Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night


The 520 Bridge

I just got off the 520 Bridge, and I have to tell you, it may be time for a change of underwear.

The wind was blowing me all over the road, and I clearly wasn’t the only one since traffic on the bridge voluntarily slowed to about 30Mph.

At times, waves broke against the side of the bridge, showering travel lanes and vehicles with water.


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Playing the Odds on the 520 Bridge

520 Bridge

520 Bridge

Today, tolling began on the 520 Bridge.

As a person who crosses the bridge 5, maybe 10 times per week, you might think that I dutifully purchased a ‘Good to Go’ pass yesterday, the day before, or even months ago.

Were you to think this, you would be wrong.

“But why, Rex? Do you not realize that a Good to Go pass saves you one dollar and fifty cents every time you cross the bridge? Do you not trust Bill Nye?”

Of course I trust Bill Nye. We all trust Bill Nye. Still, after a great deal

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