Seattle Space Needle Reflection at Night

Blame it on the Rain


I’m an avid reader of local meteorologist Cliff Mass’ Blog. It’s an interesting mixture of weather information and brothel reviews which I find both fascinating and arousing.

Upon checking out Cliff’s place today, I learned something new. I learned that happy endings have returned to local massage parlors. Yay! I also learned that this past winter was the wettest winter on record in Seattle.

No, really, I’m not kidding. This past October – February was the wettest on record. This means that every winter people have whined about up until now, have all had less rain than this

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Seattle’s Weather Comes Home For a Visit

“I am Goliath, you are David. I am a Tractor-Trailer, you are a Yugo. I am Yoko Ono, you are the Beatles.” – things that cross ones mind when looking at this bearing down on you.

After a two-year-ish absence, Seattle’s weather has made like a post-2000 college graduate and returned home. For how long is anyone’s guess, but the next 10 days appear to be a given with rain forecast for just about every day, and heavy rain at that.

As you can see by the image posted above, we’ll be on the receiving end of an atmospheric

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Cotton Candy Courtesy of Climate-Change

As far as weather is concerned, Seattle has officially become Northern Southern California. I swear I saw more rain in one Las Vegas spring than I’ve seen over the past three years in Western Washington.

While we’re still not as hot as the desert, we have set a record of 14 consecutive months of above-average monthly temperatures (?!), and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a sunnier place in all of my life. We’re currently on our 9th consecutive month of summer, and there is no end in sight. In fact, the long-term projections are calling

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Ruh Roh There’s Climate Trouble Brewing

A generation of people who are too selfish to have children … who are admittedly “too selfish” to acquiesce to a biological norm which has been a primary driver of all animal behavior since the beginning of time … cares very, very, very deeply about the ecological health of the planet that your grandchildren will inherit.

That’s right, victims of a widespread narcissism epidemic, who are completely and utterly self-centered in all ways, make an exception to that self-centeredness when it comes to the water levels of the earth long after they are dead and buried.

They care so

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He’s Up There … What’s That? Hawaiian Noises?

I sit here, indoors, while outside, Seattle is being pounded by a Pineapple Express.

In January, Pineapple Expresses are fairly typical in these parts, but outside of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, few people have heard the term (with the exception of the movie, of course).

This being the case, allow me to illustrate just what a Pineapple Express is, which I’ve taken the liberty of drawing on top of this morning’s weather map.

Stay dry fellow citizens of New California.

Surf’s Up

Wave Clouds Over the Puget Sound

Last night, I spotted these wave clouds, a/k/a “Kelvin–Helmholtz Clouds” over the Puget Sound.

Per Wikipedia:

The Kelvin–Helmholtz instability (after Lord Kelvin and Hermann von Helmholtz) can occur when there is velocity shear in a single continuous fluid, or where there is a velocity difference across the interface between two fluids. An example is wind blowing over water: The instability manifests in waves on the water surface. More generally, clouds, the ocean, Saturn’s bands, Jupiter’s Red Spot, and the sun’s corona show this instability.

Just another relatively rare thing that happens in the Seattle atmosphere relatively frequently, and another

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“It No Longer Rains in Seattle”

Late November Rain in Seattle

That was a quote by a friend of mine this weekend, and she’s right. It doesn’t rain in Seattle anymore. At least not like it used to. Our weather has changed dramatically in the last couple of years.

A semi-permanent high pressure system has set up in the eastern pacific, and this system relents only sporadically. Certainly much less than it used to. The result is extended dry stretches, lasting weeks or even months, interspersed with short bursts of moderate to heavy rain, alternating near-record dry and near-record wet events.

The most notable of those two patterns is the dry

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Climate Change Re-Considered

Seattle Worst Traffic

Well, what do you know …

No sooner had the ink dried on my last post, and I find the only real explanation I’ve seen for the persistent highs we’ve been seeing of late.

I refer you to this article:

According to the aforementioned blog, the persistent high-pressure systems we see now are the result of climate change … namely a weakening of the Jet Stream and its ability to break down large ridges of high pressure. These stubborn high pressure systems are known as, in the weather profession, Omega Blocks, or ironically, Rex Blocks. No,

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Under Pressure … Again

You know, our meteorologists can be a little slow to get on the ball, but I’m surprised that they still haven’t picked up on this new weather paradigm.

Back on May 11th, I wrote a post about an interesting trend I saw developing in Seattle weather. Basically, the trend involves extended periods of dry weather, interspersed with record rainfall. The cause of all of this is a high pressure system of uncommon stubbornness.

It’s been awhile since Seattle has had anything approximating average weather. At least for any extended period of time, and wouldn’t you know it … last

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The REAL 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather

Seattle Weather - Real 4 Seasons

Remember this cartoon?

The 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather

It was drawn by a Seattle-based cartoonist named Mathew Inman, and when he first published it, I was a tiny bit critical of its message.

You know what they say, though. When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. And so, as is usual, I have done exactly that. As the sole arbiter of truth, honesty, and sincerity within the city limits of Seattle, Washington, I hereby bring to you the Real 4 Seasons of Seattle Weather.

Don’t say I never gave you anything.


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