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Confessions of a Newfound SOPA-Supporter

As I sat here three days ago and watched anti-SOPA protests proliferate across the Internet, a nagging thought kept running through my head.

“How”, I wondered, “is any of this hurting big media?”

I mean, let’s say that, because of these online protests, SOPA and PIPA are both defeated. It’s plausible. After all, people are riled up, and congress is getting the message loud and clear, right?

So, let’s say that both of these bills are spiked and are taken off the table.

Now, does anyone believe for a minute that this will be the end of it? Does anyone believe for a split second that next year there will not be another bill, and another bill the year after that, and the year after that?

The fact of the matter is, if SOPA doesn’t pass, and if PIPA doesn’t pass … another bill will, and the next one will be hashed out in a back room and attached to another (more popular) bill related to national defense, opposition to rape, or the protection of cute kittens. One way or another, big media is going to get its way. This, you can count on.

Why, though?

Why is big media going to get its way?

Well, I’ll tell you …

They will get their way because of you.

Yes, you.

You see, since SOPA was first introduced, Americans have been watching movies, buying music, watching television, and doing all kinds of thing which benefit big media financially.

In turn, big media has used that money to bribe legislators, cripple our computers, sue our neighbors, and do all kinds of stuff that we probably didn’t agree with. When some of you folks finally realized that you’d had enough abuse, what did you do?

Google - SOPA

Why, you put a black banner on your blog. You blocked your content so that normal folks across the Internet could not read it. You did these things while continuing to give big media your money!

And I’m supposed to write my legislator again and again, begging him not to take your money as a bribe?

No. I won’t do it.

If SOPA doesn’t pass … next year, thanks to you, big media is going to have more lawyers, more lobbyists, and more legislators in their pockets.

As the protests have waged on, I’ve searched and I’ve searched, but I’ve been unable to find any organized boycott of big media. Oh sure, I’ve seen a boycott of GoDaddy, and I’ve seen a few companies get hammered on message boards, but where in all of this has there been a large, overwhelming boycott of the RIAA, MPAA, and the big studios?

The answer is: nowhere.

Face it, all of this anti-SOPA stuff has been public posturing. A social event. A clique. A bandwagon. An attempt to make technophiles feel revolutionary without making them go through the inconvenience of missing a single episode of the Big Bang Theory.

If Google or Yahoo had really wanted to hit SOPA-supporters where it hurt, they wouldn’t have put a black banner over their logos, they would have organized a boycott. A boycott against anything and everything made by the MPAA, RIAA, and all associated acronyms.

They didn’t, though. Doing so would have hurt their bottom lines. They put a banner up instead. You put up a banner instead. You wrote angry letters and shook your digital fist and patted each other on the back while doing so. Then, you fired up iTunes and bought the latest digital offering from the record industry, or watched the latest and greatest motion picture from Hollywood.

Face it, you deserve SOPA.

And PIPA, and any other disgusting law that your money purchased.

The way I see it … if anything, the passage of SOPA might finally wake people up. It might finally anger people enough to stop feeding the beast. It might finally piss people off to the point where they just won’t take the abuse any more. Maybe, just maybe, SOPA will be the best thing to ever happen to us.

2 comments to Confessions of a Newfound SOPA-Supporter

  • matguy

    Of course, if people were to boycott the major media producing companies they’d just point to their decreasing revenues as evidence that piracy is costing them even more money, so “we” need laws like SOPA and PIPA!

    Also, SOPA and PIPA save lives by stopping those pirating terrorists, don’t-cha-know!

  • blueboar

    Of course there’ll be another version of SOPA down the road. The MPAA and RIAA rightly expect their politicians to remain bought.

    Oh and for the record, I support kitten rape, but only in matters of national defense or terrywrist catching.

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