Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Picture of the Day: Body Language

Specific Dolphin

General Porpoise Donuts

Extended adolescence. It’s all the rage these days. And instead of shaking my fist at the infantile suburban tourists who pass through Seattle on their post-collegiate staycations, I’ve finally accepted the fact that, short of hiring a few black guys to move to the neighborhood (Sticky Fingaz from Onyx “black”, not suburban-friendly Obama “black”) I can’t do anything to make them leave. That’s right, 2016 will be the year when I finally try to live in harmony with the attention-starved kidults. After all, it’s not their fault that they’re 35 year-old soul-less blank slates, void of

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Cleaning House in Pike/Pine

In what is a semi-daily occurrence at this point, Value Village, thrift store made famous by Macklemore, and longtime haunt of yours truly, closed last week.

While I used to get annoyed by this type of thing, I’m so used to it now that I’m just numb to it all. I, like most in this area, have learned not to get attached to anything. Businesses, for their part, have also learned not to try too hard to ingratiate themselves to the community. After all, what’s the point? As soon as they become even remotely popular, their landlords will see

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Rainbow Crosswalks and the Gay Stereotype Parade

Homophobic woman

Yoo-hoo, guess who’s got the gayest crosswalks in all the land?

A different color for everyone who’s been hit in the crosswalk this week

Just your friendly hourly reminder that Seattle supports gay stuff. Hey, did you know that Seattle supports gay stuff? We also support the gay community. And lesbians. And transgenders and people with carbonite penises. Anyway, we think you should know that Seattle supports the gays, and the gay community, and the LGBTASHWKEJWKQOUSGHZ communty, of which gays are a part. Speaking of gays, I think it should be noted that Seattle supports

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room … wait … what?

It’s been said, often by me personally, that the TV show “Friends” killed the American city.

Decades of white flight left inner-urban areas relatively diverse and downright affordable. Then, ‘Friends’ gained an audience, and before you knew it, there was a coffee shop on every street corner, and every other rental ad touted its proximity to nearby coffee shops, if it didn’t simply mention the TV show by name. I actually saw scores of ads that looked something like this:

“3br, 2ba, close to nightlife & coffee shops. Great for roommates. It’s just like Friends!”

For the urban working-class,

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Club Z’s New Slogan

“You won’t walk right for days. We guarantee it.”

Pictured here is another satisfied customer. If you know what I mean.


Hating the Alien

I passed the Bauhaus block today, and while passing by, I couldn’t help but note the irony.

Newcomers move to Capitol Hill because of places like Bauhaus. Yet, by moving here, they dramatically increase the odds of places like Bauhaus going away. This part of the city has officially reached a point where, in order to absorb more people, existing things have to be traded away.

It’s easy to sort of dismiss anti-growth neighborhood residents as misguided curmudgeons, but there is a very real tradeoff being made these days. The city is undergoing a rapid transformation, and unless the

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Buzz Osborne … Unplugged?

Buzz Osbourne @ Neumos - June 20, 2014

World’s Worst Photo of Anything Ever

Buzz Osborne. King Buzzo. Guy with the greatest hair in … well, the greatest hair anywhere.

As a prototypical member of what became known as “Generation X”, I hold a certain reverence for Buzz. When the music of my generation was being molded, Buzz was there, spinning the pottery wheel, yelling “Loosen the top string! Yeah, the fat one on top! Alright, now slow it down a little!”

Oh sure, it had been done before, but when Buzz began experimenting with drop-D noise, it just sounded better. It made me want to try

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The Pike Grocery Grand Opening (and a Pissed-Off Rant About Nothing in Particular)

Pike Grocery at Pike and Boren

Pike Grocery at Pike and Boren

Yesterday was an exciting day for yours truly. It’s a day I had been eagerly awaiting for months.

Yesterday, Pike Grocery finally opened its doors, and as soon as my ferry docked, I beat a hasty path to its doors. What I found left me quite pleased.

A grocery, a convenience store, a deli, oh my.

Beer, wine, salty snacks, milk, produce … Pike Grocery has everything an aging hipster could possibly want, and then some … such as 3, count ’em, three different types of creme soda. It’s nirvana for the perpetually-21,

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Pike Grocery II … This Time, It’s Personal

Pike Grocery at Pike and Boren

Pike Grocery at Pike and Boren

Products are on the shelves, and it looks almost ready to go.

Last night, on my way up the hill to trick-or-treat, I peered inside the new Pike Grocery, and I was surprised by the size of the interior. The store is going to be bigger than I thought. It’s more than a convenience store, it’s literally what it says … a grocery.

After taking a few shots, I walked east to Benson’s, where I bought a round of ice cream.

Next year, we’re going to have those ice creams two blocks sooner.

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