Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night


Schoolbus Stuck on Terry Avenue Hill

Schoolbus Stuck on Terry Avenue Hill

And you thought you were having a bad day.

The woman driving this vehicle was standing outside of the bus talking on her cellphone when I walked by.

“I saw smoke coming from the hood, and then the bus stopped”, she was explaining.

Now, I didn’t hear the entire conversation, but if she was trying to say what I think she was trying to say … that this happened because of an engine malfunction … well … nah …. nobody’s that shameless, right?


I’m sure it all made sense in context.

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Answering a Seattle Police Officer’s Question

Red Light Runners

“Why don’t you use the crosswalk!”, bellowed the Seattle Police Officer moonlighting as security for the Paramount Theater.

My companion and I looked at each other with incredulity, before both breaking into laughter.

On this night, the officer had blocked the entire sidewalk for the convenience of a few rich people, necessitating us to walk in the street to get around the obstruction. Given that I have to do this 15-20 times daily just to get to work and back, it doesn’t even register as an unusual thing to do anymore. It’s just an automatic reaction at this point,

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The Most Un-Surprising Report Ever Issued


In related news, a new shocking report has been released which finds that grass is green and, oh yes, apparently the sky is blue as well.

In explaining our rating, the report above makes a few observations, which you have to read between the lines to understand (it’s wrapped in advertiser-friendly explanations about weather and density).

What they actually say is that our poor drivers are the result of a high influx of transplants from fair-weather Podunkville , who are used to suburban/rural roads and clear, sunny weather. It notes that these people are far out of their element,

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First Glimpses of the First Hill Streetcar

First Hill Trolley

I’m not sure when opening day will be, but the trains themselves are rolling.

Kind of exciting if I must say so.


Car Blocking Crosswalk

For a “liberal” city, we sure have a lot of BMWs, Lexuses, and other vehicles the price of which could end homelessness in this city. Like climate change, someone else is always supposed to make the sacrifice.

I took the picture above just incidentally. I wasn’t going for the car in the foreground. If you look really close, you can see the new First Hill Trolley in the background.

It wasn’t until today that I noticed that, sure enough, the car in front of me was parked in the crosswalk while the pedestrian “walk” light was lit. As usual.

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The Strange Life of a Seattle Pedestrian


Daily Occurrence

What you see above is not an exception. It’s the rule.

On most days, when walking to or from work during rush hours, the majority of intersections are blocked by automobiles/trucks/buses. Quite openly and unapologetically, I should add. In fact, the few times I’ve said anything, or even looked annoyed, I’ve gotten honked at, flipped off, yelled at, etc.

Because it’s my fault they’re blocking the intersection, I have no right to complain. After all, they’re them. People who have not once in their lives been told “you’re wrong”. People who are, without any hyperbole whatsoever, convinced

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Collision at 6th & Stewart


Note that cars continue to run red lights even after the collision.

I will ask for your forgiveness in advance for this post. I’m still very shaken up. I’m still very angry. I’m still very disturbed.

I just saw a person get seriously injured, and perhaps killed.

I was walking near 6th & Stewart street when I heard a CRUNCH. I stopped in my tracks, hoping I hadn’t heard what I knew I had. When I got to the intersection, all hope evaporated. There laid a man in the street, and under the front wheels of a nearby car

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Test Your Seattle IQ

A Seattle Parking Space

Q. What do you call the painted lines at city intersections where pedestrians are designated to walk?

A. Parking Spaces

When a friend of mine moved here about 3 years ago, this was one of the first things he mentioned.

“What’s the deal with the crosswalks? Cars always wait in them. I’ve never seen that before.”

He’s used to it now.

Of course, if you say anything to these drivers, they’re outraged. Absolutely outraged by your rudeness. They don’t see what the big deal is.

Oh, and would it surprise you to learn that, when the shoe is on

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Concrete Barriers Necessary: Only in Seattle

KinderCare with Barricades

KinderCare with Barricades

What you see above, is concrete barriers outside of a KinderCare in Midtown Seattle.

A few months ago, an automobile failed to stop, and it plowed right through the plate glass windows. Fortunately it was after-hours and no one was injured (except the car occupants), but had it happened earlier in the day, several children would, without any doubt, be dead.

KinderCare – Boarding Windows

For months, the childcare business had boards on the windows, but they recently got them replaced. Then, they placed concrete barriers in front of the daycare to prevent the kids

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Running Red Lights Still Okay, Though

Typical Seattle Driver

Typical Seattle Driver

Don’t worry homocidal suburban drivers. The SPD still wuvs you.

See, drugs are bad for you, but having a 5,000lb steel bullet roll over your head is full of 8 essential vitamins and minerals!

Besides, laws are for poors and minorities.

Do your thing SPD! Make the city safe for gentrifiers worldwide! Take it from Ed Murray the Tiger, they’re GREAAAATTTTTTT!

SEATTLE – Seattle and federal law enforcement announced 95 arrests Thursday in a major crackdown on drug dealing and other crimes in the city’s downtown core.

Open air drug dealing has been an ongoing issue

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