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Condolences to KOMO News

Helicopter Crash

This morning, a KOMO/King 5 helicopter crashed next to the Space Needle, and two lives were lost.  Both casualties were employees of KOMO News.

A third man, struck in his car by the helicopter, is in critical condition at Harborview.


The Fourth Estate

Seattle PI Homepage

Earlier this year, a Federal Court ruled that bloggers have the same First Amendment rights that journalists have. Believe it or not, the issue was actually up for debate.

Unfortunately, some states still only afford full protection, such as shield laws, to journalists working for mainstream news outlets.

This is frightening, and today’s front page of the Seattle PI remind us why.

Folks, I am not joking, that is the true and present homepage of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  Remember that the next time you hear the phrase “reputable media outlet”.  Remember that the next time politicians argue for special

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Three people – including two off-duty Seattle firefighters – are being investigated for an assault on a homeless man Saturday night.

Police say a woman and the two firefighters were walking through Pioneer Square when they came upon the victim, who was sleeping under the Fallen Firefighter Memorial near 1st Ave. S. and S. Main St.

Witnesses said the woman yelled at the man for sleeping on the memorial, then kicked him. One of her companions hit the victim with a stick and the third suspect joined in.

A man who says he witnessed the incident said he heard

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The University Street Gondola?

Artist rendition of the Seattle Gondola.

Badass.  Just … badass.

“Promise me something”, I remind my daughter nearly every week, “when you become Mayor of this town 20 years from now, you’ll install an escalator on Pike Street, and name it after me … the Rex is a Lazy Ass Memorial Escalator … or something to that effect.”

She always agrees, but between you and me, I think she’s just humoring me.

Fortunately, the point may be moot.

Matthew Roewe, of Via Architecture, said the demolition of the viaduct will take out about 1,200 waterfront parking spaces. But the Convention Center has 1,200 parking

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Woolly Mammoth

A fossilized mammoth tusk discovered in a Seattle construction site was retrieved Friday evening from a 30-foot-deep pit to the sound of cheers and clicking from people taking pictures.

Scientists and construction crews used a crane to retrieve and hoist the tusk, which was placed on a pallet, encased in plaster and covered in blankets, to a waiting flat-bed truck. The tusk headed to its new home a few miles away at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture on the University of Washington ‘s Seattle campus, where it will be preserved, studied and eventually put on

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Maria Cantwell Says “Rich, White, and Female Still Trumps Negro”

Bigot Cantwell

“I am very concerned and disappointed by this verdict,” said Cantwell. “I am confident there will be an appeal to closely re-examine today’s decision. It is very troubling that Amanda and her family have had to endure this process for so many years. I will continue to closely monitor this case as it moves forward through the Italian legal system.”

Yesterday, Amanda Knox, wealthy white girl from West Seattle was convicted of murder.

You remember, Amanda Knox?

The girl whom, after being accused of murdering another affluent white-ish girl, threw a black man under the bus.  The girl whose parents hired

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Keepin ‘Em Dehumanized




At least no officers or “civilians” were hurt.

You know, “civilian” being loosely defined as some hapless suburbanite who finds herself inexplicably caught on the wrong side of the Seattle city line.

Remember, over 80% of Seattle Police officers live somewhere other than Seattle.

And now you know why.

According to the SPD, the citizens of Seattle are not even human.

If you think about it, it really does explain a lot.

Boondoggle Interruptus

Bertha Under Seattle

This has been a thing for about a week now, but it looks like it may be a bigger deal than I had at first assumed.

Bertha, the large machine digging the multi-billion dollar tunnel under Downtown Seattle, has hit an “obstacle”.

What kind of “obstacle”?

Well, nobody knows. At least not yet.

This is a pretty big deal, because Bertha cannot just back out of the hole. If the “obstacle” cannot be cleared, the machine just gets abandoned underground indefinitely, or it must be disassembled and brought out in pieces.

Now look, I’ve been a huge opponent

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He Took the Ferry. Literally.

Our Hero, who has clearly killed a motherfucker or two.

Picture taken by  Kiro TV.

I have a very long bucket list to complete should I ever be given 6 months or less to live.

Back when I was kid, another kid in New York City stole a subway ‘A’ train, and drove it from Washington Heights to Far Rockaway, making all scheduled stops.

That’s on my list.

Walking from one end of Downtown Seattle to the other, enforcing pedestrian right-of-way laws with a baseball bat is too.

As is dropping urine-balloons from my window on the fresh-out-of-college toddlers who are infesting my building.

Today, a new addition was made …

You see, early this

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Guess Who’s Back?



Yeah, you already know, don’t you?

That’s right, Obama is back in town today.  He’s here for the same reason he’s been here the last 3 times.   To take bribes from ultra-wealthy people.  It’s the only reason Obama ever comes to Seattle, I mean, Medina.

Of course, as is always the case with any presidential visit, deception and lies have also accompanied him.

“Nothing charges people up like a presidential visit, it creates tremendous excitement,” said Paul Berendt, who is a former chairman of the Washington State Democratic Party.

“This has really been a critical state for

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Seattle Election 2013: All Over But the Sodomy

2013 Seattle Election Results

2013 Seattle Election Results

Oh Mike. Mike, Mike, Mike. I tried to warn you. Really I did. You didn’t listen, though. Nobody ever listens.

The votes have been counted, and by a solid 57-43 margin, Ed Murray won the 2013 Mayoral Election. I’ll have 4 ½ years to make my opinions of Ed known, but suffice to say, I’m fairly bummed out.

Ed Murray is a fairly typical politician, with the exception that he’s fashionably gay, and supports fashionably gay causes.

Given that gay folks in Seattle are an affluent demographic, with arguably more political power than any other

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The Great Seattle Grocery Store Strike

Westlake Park - Grocery Strike Countdown

Westlake Park – Grocery Strike Countdown

Well, it looks like the grocery strike is going to happen not going to happen because all involved read my piece and came to their senses.

I wish I could say that I will honor would have honored the strike, but it wouldn’t make any sense for me to do so.

The standard of living for the American working class is falling, and it will only get worse as time goes on. This is not the result of some clandestine plot by Corporate America, it’s the result of policies that the people, themselves,

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Speaking of Attention Whoredom

Woman Jumping Off Pier

Yesterday, a woman drove her car to the ferry parking lot, turned off the ignition, and dialed 911. Once connected, she informed the operator that she was going to kill herself.

As emergency personnel were arriving, the woman stripped off her clothes, jumped into Elliott Bay, and clung, shivering, to the side of the pier.

Now, I’m no expert on these matters, but I can’t help but wonder why … if one intends to commit suicide … one would call 911 first. It would seem to be completely counter-productive. Stripping off ones clothes before making an 8′ jump into

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Farewell Easy Street

Easy Street Records in Lower Queen Anne

Easy Street Records in Lower Queen Anne

This afternoon, Easy Street Records in Lower Queen Anne opened one last time to auction off its remaining inventory. Armed with $50 or so, I went down to pay my final respects, and to perhaps pick up an item or two as well. I figured that I might pick up a poster for $15, a rare record for $20 … or something along those lines. I would soon find out, however, that I was comically out of my league.

Shortly after I arrived, a Bob Marley picture was sold for $200. A

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Dear NBA, Fuck You. That is All. Regards, Rex.

David Stern

In case you haven’t heard, speculation has begun to run rampant here in Emerald City about the possibility of the Sonics returning to Seattle, by way of the Sacramento Kings.

Rumor has it that they would play in Key Arena for two seasons before moving into a new arena in SODO.

While this is technically still a rumor, started by a single tweet, it’s all that our local “news” (and I use that term lightly) has been reporting for the last 24 hours, so perhaps it’s more than just a rumor. Who knows.

What I don’t understand, however, is why

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Resisting Arrest

SPD Dashcam Abuse

Another day, another SPD scandal.

There have been several in the past few months, but for the most part, I’ve tried to just ignore them. Nothing can be done, really. There’s little probability of change. There’s little support for change.

John Diaz remains Chief of Police, and Mayor McGinn … a mayor I used to support … is stubbornly, weirdly, inexplicably, resistant to change. Even after the Department of Justice released its shocking report stating that the SPD violates the Constitution 20% of the time they use force.

In the latest video, we can see a restrained suspect

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“Prepare For Abandon Ship”

Seattle Ferry

Seattle Ferry

I just got off the ferry, and this morning’s ride was slightly less than typical.

As we were nearing the middle of the Puget Sound, a voice came over the speakers:

“Would the captain of the Tacoma please come to the bridge …”

Not the biggest deal in the world, as I’ve heard this request at least a couple of times before.

About 3 minutes later, however, another voice came over the speakers, and this one said:

“Would the crew of the Tacoma please prepare for abandon ship!”

My fellow passengers and I looked at each other.

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City Target is Open

Seattle City Target

City Target is now open for business, and it’s kind of a big deal in the Rex household. As a matter of fact, we dropped more cash in this store today than I am comfortable counting.

Located only a few blocks from my home, it very well may be the first “big box” store I frequent.


People sometimes look at me with disbelief when I tell them that I have been inside of a Walmart less than 5 times in my entire life, but the fact of the matter is … there are no such stores in the central

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A Note About Seattle’s Violent Crime Wave

Police Tape

It’s an unfortunate statement to make, but I’m used to violent crime.

Over the course of my life, I’ve lived in Washington DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle. In each of these cases, I lived in what would be considered the “inner-city”, where violent crime was, sadly, a routine occurrence.

This being the case, I think that I should possibly be forgiven for being a bit jaded when it comes to random shootings, stabbings, and the like. It’s not that I take them lightly, it’s that I have always had to put them out of

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Downtown Seattle ‘City Target’ Update

Downtown Seattle City Target

Downtown Seattle City Target

I know, I know, department store updates aren’t sexy, and most people don’t understand what the big deal is, but Downtown Seattle’s new “City Target” is somewhat of a big development for those of us who live down here in the core … places like Downtown, Pike-Pine, First Hill, Belltown, etc. It will change our shopping paradigm a bit.

For years, if the walking/biking community of inner-Seattle needed to patronize a big box retail store, it typically entailed a bus ride all the way up to Northgate Mall.

In a few months, however, we will

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Hail to the Grief

For the second time in 8 months, the streets of my neighborhood are blocked off for a presidential visit.

Oh, thank God, the president is on his way to inner-Seattle. Surely he’s coming to save lives, right wrongs, and fight for the rights of the average citizen. Right?

Wrong, and … see, that’s the thing. That’s why I, and some of my neighbors, are none too happy this afternoon.

While I think that every citizen understands and accepts that their daily lives must be disrupted for presidential business, the key to the understanding is that the president is working

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Seattle Target 2nd & Union

I had my doubts, but it looks as though Target really is planning to open a Downtown Seattle store in the near future. The windows are being prepped and everything.

Apparently, it will be called “City Target”, although how this will differ from a regular Target is not entirely clear.

If I had to guess, I would speculate that regular Targets mean that Girl Scouts beg for money out front, while at City Targets, homeless people beg for money out front.

This is just a guess, though.

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Dirty Laundry

Oh, the Drama!

I spent most of yesterday in Westlake Park, hanging out, observing, and talking with people.

For the most part, it was actually quite enjoyable. Say what you will about the Occupy folks, but 99% of the people I encounter at their gatherings are really nice, intelligent people. I don’t necessarily agree with everything written on their signs, but the corporate greed and government corruption positions are ones that I’ve been espousing for years, way before this movement ever got started.

Of course, all of the Occupy stuff was overshadowed yesterday by a few groups of vandals.

These guys smashed windows

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Live Photos: May Day

May Day in Westlake Park

What started out as peaceful has taken a turn for the, well, less peaceful.

There are several splinter groups roaming Downtown Seattle breaking things, while the crowd in Westlake Park has swelled to around 500.

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake Park

May Day in Westlake

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The First Hill Streetcar Breaks Ground

Seattle Streetcar First Hill Line

I love the SLUT. I love the SLUT so much that I ride it at least once a week, and usually more often. The SLUT is so fun and satisfying, that I have a huge smile on my face each time I get off.

I also ride the South Lake Union Trolley on a frequent basis. South Lake Union Park, The Guitar Center, Scoot About, Whole Foods … it goes to a lot of places that I need to go, and at $0.00 for Orca cardholders, the price is more than right.

As a huge mass transit buff (perhaps “fanatic”

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The Space Needle Goes Orang … Er … “Galaxy Gold”

The Space Needle Painted "Galaxy Gold"

In honor of the Space Needle’s 50th Anniversary, the owners of the famous landmark have taken it upon themselves to paint the roof of the structure “Galaxy Gold”.

Why Galaxy Gold?

Because this was the color the roof was painted when the Space Needle was first introduced to the world during the 1962 World’s Fair.

While I think the retro theming is pretty cool, I do realize why the needle was later painted to a different color. It’s not that orang … er … Galaxy Gold is ugly, it’s that it’s hideous.

Still, like a snot-spewing, constantly-snorting Pug dog,

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Christine Gregoire: The Best Republican Governor Washington Has Ever Had

Christine Gregoire a Republican

Remember this article?

Well, I just learned that the “Rob the Poor to Feed The Rich” film initiative has passed. Christine Gregoire, the woman who is slashing assistance to the working poor and just-plain-poor across the state, just handed the wealthy film industry a 30% rebate of our hard-earned tax money.

She actually signed it into law two weeks ago, but this time, the issue wasn’t nearly as publicized.

Anyway, this is more transferred wealth from the poor to the rich, brought to you by our “Democrat” Governor, whose public handouts to her wealthy friends make her

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McGinn’s “20/20″ Plan to Reform the SPD

Seattle Police Officers Marching in the 2012 St. Patrick's Day Parade

After being called upon to investigate abuses by the Seattle Police Department, four months ago, the Department of Justice released a report which excoriated the SPD over its civil rights violations.

This week, Mayor Mike McGinn finally issued his response — a response which consists of a 20-point plan designed to address the DOJ’s concerns.

Those 20 points are:

Protecting Constitutional Rights

1. Reform Management of Public Demonstrations 2. Develop Protocols to Prevent Low-Level Offenses from Escalating 3. Address Biased Policing

Training for Seattle’s Values

4. Train All Officers on Use of Force Standards Consistent with Seattle’s Values

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Coverage We Can Count On

King 5 News Screenshot

On Friday night, I fell asleep with the TV on.

Early Saturday morning, while still in twilight sleep, I heard a news story being repeated over and over from the talking picture box that I had left running. I must have heard the same piece three or four times in the course of an hour.

Figuring that I was missing out on something very, very important, I finally turned on the light, turned up the volume, and paid close attention to the story.

When it was over, I sat on the edge of the bed with my jaw agape,

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Judgement Day

Citizens of The USA

Two weeks ago, the Seattle Weekly ran an article which I thought was possibly their best piece … ever. It’s called ‘Ripped Apart’, and you can read it here:

Not long after that article was written, today, Josh Powell, a man denied custody of his two children, a man who clearly had a psychotic break, killed himself and his family. (

Pierce County Sheriff’s officials say the bodies of Josh Powell and his two young sons were found after an explosion and fire at a home in Graham.

Graham Deputy Fire Chief Gary Franz said the explosion occurred moments

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