Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Convergence Zone


If you look out to the horizon, behind the Queen Anne antennas, there it is. A band of rain about 15 miles north of Seattle, caused by the slipstream effect of the Olympic Mountains.

Wildfire Sunset

Sunset tinted by the California wildfires

The wildfires burning in California have lent themselves to some quite dramatic sunsets over the last week or so.

Occasionally-beautiful but always toxic and undesirable. That pretty much sums up everything that comes from California, doesn’t it?

Nuclear Sunset

“What the fuck is that?” is not my usual refrain when I look out the window during sunset, but on this day it made sense.

At first, I thought Bainbridge Island had been nuked, but then I realized that nuking Bainbridge Island would actually improve the place, so why would anyone waste a nuclear warhead on it?

Am I right or am I right?

As it turned out, it was just a weird optical illusion caused by the clouds, the sun, and a metric assload of pollution caused by famously “green” Washingtonians.

“Everyone else but me is using too

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Pollution Makes The Nicest Sunsets

Sunset Over Queen Anne Hill

Queen Anne Hill During Sunset

Queen Anne Hill at Sunset


The Upside to Air Pollution



Sunsets like this.



It’s the first time in 5 months I still see the sun upon arriving home.

Just barely, though.



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The Answer

Elliott Bay Sunset

Seattle would be great were it not for the people who live here.

People sometimes ask me, “well, why do you put up with it?”

The traffic; the hopelessly corrupt local government; the greedy suburban developers buying up every last corner; the vigilante cops; the tourists from Kirkland and Bellevue; the hapless bearded hipsters in girl’s jeans; Ben Cearlock; the intolerant, politically-correct, brainwashed shells of humans who call themselves “liberals”; the pretentious cocknostrils ordering triple venti latte fuckacinos; Chuck Reisinger.

Now you know.

Sunset Pollution

The wildfire smoke from Eastern Washington has settled over the Seattle metropolitan area, effing up the air quality and triggering a few thousand asthma attacks … but … at least it looks nice.