Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Rainbow Over West Seattle

Legend has it that at the end of a rainbow sits a pot of gold with enough of the precious metal to spring a murderous white girl from an Italian prison as her less wealthy co-conspirator rots in jail while said white girl enjoys the support of the supposedly-liberal Seattle establishment despite the fact that the first thing she did when confronted by authorities was throw a black guy under the bus like the Grand Fucking Wizard of the KKK proving once again that white rich and female still trumps negro every goddamn time regardless of the pee cee

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Almost Heaven … West Seattle

Enjoying the View of the Seattle Skyline from West Seattle

Scenic View from West Seattle

Yesterday, I had a couple of hours left on my Zipcar rental, so I decided to take a short trip to the “other” Seattle. West Seattle. Home of Eddie Vedder, Mark Arm, Matt Lukin, and an ambiguously gay junkie named Trent.

I don’t get out to West Seattle as often as I would like, but when I do make it to the other side, I’m reminded that it’s quite possibly the most beautiful of all of Seattle’s unofficial boroughs. The Olympic Mountains to the west, the glistening Puget Sound to the north, and a

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The Seafair Pirates Landing on Alki Beach

Pirates and the Downtown Skyline

On Saturday, I walked from the nerd cave to Alki Beach via the West Seattle Water Taxi. The Seafair Pirates were landing in West Seattle, and I didn’t want to miss the excitement.

Walking to the West Seattle Water Taxi

West Seattle Water Taxi Line

Pirate Ship on Puget Sound

Pirate Ship on Puget Sound

Shortly after 12:30, the pirates made their way across the Puget Sound and began their assault on Seattle as 5,000 onlookers stood silent and emotionless. The only thing I could hear as the buccaneers made their entrance was a kid in

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Live from West Seattle

Where the pirates are getting ready to take over Alki.

The landing starts at noon.

Random live comments (who needs Twitter when you have an Android? ):

Alki is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but boy does it smell. Think 90 day old sushi.

The West Seattle Water Taxi

King County Water Taxi

The SBX Radar

Due to some pressing business in West Seattle over the past week (I’ve been hired by the feds to help ascertain the effects of the SBX Radar on over-sized genitalia), I have discovered a new form of mass transit. Namely, the West Seattle Water Taxi.

Water Taxi at Pier 50

Passenger Waiting Area and Restrooms

King County Water Taxi

King County Water Taxi

The Taxi departs from Pier 50, just south of the ferries, and docks in West Seattle’s Seacrest Park (named after the effervescent American Idol host).

Arrival into West

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A Seattle Top 10

Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

I was surfing YouTube a few minutes ago, and I stumbled across a video from Internet Celebrity Chris Pirillo, fellow resident of the “Seattle Area” (I’m not sure if he lives in Seattle proper or not).

In it, he gives his “Top 10 Things to Do in Seattle”, which I have transcribed as follows:

1: Fremont Troll 2: Olympic Sculpture Park/Gas Works Park 3: EMP/Sci Fi Museum 4: XXX Root Beer Drive-In 5: Bruce Lee Grave Site 6: Seattle Bug Safari 7: Argosy Harbor/Ride The Ducks 8: Pike Place Market 9: Seattle Asian Art Museum/SAM 10: Seattle Museum of the

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Live From The West Sigh Eeeed

Downtown Seattle Skyline from West Seattle