Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Live Photos of the Day: October 29, 2011

4:40pm: Seattle Sky

9:06am: I-90 Bridge

9:16am: Bellevue

9:22am: Wallingford

9:40am: Downtown Seattle Skyline

9:40am: Downtown Seattle Skyline

10:25am: Police Cars and Ambulance at the Waterfront

10:48am: Art Mural on N. 38th Street

10:56am: Statue of Lenin in Fremont

11:08am: Metro Bus

12:01pm: Fremont Drawbridge

4:40pm: Seattle Sky

5:22pm: Sun Setting in Seattle

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Live Photos of the Day: October 28, 2011

1:12pm: The ID

11:26am: I-90 Bridge

11:27am: I-90 Mount Baker Tunnel

11:28am: I-90

11:28am: I-90

11:28am: I-90

11:29am: Century Link Field

11:29am: Century Link Field

11:29am: Safeco Field

11:31am: Entering Downtown Seattle

11:32am: Entering Downtown Seattle

11:34am: Entering Downtown Seattle

1:12pm: The ID

1:15pm: Raindrops

1:36pm: Bellevue

1:58pm: I-90 Bridge

2:08pm: Downtown in Sight

4:33pm: Downtown Seattle Skyline from SoDo

4:37pm: Downtown Seattle Skyline from 4th Street

5:17pm: Fall Foliage

5:19pm: Fall Foliage

5:25pm: Capitol Hill

5:36pm: Capitol Hill

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Live Photos of the Day: October 26, 2011

8:05am: Fog Over Bellevue

7:30am: The Space Needle

8:05am: Fog Over Bellevue

Bellevue. Live.

Bellevue Skyline

Bellevue Skyline

Bellevue, Washington

Downtown Bellevue Skyline

Today was a day unlike most others.

Today, I did something I rarely do.

Today, I spent the day in Bellevue.

Fortunately, I lived to tell about it.

Downtown Bellevue Skyline

I suppose it comes as no great shock, but the Eastside is a place I have never personally cared for. I simply could not fathom living so close to Seattle but not living in Seattle. To use an analogy I have used before, it’s like returning the ball to the 2 yard line and dropping to your knees. Why go to the far corner of the country to

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Photo of the Day: Bellevue Over Capitol Hill

Bellevue, WA and Capitol Hill, Seattle

It’s hard to think of two more dissimilar places in the entire Pacific Northwest, yet here they are … both in one shot.

The crane in the right foreground is building the new Capitol Hill subway station.