Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

A Picture

Pictures of the Day

Downtown Seattle Skyline


Earth-killing Pollution Makes For Nice Sunsets


Airplane with Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, and the Olympic Mountains in the Background

Man Overboard!

You know, I actually think this is a really nice idea. Heck, I may even do it myself.

That said, if I do, I will be sure to specify not to do it during a weekday morning, because they actually have to stop the ferry for about 5 minutes while hundreds of impatient passengers look on.

By the way, who knew they made big seashell things for just this porpoise?

Eh? Eh? Just this porpoise, get it?

Float in peace whoever you were.

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What’s Long and Hard and Filled With Seamen?

Submarine in the Puget Sound


During my evening commute, while still in the middle of the sound, I felt the captain throw the ferry into reverse thrust. When I looked out of the window to see what was going on, I spotted what looked like a gigantic whale. I gathered my things and headed to the bow of the boat, and when I got there, I noticed that the “whale” was in fact a submarine.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the Puget Sound, and I’ve seen thousands of different vessels on that body of water, but this was a first for

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Location, Location, Location

Ferry Dock Seagull Nest

The three most important aspects of real estate have been completely lost on our avian brethren.

For the past month, each time my boat has docked in Seattle, there has been a calamity at the front of the boat. As it turns out, there is one particular seagull who decided that the best place to build her nest, was on a boat bumper. A boat bumper for the nation’s largest ferry fleet, no less. Clearly, this is a bird with aspirations for the Seattle City Council.

Each time the gigantic boat docks, the seagull flies into a rage, screeching

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The Answer

Bald Eagle in the Puget Sound

WARNING! Before I go any further, it is very important that readers from California use this link to view the current article. There is a known virus going around which, for some reason, only targets computers with a geolocated California IP address. Because of this, I’ve created a section of the website which has neutralized this threat. Failure to use this link from California may result in rapid virus propagation, inflicting all nearby computers with malware and all kinds of other badness. Again, Californians, please use this link:

California version of this blog post


“Why do

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Subjugation on the Sound

Coast Guard Gun Boat

“Oh my God”, said the teenaged tourist girl, “what’s going on? What’s happening?”

I looked up from my computer, and noticed that she was looking out of the window with concern. Curious, I looked out of the window as well, and that’s when I spotted the object of her fear.

Coast Guard Gun Boat on the Puget Sound

It was small inflatable boat with a comically-large gun mounted on the front. Behind the gun was a person standing with his finger on the trigger, ready to annihilate … a fish? an orca? a kayaker? a drunken tourist on an

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Orca in Elliott Bay

Orca Swimming in Elliott Bay, Seattle

Orca Swimming in Elliott Bay, Seattle

I first caught glimpse of it just south of the ferry terminal at 9:36am this morning.

From there, the orca began swimming along the Seattle waterfront, about 100 yard from shore, until I lost sight of it somewhere around Interbay.

These shots were taken between 9:40am – 9:42am.

Unfortunately, I shot most of it through a filthy window, so the pictures aren’t good as they could have been … but when you spot a killer whale in Elliott Bay, you take when you can get.

Orca Swimming in Elliott Bay, Seattle

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A Boat

What’s Long and Hard and Filled With Seamen?

Mt. Rainier and a Submarine

On my way to work yesterday, I looked out the window and spotted what looked like the ugliest whale I’d ever seen.

Alas, it wasn’t a whale at all … as it turns out, what I saw was this cool death machine that I bought with my very own tax money … built to strike fear into the hearts of terrrrsts worldwide.

Mt. Rainier and a Submarine

Just say no to weapons, kids, unless it’s a badass submarine with kickass torpedos and machine-gunned escort through the Puget Sound (you know, cause that’s where the terrrsts live).

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