Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

A Picture


Seattle Waterfront Arcade set to close in September

Add it to the list of changes you’ll soon see at Seattle’s waterfront: the family-owned arcade that’s long called Pier 57 home is leaving, and not by choice.

The arcade owner had been operating under a month to month lease at Miner’s Landing, and says he knew the closure would happen eventually, he just didn’t think it would happen so soon.

“We thought we had a little bit more time than we do now, but we were given 30 days notice and will be closing on September 22nd,” said Mike Cichy.

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The Seattle Aquarium

Goldfish Swimming with Sea Anemone

The Seattle Aquarium

As a season pass-holder to the Seattle Aquarium, I spend quite a bit of time at this attraction.

For a city of “only” 600,000 people, ours is an aquarium befitting a significantly larger city. For the most part, we have it all.

We’ve got touch tanks, seals, sea otters, an octopus, and all kinds of weird things I wouldn’t even try to pronounce.

I took a few photos on my last visit, the results of which are on this page. (photos from a previous visit are here)

The Seattle Aquarium is open from 9:30am – 6pm

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Photos: Night Wheel


Seattle Night Skyline

Seattle Ferry Terminal, January 17, 2013 6:30pm

New Picture: The Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel

I still say they got the name backward. Shouldn’t it be the “Great Seattle Wheel”?

Anyway, today, I finally rode the thing.

I’ll probably write about it, eventually, but until then … well … here’s a picture.

New Picture: Morning Commute

Washington State Ferry

Washington State Ferry

So, I Hear That Target is Coming

Seattle Target Advertisement

Low Visibility

Seattle Fog

New Ride Deja Vu

Seattle Great Wheel - People Waiting in Line

Yesterday, the “Seattle Great Wheel” (shouldn’t it be “Great Seattle Wheel”?) opened, and today, I planned on giving it a go myself. Not just for my own amusement, but to satisfy my civic blogging duty by promoting the neighborhood’s newest attraction. Without support from locals, new endeavors face a precarious future. Especially in towns with short tourist seasons, such as Seattle.

According to their Facebook page (their website is almost completely void of usable information), the wheel opens at 10am, and since nothing in Seattle ever happens on time, a friend and I departed my place shortly before noon.

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