Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Live From Wallingford

Seattle Skyline

Live Photos of the Day: October 29, 2011

4:40pm: Seattle Sky

9:06am: I-90 Bridge

9:16am: Bellevue

9:22am: Wallingford

9:40am: Downtown Seattle Skyline

9:40am: Downtown Seattle Skyline

10:25am: Police Cars and Ambulance at the Waterfront

10:48am: Art Mural on N. 38th Street

10:56am: Statue of Lenin in Fremont

11:08am: Metro Bus

12:01pm: Fremont Drawbridge

4:40pm: Seattle Sky

5:22pm: Sun Setting in Seattle

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Photo of the Day: Fremont/Wallingford

Fremont and Wallingford

Fremont and Wallingford

Mighty-O Donuts

Mighty-O Donuts

Another day, another donut shop.

Today, my goal was to complete the shootout for best donut in Seattle … and by proxy, best donut in the solar system.

After yesterday’s trip to Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts, it was time to go to the Food Channel’s winner for Best Donut Shop in the USA … Mighty-O Donuts.

At around noon, I hopped on my Humvee and headed north to Wallingford.

I like Wallingford. It’s peaceful, tranquil, and overwhelmingly caucasian. As urban neighborhoods go, it’s very “pretty” … for lack of a better word. It’s also home of the formerly-great Food Giant,

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Photo of the Day: The Wallingford Food Giant

Wallingford Food Giant/QFC Seattle

Wallingford Food Giant/QFC Seattle

Remember the old Food Giant?

Try as I might, I can’t find a good photo of the old store from the 90’s, but I did find this historical one which I did not take (and which also does not have a webpage to credit):

Old Food Giant

QFC took over the store in the late 90’s, and they used seven letters from the original Food Giant sign to make the current one at the top (which I did take).

Wallingford is also the neighborhood in which Gas Works Park is located, and for you

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Twelve Inches of Meat

George's Delicatessen Menu

George's Delicatessen – Roast Beef Sandwich

I remember when I reviewed things back in Vegas, people would sometimes email me and say things like “Rex, I’m not sure if I can trust your judgement because it seems as though you like everything you review”. Heck, people even made this comment to my face a couple of times.

Unfortunately, this is another area in which I am simply misunderstood.

The fact of the matter is that I’m not all that excited about the majority of things I try. I eat at a lot of places, see a lot of shows,

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