troops, on many occasions.  Where was my outrage then?

The emotional side didn’t care, however.  I was still stunned.

When I got home, I checked in with the news again, and predictably, instead of grief, I saw news reporters being assholes

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The Seattle Rex 2012 Voter’s Guide

Seattle Rex Ballot

Well, I voted.

I voted for a few existing candidates, abstained from a couple, but mostly, I wrote myself in. “Rex” in some spaces, “Seattle Rex” in others, depending on what I felt like at the moment. Both are accurate, and historically, this is what I’ve always done, usually to a fair amount of criticism.

“You’re throwing your vote away!”, “you’re making a mockery of the process!”, “you’re not making a difference!, “you’re going to let the worse guy win!”, I’m told.

Every couple of years, people tell me this as though I’ve never heard it before. When they

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The Greater of Two Evils

Olympia - Women in Black

Everyone I meet in my day-to-day life assumes that I am a Democrat.

It’s a fair assumption, I suppose. After all, I’m an atheist, I have a bleeding-heart on most social issues, I believe in universal healthcare, I’m anti-large corporation, I’ve been a champion of gay rights, I believe in the legalization of all drugs, the legalization of prostitution, and I’m (with some reservations) pro-abortion. Sounds like a pretty solid Democrat, eh?

This being the case, most people find it quite surprising when I tell them that I would never, ever, EVER, vote for a Democrat. In fact,

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Washington State: Come for the Scenery, Stay for the Misandry

Fight The Power

As recently as the 1950’s in this country, a white man could lynch a black man, and he would most likely get away with it.

While those days are behind us, there are swift outcries when it is perceived by mainstream America that these particular inequities are still taking place.  The Trayvon Martin case is a good example of this.

While it would be nice to believe that our newfound sensitivity to certain injustices are born of altruism and enlightenment, the fact of the matter is that society is no less cruel and inhumane than it always has been.

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Dick for President

Dick McCormick

When I tell people that I intend to run for mayor of Seattle, they either laugh or just look at me like I’m crazy. I don’t suppose I really blame them. If they told me that they intended to do the same, I might laugh or look at them like they were crazy as well.

Here’s the thing about my impending mayoral run, though … I’m fully cognizant of the fact that I will not win. I’ll get my vote, my family’s vote (hopefully), the vote of a few friends, and perhaps 20 or 30 novelty votes (I can see

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Christine Gregoire: The Best Republican Governor Washington Has Ever Had

Christine Gregoire a Republican

Remember this article?

Well, I just learned that the “Rob the Poor to Feed The Rich” film initiative has passed. Christine Gregoire, the woman who is slashing assistance to the working poor and just-plain-poor across the state, just handed the wealthy film industry a 30% rebate of our hard-earned tax money.

She actually signed it into law two weeks ago, but this time, the issue wasn’t nearly as publicized.

Anyway, this is more transferred wealth from the poor to the rich, brought to you by our “Democrat” Governor, whose public handouts to her wealthy friends make her

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The Reddest of States

Washington State

Washington State.

A blue state if ever there were one. At least that’s what we’re repeatedly told.

What does it mean, though? What does it mean to be a blue state?

Were you to ask most Americans, they would tell you that blue means that a state is liberal. That a state disproportionately taxes the rich, distributes that money to the poor, and of course, votes for the Democratic Party (a party which ostensibly taxes the rich and distributes that money to the poor).

While the latter is certainly true of Washington State, we do overwhelmingly support Democratic

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Solved: The Gay Marriage Crisis

Will you marry me?

Lost your job, can’t find another one, you can’t see a doctor and your home is being taken away?

Well, fear not, my friend, for after months of lobbying, the governor of the great state of Washington has just selflessly made herself a media darling by signing a bill that will … change the definition of “domestic partners” to that of “married couple”.

Never mind. You’re screwed.

It’s official. On June 7th, gay couples will be able to marry in the State of Washington.

As a lifelong supporter of gay marriage, one would think that I’m fairly psyched about

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You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Alaskan Way Viaduct

Alaskan Way Viaduct

But if he takes a massive shit in it, what can you do?

In the middle of healthcare cuts, education cuts, mass transit cuts, and everything cuts … last night, voters approved a 2-mile, $3 billion tunnel under downtown Seattle.  A tunnel which may very well increase traffic congestion, and a tunnel which may have a toll of up to $5 each way.

Oh, and they also re-elected Sally Clark.

The voters have spoken.

I’d love to say that these results in some way come as a surprise, but of course, they were completely expected.  The reason

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The McGinn vs. Seattle Weekly Holy War

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Well, if I’m going to put on knee pads and publicly service Mayor Mike McGinn every time he’s right, I suppose it would be intellectually dishonest of me to completely ignore him when he’s wrong.

For those who are not aware, Mike has been embroiled in a controversy with Village Voice Media — the company behind such “alternative” publications as the Village Voice and Seattle Weekly.

You see, Village Voice Media operates a Craigslist-competitor called “”, and according to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, this page (and others owned by Village Voice) are contributing to a national underage

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Please Vote “No” on Corruption. Vote “No” on Sally Clark.

Let’s Move Forward Advertisement on The Stranger

King County Ballot

I just got my King County Ballot in the mail today, and it reminded me that I forgot to make an endorsement … or rather … a dis-endorsement

The ballot item I am referencing is Seattle City Council Position Number 9, in which Sally Clark is the incumbent.

Some time ago, I emailed Sally Clark. You see, Sally held herself out to be a scooter advocate on her website, and since I was having some scooter issues, I solicited her help. I emailed her once, and received no answer. I emailed her again a month later,

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The Space Needle’s Gay Pride Flag

Pride Flag Atop the Space Needle

Sometimes, people think I am contrary just to be contrary. They think I take an opposing viewpoint just to do so. It’s kind of a shame that this assumption is made.

Once upon a time, Seattle had a real independent thing going on. Some of it is still around, but so very much of it is gone. Publishing in particular. Zines were replaced by blogs, and these days, blogging as an art form has been co-opted by corporate interests. What used to be a way for the little guy to get his opinion out has been reclaimed by professional journalists

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A Note About the Seattle Terror Plot

The Seattle Skyline from the North

The Seattle Skyline from the North

I am neither a liberal or a conservative. Contrary to popular belief, neither am I a nihilist or an anarchist.

If I had to be pigeonholed into one particular ideology, I would be considered a ‘skeptic’.

Now, what does this mean exactly?

Being a skeptic means that I distrust all political parties intensely. It means I assume that all politicians, all corporations, all charities, and all groups are lying unless it can be independently verified that they are telling the truth.

More often than not, I am right.

I may also very

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Vote “No” on the Tunnel Referendum

No to Proposition 1

No to Proposition 1

I’ve been reading a great deal about the proposed Downtown Tunnel lately.

I think it’s painfully obvious to anyone reading the debates that both sides tend to, how shall I say this … exaggerate.  I think it goes without saying that the deep-bore tunnel will neither destroy Seattle, nor will it solve all of its transportation woes.  Each side has advocated its position with the passion of a defense lawyer before a criminal court, and objective reason has been sentenced to death each time.

With that being said, I would be remiss if I did

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The Swollen Member of Congress

Anthony Weiner

I am 42 years old. I’ve been to a lot of places, I have done a lot of things. Most of those things I was proud of, some things I could have done better.

Of all the questionable things I have done, however, tweeting a picture of my pecker is not one of them. In fact, it has never even crossed my mind.

I mean, why would it?

Why would it cross anyone’s mind?

I sit here this evening in front of my computer speechless. Once again, some asshat that YOU NORMALS elected to office has done something so inexplicably

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About a Tunnel. About a Mayor.

Alaskan Way Viaduct and Downtown Seattle Skyline

Alaskan Way Viaduct and Downtown Seattle Skyline

Well, it looks like the tunnel is headed for a vote, although it doesn’t really look like the vote is going to count.

Yesterday, the City Council decided to proceed with a referendum which will determine whether or not the city can “give notice” to the state. If “yes”, such notice will allow them to go ahead with the construction phase of the tunnel agreements.

The state has already said that they will disregard the vote, so I suppose it will be largely symbolic. I’ll show up anyway and, of course, I’ll

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McGinn Wikipedia Page

You know, it’s fine and good to disagree about things. Disagreement is what makes a market, and it’s what brings about change for the better.

Tricks, manipulation, and deception, however, is a sign of desperation.

Take Mayor McGinn’s Wikipedia page for instance:

McGinn Wikipedia Page

First, the article starts out with a complete hit paragraph which consists solely of opinion, and follows with a laughably mangled poll interpretation.

The poll referencing McGinn’s performance actually found that 2/3rds of people rated Mike as “fair” or better, whereas only 1/3 rated him as poor. These are hardly damning numbers for a

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