Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Spotted: The Outrage Machine’s “Check Engine” Light


The Outrage Machine, perhaps the best example of modern American craftsmanship there is, has really been churning along the past couple of years, and it’s been doing so, well past the red line.

Alas, it seems to be sputtering a bit, as the latest creation of said machine falls well short of what most people would generally consider plausible. Not that this matters in the least. Eh, read it for yourself.


Did you get all of that?

Woman denied boarding, but she wasn’t really denied boarding, and, well, I see what’s going on here. The Outrage Machine. Something’s

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Mayor Bans Travel to Mississippi

Twice, once in 2008, and again in 2012, the Mayor of Seattle (and nearly all of those Seattleites who call themselves “progressive”), voted for a man, the President of the United States, who was publicly, and rather strongly, against gay marriage.

Not more than two years later, the very same Mayor boycotted the working-class people of Indiana for holding the exact same position as a man he voted for to become President.

Last year, several high-profile individuals lost their jobs when it was revealed that they were against gay marriage in their private lives. Once again, these people maintained

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What I’ve Learned After 2 Weeks of Cat Ownership

I promise the nail clipping won't hurt.  The decapitation on the other hand is gonna hurt like hell you little fucker.

No, it’s going to hurt like hell! First of all, you’re a different species and I can’t be your daddy, duh! Second, what did I tell you about articulation? ‘Dis’ is not a word. It’s THis! THis! With a ‘TH’! Now shut up and let me do this! I’m sick of you scratching up the furniture! Reminder, there are zero no-kill shelters in this town!

I’ve had cats before, but it’s been awhile since my last one.

This being the case, and since I like being nice to animals, I’ve spent some time reading about how to raise cats.

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Blocked by My Mayor

Blocked by Ed Murray

After being down for a day last month throughout Seattle, being down several times since, and once again … being down most of today, I decided to tweet the Mayor to express my disappointment that he’s presided over the most precipitous drop in Seattle Internet service, probably ever.

As one who makes a living through those connections, it really hurts. In some cases, kind of badly.

Ed Murray didn’t want to hear about my problems, though.

Don’t believe me?


No, my friends, your eyes do not deceive you, I’ve been unfriended by my own Mayor.

It is the

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Another Dispatch from the Streets of MEattle

Car Blocking Intersection

Who looks exactly the way that I look? Me! When I am reading, who’s holding the book? Me! When I want dinner, who always will feed me? Who’s always handy whenever I need me? Firm as a feather in all kinds of weather, Me, me, wonderful me!

-Official song of Seattle Tourists Worldwide

“Seattle Rex exaggerates.”

I know you think it. Frankly, I don’t blame you. I would think the same thing. I have some weird tales to tell at times. I see things that, frankly, are not very believable.

I’m aware that there’s a healthy amount of skepticism

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I Apologize

Ashamed Statue

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray on Saturday announced his decision to prohibit the use of city funds for travel by all city employees on city business to the State of Indiana after the passage of S.B. 101.

The new law, which was signed by Governor Pence on Thursday, has the potential to legalize discrimination against LGBT people and others based on religious beliefs, a press release from Murray said.

“Seattleites know that discrimination has no place in our City – that’s just equality ‘101’,” said Ed Murray.

More than a dozen states this year are considering measures aimed at preventing

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A Cowardly Christmas Spawns a Wake-up Call

Child Bullying Cowards

Child Bullying, minority displacing, priapism curing, emotionally-stunted, psychopathic, pathetic cowards on the lookout for grown-ups or anyone who might be able to fight back.

You know, I’ve taken on the local protest groups quite a bit in the pages of my blog, but I’ve always done so as a protestor myself, and there’s always been at least some element of tongue-in-cheek expression in my opposition. Despite my criticism of their sincerity, I’ve always maintained some level of hope that I was wrong about them, and I’ve always felt a tiny bit of, even if it is not always palpable,

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Brown Bags and Banned Citizens: Seattle’s Insanity Explained

Seattleite Border Collies

Being a Seattleite can be tough sometimes.

While Seattle enjoys a generally positive image from a technical and business perspective, we suffer a fair amount of ridicule when it comes to, well, just about everything else. Unfortunately, as a mostly-underground-yet-marginally-known “blogger” in this town, I am often called to answer for some of our more ridiculous exploits.

Everytime a national news story breaks about something stupid we’ve done, I brace for the inevitable. A predictable string of emails sent either to inform me of what has happened, seek comment on what has happened, or simply to deride me as

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I Hate You


“Gimme, gimme, me, me, it’s mine all mine!”

If the State of Washington had a moto, that’s what it would be.

I don’t think that any sane person would disagree that Seattleites set an unparalleled standard for self-centricity. A standard of self-centricity which is shocking. I don’t mean that lightly. The self-centered nature of the typical Seattleite shocks the conscious. I, on many occasions, stand and marvel, mouth agape, stunned by the complete and utter self-absorption that I see on a daily basis. In my mind, that the average person on the streets of Seattle feels that they are

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A Woman’s Prerogative

Typical Seattle Male

Women are indecisive creatures. Fickle beasts, unable to make up their minds. Emotional, untrustworthy people, unwilling and unable to take responsibility for anything.

These were (some of) the stereotypes prior to 1970. Thank goodness the feminist movement has dispelled such notions by showing everyone the errors of their ways. Or … barring that, has at least frightened and intimidated everyone into at least pretending that those stereotypes are the result of some evil sexist plot.

A couple of weeks ago, a woman named Danielle Campoamor wrote an op-ed in the Seattle Times complaining about the timid-ness of Seattle men. In

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