Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night


Schoolbus Stuck on Terry Avenue Hill

And you thought you were having a bad day.

The woman driving this vehicle was standing outside of the bus talking on her cellphone when I walked by.

“I saw smoke coming from the hood, and then the bus stopped”, she was explaining.

Now, I didn’t hear the entire conversation, but if she was trying to say what I think she was trying to say … that this happened because of an engine malfunction … well … nah …. nobody’s that shameless, right?


I’m sure it all made sense in context.

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First Glimpses of the First Hill Streetcar

I’m not sure when opening day will be, but the trains themselves are rolling.

Kind of exciting if I must say so.

First Hill’s Panorama House Is Owned By Assholes

Panorama House Via Google Maps

Seattle. The world’s largest Monopoly board. Magnet for every greedy real estate developer in the good old US of A.

“Well, that’s the price of progress, Rex. It’s a free market.”

Yeah, the “capitalist” mantra. That is, until it’s time for the little guy to bail out the banks that make the loans for these properties. We only care about capitalism when it’s time for the tenant to get her cut. Rent control is evil only when it’s time to pay the people back.

In any event, bend over, First Hill, this one’s going to hurt a little. It’s

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Shitty New Houses

Sign on First Hill

Well, technically, it’s for a medical center expansion, but I appreciate the sentiment.


M Street Grocery Vacancy

Almost two years have passed since the M Street Grocery closed its doors, and what does the neighborhood have to show for it?

Well gee, boys and girls, why don’t you see for yourself:


The ruin of a once-great nation.

“Who cares if this beloved market serves an important need in the neighborhood, we may be able to make more money renting it out to a moneyed out-of-state venture!”

Oh well, Seattle, for this is your future.

The future that you deserve.

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The Pike Grocery Grand Opening (and a Pissed-Off Rant About Nothing in Particular)

Pike Grocery at Pike and Boren

Pike Grocery at Pike and Boren

Yesterday was an exciting day for yours truly. It’s a day I had been eagerly awaiting for months.

Yesterday, Pike Grocery finally opened its doors, and as soon as my ferry docked, I beat a hasty path to its doors. What I found left me quite pleased.

A grocery, a convenience store, a deli, oh my.

Beer, wine, salty snacks, milk, produce … Pike Grocery has everything an aging hipster could possibly want, and then some … such as 3, count ’em, three different types of creme soda. It’s nirvana for the perpetually-21,

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Coming Soon: Pike Grocery

Pike Grocery at Pike and Boren


My street, Pike Street, is about to get a brand-spanking new grocery store.

Soon to be located at the corner of Pike & Boren, the Pike Grocery looks to be just a couple of weeks away from launch.

I for one welcome our new grocery overlords.

My money will soon be theirs for the taking.

Supposedly, the owner (who has a few other groceries in Seattle) is decent, and as long as the prices aren’t too steep, I imagine that I’ll be a regular at this place.

One burning question does remain, however:

Will Pike Grocery or won’t Pike

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Cyclist Memorial at Pike & Boren

Nap Cantwell Memorial at Pike & Boren

Nap Cantwell Memorial at Pike & Boren

On this spot, last week, another cyclist was killed by an automobile driver.

His name was Nap Cantwell.

I actually heard this collision take place, and I’ve been just sick about it ever since. It is why I purposely waited at least one week to mention it. Had I written about it the next day, I probably would have … well, let’s just say that I may have been less than kind to the loser piece of shit drivers that infest my neighborhood on a daily basis.

I digress.

Last week’s death-by-motor-vehicle

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Photo: First Hill Steam

First Hill, Seattle

I took a walk early this morning.

Three days of answering emails non-stop while trying to prevent a server from buckling takes a bit of a toll on the psyche, so I decided to make the walk an extra-long one.

As I strode along in the steady drizzle, I paused at a rather ordinary spot at the top of First Hill, and stared for awhile. Even though I’ve walked through this intersection a hundred times before, today, for some reason, it struck me as gaze-worthy. Maybe it was the passing low clouds, maybe it was the gigantic penis building, maybe

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I’ll Pass on This One

Free Prostate Screening

Free Prostate Screening

Free Prostate Screening

“Would you like me to stick my finger up your ass? It’s free!”

Um, first of all, how do I know you’re a doctor?

Second of all, how do I know you’ll use your finger?

I just have too many neuroses to be comfortable with this.