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You know, it’s fine and good to disagree about things. Disagreement is what makes a market, and it’s what brings about change for the better.

Tricks, manipulation, and deception, however, is a sign of desperation.

Take Mayor McGinn’s Wikipedia page for instance:

McGinn Wikipedia Page

McGinn Wikipedia Page

First, the article starts out with a complete hit paragraph which consists solely of opinion, and follows with a laughably mangled poll interpretation.

The poll referencing McGinn’s performance actually found that 2/3rds of people rated Mike as “fair” or better, whereas only 1/3 rated him as poor. These are hardly damning numbers for a new-ish Mayor. Only 405 people were polled in a city of 600,000.

Yet, the opposite results were reported on the page.

Guys, knock it off. You are going to get to keep your precious automobiles. Only 3% of the Seattle transit budget is going toward bikes, which is reasonable since 2% of Seattleites ride bikes to work. Your roads and your ability to use them aren’t going anywhere.

For Christ’s sake, grow up. Stop throwing tantrums and defacing legitimate information sources to suit some obsessive auto-centric agenda.

I have no idea how to edit a Wikipedia page, but if any of you Wikinerds out there could keep an eye on it, for the sake of fairness … even if you don’t like Mike … it would be the right thing to do.

You don’t have to make it glowing, but just make it factual and fair.

Everyone deserves that much.

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