Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Nordstrom’s New Clothes

Alright, they aren’t exactly “new”. Nordstrom’s new lights have been up for about a month, but I’ve been busy saving the world from poorly-written code (and doing a not-so-swell job of it in the larger scheme), and I’m just now getting around to some of my older pictures.

Nordstrom (or “Nordies” as my friend Chuck calls it) got stone-cold festive this year, and … well … see for yourself.

I actually like the new lights.

Hopefully, they’ll be an annual thing.

Kind of like plowing your mother under the mistletoe after she’s had twelve too many eggnogs.

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Whitefest 2014

Alas, the annual Figgy Pudding Festival, highest holy day on the White Bourgeoisie calendar, went off on Friday without a hitch. Cops were everywhere, and there was not a single, solitary mohawk in sight. Woo-Hoo!

Why is Figgy Pudding so special to upper-middle-class whites and the upper-middle-class whites at heart (Asian girls I’m looking at you)?

Are you kidding?

Singing Christmas carols, on the downtown streets of a major city, to benefit the homeless, while the homeless are kept far, far away?

We’re talking urban adventure without the risk, an audience of thousands watching you sing like Whitney, and

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Christmas Eve Smackdown: Candy Cane Lane vs. Olympic Manor

Olympic Manor - Christmas Lights

Olympic Manor – Christmas Lights

What better way to celebrate the birth of HeyZeus than going to Seattle’s north side to look at Christmas lights? Why, it’s a Seattle Christmas tradition.

Our first stop tonight was Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna, perhaps the best-known of all Seattle Christmas streets.

As usual, the lights at CCL were quite engaging. I just wish it was possible to go somewhere in Seattle without being the perpetual protagonist in a game of Human Frogger.

Even though Candy Cane Lane is only .1 miles long, 90% of my fellow gawkers drove their automobiles through

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Christmas at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Seattle Christmas Lights

Seattle Halloween 2012

Halloween on Capitol Hill

Last night was Halloween, or depending on when I had time to post this, maybe it was the night before.

We walked to Hilltop, where we went trick-or-treating.

There was a flash mob there.

I took pictures and a video.

On the way, we encountered three groups of people who had wheelbarrows full of candy. They gave us some candy. We said “thank you”.

It was a good Halloween.

P.S. Here are some pictures of the trick-or-treating, and a video of the flash mob is above.

The second half of the video is so dark that’s it’s completely useless.

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A Seattle Christmas Carol

Seattle City Lights from Kerry Park

Seattle Christmas Lights from Kerry Park

It seems like only yesterday I was hanging out in Westlake Park, enjoying Christmas in 2010.

Here it is … 2011 … and I’m once again celebrating in exactly the same way. Running around looking at Christmas lights.

Why mess with success?

Now that I have a family, I really enjoy this time of year.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone into details about this publicly, hell, I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone privately either, but … what the hell … I’m old and mostly over it.

You see, Virginia, there

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Photo of the Night: Alone for the Holidays

Pike Place Market - Rachel the Pig

Pike Place Market – Rachel the Pig

Christmas Cranes

Seattle Christmas Cranes

Seattle Christmas Cranes

Who says construction has to be a blight?

In what may be a new trend, local construction companies (or outsider construction companies working locally) are decking out their cranes in holiday attire.

I first noticed these two South Lake Union cranes shortly after Thanksgiving, and they were quickly followed by the decoration of several Belltown and Lower Queen Anne cranes as well.

Of course, the cranes are building generic, neighborhood-killing, non-rent-controlled, extended-stay crates for hyper-transient yuppies and suburban ex-patriots, but hey … it’s the thought that counts.

I approve.

Seattle Christmas Cranes

Seattle Christmas

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Ho Ho Ho

Santa Claus Cruising Down Pine Street

Santa Claus Cruising Down Pine Street

Tonight, I Bought a Nickel Bag

Mini Donuts Stand in Westlake Park

Of delicious donuts!

Bag of Mini Donuts from Westlake Park

Although I’ve greatly reduced my intake of refined sugar products, tonight, I gave into temptation. I dropped $5 at the Westlake mini-donut stand, and I’m glad I did. Each bag of donuts contains roughly 15 sugar-covered donuts, they are handed to you fresh and warm, and they taste quite good.

If you have yet to try the stand, I encourage you to do so. One bag is enough to satisfy the sweet cravings of two to three adults, and the price is hard to beat.

BTW, if you walk

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