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Climate Change Proponents: “Do as We Say, Not as We Do”

At least once each year, the president flies to Seattle, drives all over the region in a gas-guzzling motorcade, then flies back out.  Sometimes he’s here overnight, sometimes for just a few hours, but the amount of pollution left in his wake is substantial.

A local meteorologist I respect a great deal, Cliff Mass, often writes about global warming on his blog, yet, he doesn’t seem shy about traveling to weather conferences, and his book (which is excellent, BTW) is published in tree-killing, CO2-causing, paper-only form.

Al Gore, the man who brought global warming to the forefront of American consciousness, travels the world speaking about the perils of climate change, which is the new preferred term for global warming.  As if this were not hypocritical enough, Mr. Gore also lives in a home which consumes 20X the national average in energy.  Twenty times.

Last night, I was watching the local news, when I noticed that another local meteorologist, Jeff Renner, was in Washington DC, where he spoke with the president about, what else, global warming.

Jeff Renners Twitter Feed


My fellow Americans, suffice to say that if these are the guys in charge of saving the earth, we can all collectively kiss the planet goodbye.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I respect Mr. Renner.  He’s definitely in the top tier of Pacific Northwest meteorologists.  That said, I simply cannot sit and watch this hypocrisy year after year after year without saying something every now and again.

I am one of the least polluting individuals in the state, in one of the least polluting families in the state.  Mine is a moderately-large family, with a sum total of 0 automobiles between us.  My lone transgression against the planet is a 125cc Yamaha Vino which consumes 1 gallon of fuel per month.

I have not flown in 5 years, nor have any of us been out of Washington State in roughly 4 years.

Yet, when the subject of global warming comes up, I’m generally the pariah, while the auto-driving, airplane-taking members of the discussion are always the heroes.


Because nobody really cares about climate change, that’s why.  They’re concerned with talking about climate change, and having people see them talk about climate change, and snarksulting those that don’t talk about climate change.

I’ll personally start worrying about climate change when people like Jeff Renner and Cliff Mass are so concerned about climate change, that they sacrifice trips like this in its name.  When meteorologists forgo trips to meet the president, because they care just that much about global warming.  That is the point at which I will sit up, take notice, and start thinking about how I can help too.

It’s like I teach my kids, if you want to know what people believe, and I mean really and truly believe … pay absolutely no attention to what they say.  The average human lies far more often than she tells the truth.  The vast majority of what people say, is to make them look better in the eyes of others.  People instinctively want to be in the popular group, and they’ll say most anything to make that happen.  We’ve seen the videos of people circulating petitions to ban things like Dihydrogen monoxide (water), and we’ve seen the number of signatures those petitions garner.

So, if people want other people to approve of them, and will say anything to make that happen, how can we know when they’re telling the truth?

It’s simple.  Watch what they do.

The average climate change proponent is white, well educated, and relatively affluent.  Ironically, this is also the demographic which routinely consumes the most energy.  Were this group of people to stop flying, stop driving, and seriously sacrifice in order to “save” the planet, even if no one else followed suit, the effect would be overwhelming.  If climate change is man made, that is.

They don’t do this, though.  Instead, they talk, talk, buy pollution credits, and talk some more.

And so, the fact of the matter is, whether man-made climate change is real or not, few people are honestly and truly worried about it.

This does make some logical sense.

Earth is a planet with a limited lifespan, and thus cannot be “saved”.  One day, the sun will burn out, and the earth will be spun off into eternal frozen darkness.  At the point that this happens, any natural resources remaining will be wasted.  Much like honoring an animal by using its entire carcass, using all of the earth is just the respectful thing to do.

Whether this sun-burnout thing happens in 10 million years, or 1,000 years, really doesn’t make a huge amount of difference. After all, who’s to say prolonging the planet would be an absolutely good thing?  I mean, what if 50,000 years from now, an evil dictator would cause unprecedented human suffering, if not for a massive glacial melt killing off all humans in 49,000 years?

In that case, I say bring on climate change!

Who are we to say which generation deserves to be plunged into eternal darkness, and which generation deserves to see completion?

And so, since the planet is doomed anyway, it’s just a matter of when, all of these hysterics about “saving the earth” are just something for people to worry about when they don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from.  As I wrote about not long ago, it’s a problem which is largely confined to a very specific demographic.

Assuming that man-made climate change is real, though, I would like to respectfully request that the rest of you either ignore it, or plan for Armageddon quietly.

Your raising of awareness is, quite frankly, expediting the planet’s demise.


3 comments to Climate Change Proponents: “Do as We Say, Not as We Do”

  • Nathan W

    You are 100% right and we all are addicted to some sort of earth destroying activity. Nearly everything we do destroys the earth. The only way to get close to what we should be doing is to be like the Amish. The truth is that every manufacturing process produces toxic byproducts. I know I am a hypocrite to a degree. Everyone is to some degree. At one time I rode a bicycle to work every day and occasionally did at one time many years ago. I enjoy doing it and it’s healthy for me to get some exercise. I sadly don’t bike as much as I have in the past. What we all can do is just start to be more aware and reduce the amount of pollutants we are contributing to the problem. Your point about the earth eventually being used up and dying is a truth we can’t avoid. I would like to however do my half assed job of making it last as long as possible. We can learn to be more efficient and prolong OUR survival. The problem is we don’t care enough to sacrifice the cars, houses, phones, planes, computers and all that technology. Most of those things are not necessary to live and yet we cling to them. Bottom line is we are all greedy for things and our convenience to those things. We will eventually have to pay attention when we destroy enough of the ecosystem that we can no longer produce food and have clean water. Yes, there is a lot of posers out there that claim that they care and are doing EVERYTHING in their power to change the problem. They are idiots of course and just want some attention. Most of us are far too selfish to change. I am not a religious person, but the basics of evil have existed for thousands of years. The seven sins contribute much to our demise. Once we start caring more about someone else than ourselves and do something about it we may have hope. Most everyone is talk and never the walk. We never learn and continue to repeat the sins of the past. No doubt things will continue this way until we either destroy ourselves or as a result of our sins will destroy the planet.

  • I’m inclined to agree.

    Clearly, global warming occurred at least once before at the end of the last Ice Age. I’m pretty sure that vehicular exhaust was not a huge problem back then.

    Also, it’s easy to forget that 2/3rds of the planet is still water, and if you’ve ever flown across the country with window seat, it’s a visual reminder of just how sparsely populated the planet truly is. Instead, we tend to be clustered in extremely small segments of land.

    Humans are narcissists by nature, and we think that everything we do has some huge effect on everything else. The more affluent the human, the bigger the narcissist, generally speaking.

    So, it comes as little surprise that wealthier, more highly-educated folks are convinced that as go they, so goes the planet.

    The problem is, as narcissists, these same people also rationalize their polluting behavior as some how less “bad” than the pollution of other people. I think it was rationalized that since Al Gore used all of this energy consumption to warn the world about climate change, that it wasn’t as bad as some poor guy spewing the same amount of exhaust.

    The same goes for the precious college kids who drive to Earth Day events.

    Ironically, these very people have spent the better part of a the last decade wagging their fingers at me as they passed me by in their cars on their way to the airport to fly home for the holidays.

    Frankly, I cannot for the life of me understand how they’re able to juggle all of these inconsistencies while steadfastly maintaining the position that climate change is a big concern.

    Narcissism. It’s the only explanation.

  • Dan

    Man made climate change won’t kill all life on the planet, it might kill all humans but life is too resistant. 15,000 years ago Seattle was completely covered by glaciers and the environment recovered from that climate change. There was a point in earth’s history so hot that there were turtles and palm trees at the poles and a point so cold that the entire surface was covered by ice and some species still survived. Man made climate change might trigger a mass extinction, but it’s just narcissism to think that the entire planet is doomed.

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