Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

A Dream Come True For Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square 7-Eleven

Pioneer Square 7-Eleven

In what can only be described as a stunning victory for panhandlers city-wide, cheap food and alcohol will soon be made available at the corner of First and Cherry. While this will be convenient, the fact that said venue will be directly across the street from two tourist attractions is what makes this a true stroke of genius.

“Uh, excuse me, could you buy me a sandwich?” “Could you buy me a sandwich?” “Could you buy me a sandwich?” “Could you buy me a sandwich?” “Could you buy me a sandwich?” “Look, I asked nicely five

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Photo of the Day: Pickpocket

Pioneer Square Graffiti

Pioneer Square Graffiti

Photo of the Day: F**k You Mayor McGinn

Pioneer Square - Fuck You Mayor McGinn

Pioneer Square – F You Mayor McGinn

Not the words I would use as the Mayor seems like a perfectly pleasant guy.

This business owner in Pioneer Square, however, would appear to disagree.

He’s very unhappy about the new parking rates ($3.50/hour), and I don’t suppose I can blame him. I think the parking rates are too high as well, and I think it is a matter of time before they are reduced again.

That being said, as I have pointed out before, any business in the inner-city that depends on automobile traffic is in a precarious position from

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Merry Mardi Gras From Pioneer Square

Seattle Mardi Gras Live

Seattle Mardi Gras Live

Good evening, my name is something or other and I’ll be your panhandler for the evening.

This is a live shot from 1st Avenue, Pioneer Square.

A Seattle Top 10

Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

I was surfing YouTube a few minutes ago, and I stumbled across a video from Internet Celebrity Chris Pirillo, fellow resident of the “Seattle Area” (I’m not sure if he lives in Seattle proper or not).

In it, he gives his “Top 10 Things to Do in Seattle”, which I have transcribed as follows:

1: Fremont Troll 2: Olympic Sculpture Park/Gas Works Park 3: EMP/Sci Fi Museum 4: XXX Root Beer Drive-In 5: Bruce Lee Grave Site 6: Seattle Bug Safari 7: Argosy Harbor/Ride The Ducks 8: Pike Place Market 9: Seattle Asian Art Museum/SAM 10: Seattle Museum of the

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Photo of the Day: Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square in Seattle

Pioneer Square in Seattle