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Contact Seattle Rex


I welcome all reasoned, courteous emails, whether you agree with me or disagree with me.

That begin said, before contacting Seattle Rex (myself), please read the following and keep it in mind:

* It might take me some time to respond.

This website is only a tiny fraction of what I do, so I probably won’t fully read your email for day or two. It could take up to a week. I’ll probably respond, but it won’t be immediate.

* Be somebody

I used to be a champion of anonymity, but no longer.  I’ve had to concede after all these years that anonymity is the domain of passive-aggressive cowards, and not revolutionaries, whistle-blowers, or rape survivors like we’d all initial  hoped.  Not that we’d hoped people would get raped but, eh, you know what I mean.

My positions are typically minority, non-mainstream positions, and if you still have to be anonymous while in the majority, your cowardice will overshadow any point that you could possibly make.  At least it will to me.

If I can’t connect the email to a particular human being, I’ll probably delete it without reading it. You can still send it if you want to, but you might be wasting your time.

* This website has no advertisements, makes no money, and I have to pay for you to read it

As such, your patronage to this website incurs only costs to me, while supplying no benefit to me whatsoever.  Please keep this in mind if you intend to threaten a “boycott”, or intend to tell me that you won’t read the site anymore.

* I never invited you to read my website. I never requested that you come here. I don’t want you here any more than you want to be here.

Please do not make the assumption that all content on the Internet was authored with you or your approval in mind.  My audience represents a fairly small percentage of the Internet public, and was at no point intended to appeal to the majority.   If you don’t like the content of the website, this is very strong evidence that you are not a member of the target audience, and should simply move on.  I am not going to change the site’s content to appeal to you, and you’re probably mentally ill (pathological narcissism?) for even considering the possibility.

When you see a house painted a color you dislike, do you ring the doorbell and proceed to tell the owner that you hate his house?  Doing the same to a website owner isn’t that much different, except that you’re able to do so without personal confrontation. That is the very definition of cowardice.

Remember, at no point did I invite you to this website.  I probably don’t know that you even exist.  I don’t owe you anything.  You came here on your own volition, without my permission or approval.   As a courtesy to you, I served web pages to you upon your request.

Since web traffic costs me money while providing no reciprocal benefit, I reserve the right to cease serving web pages to any person at any time.  Via any number of technical means, I may make the website inaccessible to any person or group which is clearly not in my target audience.  If this happens, please don’t take offense, it’s merely a way to serve both of our interests.

* Copyright

Everything I create is copyrighted.

* Credits

Where any copy or media is credited, please use “Seattle Rex”, as this is both a legal and identifiable designation.

* Content Usage

Printing several paragraphs with a link to the article is fine with me.  If it’s a short article, printing the entire thing is fine so long as it’s clearly and conspicuously credited and linked.

* Links to the Site

Whether you agree or disagree with me, you are always welcome to link to this website from any other website (so long as the content on your site is legal of course).  While you could always do this without my permission, people make the request as a courtesy anyway, which I always have appreciated.  Consider this my permission, however.

* Requests for Photographs/Videos

I consider these on a case-by-case basis, but after being in the website “business” for over 20 years, understand that I am somewhat jaded at this point.  I am very well-published both online and in-print, under this name and others, in bother traditional and alternative media. My published photos and articles number in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.

I receive perhaps two dozen serious requests for photo permissions each month, and when it is convenient for me to do so, I consider them carefully.  That said, regardless of who you are, it’s unlikely that I will be particularly impressed or beside myself with excitement, ready to cater to your any and every whim. Please note that whether you are CNN or Barney’s Auto Blog, your request will be entertained in the order that it is received.

I used to be extremely generous with my media, agreeing to every request while never receiving compensation of any kind. This was true even when my photographs and videos were used by large, for-profit entities.

As time has gone on, and especially in the last few years, requesters have gone from polite, to rude, entitled, and demanding.  I’ve even been berated for “taking too long to respond” therefore “we used someone else’s photo”, when it came to be discovered that the party only used photos they could get for free.

Folks, the “me” generation has taken over the Internet sphere, and they’re fully used to their helicopter parents making them the center of the universe.  This is how they have come to view and interact with the world.   Self-centricity is the name of the game, and I would have to say that the vast majority of people requesting photo rights these days are very self-centered and inconsiderate.

Now, I know you aren’t one of those people, but understand that the 10 other people I’ve dealt with this week, are, and it’s not my fault.  I’m burned out from dealing with entitled, center-of-the-universe fuckholes, so either be empathetic and understanding or move on.

If you have a deadline, state as much and I’ll do what I can.  In general, however, be courteous and patient, or the answer is simply “no”.

* News Media

With tightening budgets in newsrooms across the USA, theft of intellectual property has become rampant by the “media”, both small and large.  The thinking has been along the lines of “why hire photographers, when we can just poach other people’s stuff from the Internet?”, and to a large extent, they have been successful in doing so.  I used to be a frequent source of theft myself, and once when I protested, a large Florida-based tabloid said “go ahead and sue us, we’ll just dissolve the LLC and make a new one.”

Forgive me if I’m no longer the generous soul I once was.  Screw me once, it’s your fault, screw me 899 times, I’m going to be a little more guarded.

As the news media has become more and more about “infotainment”, and as newsrooms have become more “entitled”,  my tolerance for IP theft has diminished.  These days, your likelihood of stealing my stuff without a subpoena will depend largely on how well you’ve treated me over the years.  If you’ve treated me well, and I’ve been on good terms with your people, I’ll probably bitch to one of them.  If you’ve largely ignored and/or shit on me, I’ll probably have someone sue you.

Extremely Important

Do not steal my media and cite “fair use”.  Sure, random anonymous people get away with this all the time, and there isn’t much that I can do about it.  Such is the reality of the Internet.  If you do this, however, and I can identify you, as well as find you, we will go to court.  Period.   “Fair Use” is not a law.  It doesn’t grant you permission to do anything.  It is only an affirmative defense to copyright infringement once in the courtroom.  Fair use is case-by-case, and fairly narrow.  How narrow?  Well, I am currently undefeated in the courtroom.

Folks, I cannot stress the above paragraph strongly enough.  The old adage of “don’t bullshit a bullshitter” applies here in spades.  Everyone thinks they’re smarter than everyone else, but trust me, I’ve been in this game longer and more in-depth than you have, and probably longer than your lawyer has (who I will neither be impressed or intimidated by, and will probably mercilessly ridicule).

Do not piss in my face and tell me it’s raining.  If you rip me off, cop to it, and we’ll probably work something out which is extremely reasonable.  I don’t have ads on my site, so how greedy can I be, right?  Insult my intelligence, however, and if I can find you, I’ll fuck you in the ass with the long dick of the law as deeply as I possibly can.

If, after everything you’ve read, you still want to contact Seattle Rex … well, alright then, but don’t say you weren’t warned.  Here’s my email address.  SPAM me once and your emails go to the digital shitter for life without ever been seen.

Oh, one more thing, *Mail from free email providers have about a 60% chance of being sent directly to my SPAM mailbox.  Don’t blame me, most of them ARE either SPAM or anonymous cowards.  I didn’t make it so, I merely try my best to survive in a paradigm that was created despite my dissent.