Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night


Hate is bad.

hate |hāt|

• feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone)

• have a strong aversion to (something)

Intolerance, worse.

intolerance |ˌinˈtäl(ə)rəns|

• unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one’s own


These are things which are drilled into our heads each and every day. At least in Seattle.

What we’re not told, however, is that these things are accepted, encouraged, even celebrated, if the targets of hate and intolerance are approved by the Democratic Party of the United States.

In a city as learned as Seattle (we consistently rank in the Top

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Thanksgiving in The Bubble

Being that we live in The Bubble (hey Brooklyn transplants, kneel before the true masters of conformity) and today is Thanksgiving, there are a few other things of which we can be reasonably certain:

1) It’s raining (how does it get through the dome?)

2) The streets of Pike/Pine are completely deserted since the climate-change-obsessed tourists have all flown back home on big, polluting jets … but you’re still an evil right-wing nazi if you don’t support climate change legislation. Do as we say, deplorables, not as we do. Climate change is the cause of our time, and if

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Capitol Hill’s New Body-Shaming Statue

You know, I’ve never heard anyone call fauxgressives brave, and if this statue deep in “Amen Territory” is any indication, I’m not going to hear it for some time.

Yes, Donald Trump is evil incarnate. We know this because the wealthy elitists in media, politics, and academia tell us so. Especially those elitists who share a political party with none other than the venerable Ku Klux Klan.

It is these very bastions of ethics, not to mention their gentrifying offspring, who inform us that it is uncool … so very, very uncool to be a Trump supporter in 2016.

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Picture of the Day: Body Language

One Less Witch

There’s a new mural at 10th & Pine:

Pretty nice.

On a personal note, I still have the receipt for the best $125 I ever spent.



And while I hate to use such a tragic opportunity to make a point, I nonetheless feel compelled to do exactly that.

See, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Go to your book collection, your movie collection, your art collection, and your music collection. Now, throw away everything made by a “drug user”. Stand there and look at what remains. It won’t be much. Stand there nonetheless,

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Specific Dolphin

General Porpoise Donuts

Extended adolescence. It’s all the rage these days. And instead of shaking my fist at the infantile suburban tourists who pass through Seattle on their post-collegiate staycations, I’ve finally accepted the fact that, short of hiring a few black guys to move to the neighborhood (Sticky Fingaz from Onyx “black”, not suburban-friendly Obama “black”) I can’t do anything to make them leave. That’s right, 2016 will be the year when I finally try to live in harmony with the attention-starved kidults. After all, it’s not their fault that they’re 35 year-old soul-less blank slates, void of

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For a “liberal” city, we sure have a lot of BMWs, Lexuses, and other vehicles the price of which could end homelessness in this city. Like climate change, someone else is always supposed to make the sacrifice.

I took the picture above just incidentally. I wasn’t going for the car in the foreground. If you look really close, you can see the new First Hill Trolley in the background.

It wasn’t until today that I noticed that, sure enough, the car in front of me was parked in the crosswalk while the pedestrian “walk” light was lit. As usual.

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Cleaning House in Pike/Pine

In what is a semi-daily occurrence at this point, Value Village, thrift store made famous by Macklemore, and longtime haunt of yours truly, closed last week.

While I used to get annoyed by this type of thing, I’m so used to it now that I’m just numb to it all. I, like most in this area, have learned not to get attached to anything. Businesses, for their part, have also learned not to try too hard to ingratiate themselves to the community. After all, what’s the point? As soon as they become even remotely popular, their landlords will see

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Rainbow Crosswalks and the Gay Stereotype Parade

Homophobic woman

Yoo-hoo, guess who’s got the gayest crosswalks in all the land?

A different color for everyone who’s been hit in the crosswalk this week

Just your friendly hourly reminder that Seattle supports gay stuff. Hey, did you know that Seattle supports gay stuff? We also support the gay community. And lesbians. And transgenders and people with carbonite penises. Anyway, we think you should know that Seattle supports the gays, and the gay community, and the LGBTASHWKEJWKQOUSGHZ communty, of which gays are a part. Speaking of gays, I think it should be noted that Seattle supports

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Watch Your Back, Fool

In some cities, it’s a sign that you’re in gang territory.

In others, it’s a place to buy drugs.

In Seattle, if you spot shoes hanging over a wire, you know with certainty that you’re in a neighborhood full of ex-suburban, white, recent-college-grads with beards and a fetish for authenticity, all of whom would run like their ass was on fire at the mere sight of an actual minority.

That’s right, homies, Sebastian’s turned stone-cold ghetto, and real ghetto niggaz don’t turn their shoes into Payless for proper disposal. Motherfucker. You know, unless they’ve flown home for spring break

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