Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Another Wet Weekend

International Fountain

Potential residents of Seattle, take note … I took the above picture this weekend.

I could take it just about any weekend, though.

I’m not making this up. What you see above has been played out every, single, solitary day in this very city since roughly May.

Looks miserable, doesn’t it?

I mean, look at those people, they’re drenched from head to toe.

Look at that picture. No, really, look at it. Study it hard. Every time you think of Seattle, I want you to think of that picture, and I want you to remember that it happens nearly

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The Triumphant Return of Lesser Seattle and the KBO

Lesser Seattle - Go Back to California

On Sunday morning, I was awakened at 3:00am by a ringing phone.

“Who in the hell is calling me this early in the morning?!”, I mumbled.

I grabbed my EVO, looked at the screen, and noticed that the call was coming from “Unknown Location”. Confused, I pressed the answer button, and screamed “Who is it?!!”

“Is this Seattle Rex?”, asked the caller.

“Yeah, who the hell is this?”, I replied.

“Rex, this is Emmett Watson”, came the answer.

I thought for a moment … Emmett Watson … Emmett Watson … Emmett Watson … I only knew one.

“Emmett Watson? The

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Seattle Sucks

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle

“Man, what’s the deal with your blog?”

I was not prepared for this question. It sounded hostile when it came out of his mouth, but I was sure that I had misunderstood the tone. After all, I am Seattle Rex, and if there is one thing on which everyone agrees, it is that Seattle Rex is universally loved throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“Um, what do you mean?”, I asked, hoping to clarify what he meant (did I choose the right words or what?).

“You know, I drop by that thing a couple times a week, and every

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