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Evil Prevails

Capitol Hill - Vote Flyer

Congratulations Evil, you beat Stupid.

You must be so very, very proud.

Today, we’ll celebrate, but tomorrow, well, tomorrow, we’ll all go back to complaining about the government we just elected. After all, we’re Seattleites. Complaining is what we do.

“Oh the weather is so bad, it always rains here!” … as if it’s magically going to change if we bitch loud enough. We never move to sunnier climates, we just complain about the existing one.

“Politicians are liars”, “the two-party system is corrupt” … we say with our carefully coiffed bedhead, before going to the polls to vote for the two-party system we spent four years calling corrupt.

You know, this has been an interesting year for yours truly. I’ve had many epiphanies, and it’s marked a turning point.

See, up until recently, I was always the social cause guy. The guy who rallied, marched, protested, and took his fair share of pepper spray, mace, and ass-beatings. Gay rights, women’s rights, police abuse, war … you name it, I suffered in its name.

In the past year or so, something has happened. Before rising to the defense of the latest oppressed class, I’ve stopped, looked around, and actually thought about what was happening. After doing so, I realized something that, for whatever reason, had escaped me before. What I realized is this:

We the people, overwhelmingly get exactly what we deserve. Nothing more, nothing less.

I think the first seeds of this awakening were planted when George Bush was re-elected. The guy started a war based on lies, and when it came time to toss him out, we didn’t. Instead, we gave him four more years to trash the nation. Then, at the end of those four years, we bitched, moaned, and bellyached. Kind of like we do with the weather.

But, why? What right did we have to complain about anything? After all, without us, Bush never would have had the chance to do anything.

We re-elected him, though, and in doing so … what we got, is EXACTLY what we deserved.

And so it is with everything.

The housing crisis, the economy, big bank bailouts, rampant police abuse, diminished rights … we deserve these things. We completely and wholeheartedly deserve them. As we’re busy holding SlutWalks while the Patriot Act is being renewed, literally fiddling while Rome burns, the things contained in that bill are a direct result of our own self-centeredness, apathy, and let’s face it, stupidity.

I’ve watched with some sadness as, in a short amount of time, my sympathy has eroded. It’s almost gone.

Gay marriage was another nail in the coffin. As the number of homeless continue to increase on the streets of Seattle, as thousands were kicked off the BASIC healthcare rolls, and as K-12 education budgets were being slashed, the gay lobby spent over a million dollars making sure that gay people could get “married” instead of, uh, married, like they were before. The domestic partnership laws didn’t prevent gay marriage ceremonies, or gay folks from calling themselves husband and wife, or availing themselves of any rights that heterosexual couples had … but goddammit, they just wanted the word.

And so, you got it. Congratulations. You got it.

As people continue to get gunned down on our streets by our own employees, these are the causes on which we spend so much time and effort.

This being the case, do we deserve a better political structure? Do we deserve a better economy? Do we deserve a better police department? Do we deserve true freedom?

More and more, I realize that the answer is: No.

No we do not.

I haven’t seen one anti-Patriot Act rally on the streets of Seattle, but in the past two years, I’ve seen two, count ’em, two marches for “the right to dress like a whore”.

And so, the tradeoff has been made. Those in power have listened to our priorities. Now, women are free to dress like whores, but the tradeoff is that we can no longer be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. Gay people can marry, but big banks can still financially rape the less intelligent with impunity.

That’s what we’ve fought for, and not surprisingly, that’s what we’ve got.

I watched with equal parts sadness and horror as the people of Capitol Hill once again took to the streets last night. The same thing they did in 2008.

“But, what are they dancing for?”, I wondered.

The 99%

The American standard of living is lower. Wages are lower. Our jobs continue to be shipped overseas. People are still losing their homes in droves. The middle-class is all but gone. Our constitutional rights no longer exist.

And the people are … dancing?


Well, folks, go ahead and dance. Dance, dance, dance. Boogie oogie oogie til you just can’t boogie no more. Fiddle while Rome burns.

You forever-21, overgrown children, kidults, little girls of Capitol Hill who never truly left the dorm … go ahead. Dance.

Dance, dance, dance, unts, unts, unts.


In the election of 2012, once again, we’ve gotten what we deserve. Exactly what we deserve. Well, you have at least. You always do.

In the next 4 years, government corruption will increase, police abuse will increase, big business abuse will increase, the middle-class will gasp its dying breath, and when it does … I will not speak out. I will not march, walk, rally, or help you people in any way, shape or form. I’ll go even further by saying that if the chance to help you folks lands in my lap, I will not do so. I’ll turn my head and walk away. I may even join the side of the oppressors, for they’ve long known what I am just now realizing.

You don’t deserve any better.

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it. You’ve made your shit sandwich, now eat it and smile. You’ve handed your rapist the barb-wired condom, now bend over.

When abuse happens over the next few years, and it will, don’t ask me for my time, don’t ask me for my money, don’t ask me for my vote, don’t ask me for shit.

Instead, walk over to the nearest mirror, point to it, and say “You did this! You. You. It was all you!”.

Don’t point at the offensive blogger and try to scapegoat him. Don’t point at the conservatives or the rednecks or the rich white people on the Eastside. They didn’t do it. You did.

These problems that we have are your problems. You made them, and there is nothing that people like myself can do to help you. There never was. You were doomed from the start.

The corporate party will continue to decimate the nation for the next 4 years, and guess what … when that happens, you’ll vote for them again. And again, and again, and again.

I’m not going to even try and help.

Because whatever you get, no matter how bad, no matter how shocking, no matter how heinous or horrific … it is what you deserve.


2 comments to Evil Prevails

  • Jeff

    It’s not always about you nigga.

  • NewSmith

    R-74 winning was much more than just getting the word “marriage”. One might think nothing would have changed if R-74 wasn’t passed since they have already have equal rights under the law, right? But the separate terminology inherently makes it unequal, especially if R-74 lost. Additionally, state law may recognizes that civil unions are equal to marriage but federal law doesn’t. By adding one more state to recognize marriage for all it’s an important step in recognizing true marriage equality nationally.

    Berating your fellow citizens about not caring about the over-reaching powers of government ie the continuing loss of habeus corpus, the expansion of the patriot act, or any other issue you bring up is misplaced anger. It’s a media driven society and whoever has the most money to lobby congress or the media gets the best coverage. If people aren’t exposed to the realization that they’re losing their rights how are they to fight for them? And what about Occupy? You seem to be forgetting that some people are very much aware of what’s at stake and are active in fighting these emerging injustices.

    Support for an issue like R-74 is proof people obviously care about getting and maintaining their basic human rights. Now that it’s approved it’s one less step to have to fight and one more step forward in working towards all those other issues we should be concerned about.

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